Stitchin’ with Justquiltin and Strictly for the Birds and more goodies

Don’t forget to download the latest Stitchin’ with Justquiltin project, Bits and Bytes.  Remember these patterns are available for a limited time only.

The last Strictly for the Birds project is set of October, although I haven’t picked a date for release yet.

I’ve gotten many emails asking about specific other patterns and if they will be available – like the quilt image for the Stitchin’ with Justquiltin project button, the Jaywalking bird and the birds with the stocking caps and boots.   While this year’s monthly free projects will officially end with the next bird project,  that doesn’t mean you won’t see the rest of those in different venues sometime over the next 6 or 9 months– probably all of them as a matter of fact.  Patience is a virtue. 🙂    There are many irons in the fire and fun things coming up but 9 free projects in 10 months is a lot to keep up with  which is why I didn’t schedule anything for November and December.  🙂swj blog button

strictlybirdsbutton  But – I think it’s time for another giveaway!!!  One of the past winners of a drawing never responded to my emails so I’ve tossed that mouse pad back into the pot, and along with I think one or two more, they all need new homes.


I’ve been thinking about possible free projects for next year (yes always planning ahead  because it takes a lot of time to put together these projects for you) and contemplating what type of project might be good —    Block of the month, row by row, individual small projects like the Strictly for the Birds or monthly themed wall hangings I did in the past, larger projects like the Stitchin’ with Justquiltin projects,  pieced, appliqued, combination of both…. so many choices.  So in order to be entered for the drawing leave a comment on this blog post telling me what type of project you’d be interested in participating in.

The giveaway is open only to those with US mailing addresses (since I don’t want to have to use my lunch hour standing in line at the post office just to mail a mouse pad overseas which would cost more in postage than they are worth — sorry overseas residents).  If you live overseas and want to weigh in on the type of project you’d be interested in making, please just put “not US” or what country you live in in your comment so I know not to include it in the drawing.  I’ll pick a winner next weekend sometime.



Bits and Bytes

Now if I set this correctly, sometime on Sunday this post  — announcing that the last in the series of “