Two more patterns brought out of retirement

Check  out the Free PDF Pattern Pages for two more past projects I’ve brought back out of retirement can now be downloaded.  These were both from my 2013 bird series.
BIRDBATH - 30" X 30" August 10, 2013

BIRDBATH – 30″ X 30″
August 10, 2013

Livin' The Tweet Life - February 2013

Livin’ The Tweet Life – February 2013

Song Birds correction

Thank you Lynnita for letting me know I forgot to add the Treble Clef pattern to the Song Birds down load.  There is now a separate link to it below the Song Birds download link on the Strictly for the Birds project page.  So be sure if you haven’t downloaded yet you get both downloads.

And if you’ve already downloaded the main pattern, here’s  the link to just the Treble Clef.

Stashbusting report and Songbirds are singing

Does it count as stashbusting if I lose the fabric????  That seems to be the only way I’ll make any headway.

Yesterday I was looking for the background fabric for my frozen delights applique blocks.  I had it less than two weeks ago but in that time there was a leaking in my sewing room closet so I had to pull stuff out of the closet and move stuff to safety — but seriously it’s not really messy — and I had been cleaning up the rearranging furniture in the living room – which at one point that fabric was on the table in there.  I have searched high and low several times.  While I had a computer backup running yesterday, I straightened up the few stacks of fabric that were sitting about and put them back on the shelves, dug through the blogs/tops I had pulled out of the closet to safety to make sure it didn’t get messed in.  It will show up eventually but it’s so irritating!!

So no fabric in (can’t even remember the last time I bought fabric) and no fabric out since I can’t remember the last time I completed a project!  I guess it’s good I’m not adding fabric while not completing things but I need to spend a week or two in that sewing room (I think I feel a vacation coming on) LOL

More exciting that the loss of my fabric is the early release of the October Strictly for the Birds project design called Songbirds.  I was up early this morning and thought September is just about done and I need to get this one written up and voila it’s done.  I totally sacrificed by not even having had breakfast yet (but lots of coffee!).   And check out the info at the end of the pattern — if you’ve made any of the Songbird designs or have them in progress (actual stitching has occurred!) 🙂 there is info there to join in the random drawing for the very last Strictly for the Birds mouse pad.  So, as always,  click on the project button in the sidebar  to get to the link to the pattern download.


I’ve also been playing with some giveaway ideas for next years Dog Pound Pal Adoption Society quilt-along project.

You can do many fun things with Vista Print.  That’s where I got the mouse pads for the two project this year for the giveaways, along with some pens and a tote bag or two with the same logos on them.

None of the images below are the finished product since I’m still trying to decide what, if anything I might like and I just plugged one of the photos I I had handy because on the things with multiple photos there would be different dogs from the project.  I do think I need to make me a coffee cup tho for sure although I’d like it much better if it was a bigger cup. LOL   And I really like the calendar – it’s magnetic and I could use one of those on my fridge or the side of my cabinet at work.  Okay – enough playing — I need to go get dressed and get something to eat.  I am NOT searching for that missing fabric anymore.  (I wasn’t sure there was enough left to make all the blocks I wanted anyway) so I may turn my three little blocks into a little wall hanging and restart the larger project after I get (yes I need to buy!) some background fabric.  The only backgrounds I have are cream or tannish and I want white white to make all the bright frozen treats really pop against the background (yep that’s a great excuse to have to buy fabric!)

vistabag dpp

Stitchin’ with Justquiltin and Strictly for the Birds and more goodies

Don’t forget to download the latest Stitchin’ with Justquiltin project, Bits and Bytes.  Remember these patterns are available for a limited time only.

The last Strictly for the Birds project is set of October, although I haven’t picked a date for release yet.

I’ve gotten many emails asking about specific other patterns and if they will be available – like the quilt image for the Stitchin’ with Justquiltin project button, the Jaywalking bird and the birds with the stocking caps and boots.   While this year’s monthly free projects will officially end with the next bird project,  that doesn’t mean you won’t see the rest of those in different venues sometime over the next 6 or 9 months– probably all of them as a matter of fact.  Patience is a virtue. 🙂    There are many irons in the fire and fun things coming up but 9 free projects in 10 months is a lot to keep up with  which is why I didn’t schedule anything for November and December.  🙂swj blog button

strictlybirdsbutton  But – I think it’s time for another giveaway!!!  One of the past winners of a drawing never responded to my emails so I’ve tossed that mouse pad back into the pot, and along with I think one or two more, they all need new homes.


I’ve been thinking about possible free projects for next year (yes always planning ahead  because it takes a lot of time to put together these projects for you) and contemplating what type of project might be good —    Block of the month, row by row, individual small projects like the Strictly for the Birds or monthly themed wall hangings I did in the past, larger projects like the Stitchin’ with Justquiltin projects,  pieced, appliqued, combination of both…. so many choices.  So in order to be entered for the drawing leave a comment on this blog post telling me what type of project you’d be interested in participating in.

The giveaway is open only to those with US mailing addresses (since I don’t want to have to use my lunch hour standing in line at the post office just to mail a mouse pad overseas which would cost more in postage than they are worth — sorry overseas residents).  If you live overseas and want to weigh in on the type of project you’d be interested in making, please just put “not US” or what country you live in in your comment so I know not to include it in the drawing.  I’ll pick a winner next weekend sometime.



Giveaway winner announcement

If you downloaded the most recent pattern in the Strictly for the Birds series, Bird Bath, and read through the pattern, you would have seen the information about this giveaway — tricky aren’t I.
In order to be entered you needed to post a comment on a specific blog post telling me what color you thought you’d make your bird’s shower cap. 🙂
And by random drawing of those who found told me their shower cap color, the winner is……
Ramona in Wedowee Alabama     who said:

Thanks for the pattern.  This will be perfect in my guest bathroom when our house is finally built.  I love the blue and yellow scheme so I will probably make the hat a bright yellow.


Congratulations Ramona.  I’ve sent you an email.


BIRDBATH - 30" X 30" August 10, 2013

\ BIRDBATH – 30″ X 30″
August 10, 2013

Just when you thought, won’t this woman every talk about quilting rather than knitting,  I managed to write up the info for the next Strictly For the Birds project.  🙂  See I have been really busy today!

Birdbath is now available for download.  As with all the Strictly for the Birds projects, you must go to the Strictly for the Birds project page, which has a button in the sidebar, and you will find the link at the bottom of that page for the download.

Bits and Bytes postponed

I just updated the Stitchin with Justquiltin project page to show that Bits and Bytes — the next free quilt pattern — is postponed.  I originally planned to post it on July 28 (my birthday!) but I don’t have it written up yet and  while I originally thought I would try to get it done in time, I’ve decided it’s just not going to happen.  Too much on my plate right now. There was not originally going to be any pattern released in September so I’ve moved it to that month and will post it then.  So you’ll just have to wait a little longer to get it.

Quilting completed

headsortailsThe quilting is done, the binding is attached and pinned in place, so now I just have to hand stitch the binding to the back.  I think I have two other small wall hangings waiting for the binding to be stitched down too.  And yes – I even remembered to sign this one too.




The sunny pleasant day has gotten more humid and clouded over – looks like more rain is on the way if that dark cloud I can see outside my sewing room window is any indication.  Now to decide what to work on next.


Brunch/Lunch break

It  was time to stop for a lunch break – many cups of coffee were just not doing the trick.   But before stopping for something to eat, I got Heads or Tails layered and the majority of the quilting finished.  

quiltingI’ve got the outer border left to do and then just need to decide if I want a little quilting within the bird shapes.  They are all stitched in the ditch and the “feathers”  are edge stitched too.  Have you made Heads or Tails?  Remember the patterns are only available for a limited time.

Also, it may be time for another drawing for a Strictly for the Birds design mouse pad  — I’ve still got a couple left.   So be sure to add any photos of any of my quilt designs you may have made over the years (not just the birds – any of my patterns) to the justquiltin Flickr group in order to  be eligible for the drawing.  They don’t have to be finished quilts — they can just be “finished tops” not yet quilted.


A little applique

headsortails  Earlier this evening  finally got the head feathers appliqued to the top of the center bird so my Heads or Tails is  ready to get layered and quilting.  I also need to hunt down some beads or buttons to use for the eyes but those will get added last.  So tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll get this one quilted.



I also soaked the first Wingspan I made so I could block it. Note the pink water —  definitely some bleeding going on with that yarn.wingspan1


But its now pinned out and drying.  I’ll have to get a photo outside tomorrow — the colors look really dark in that photo compared to what they actually are.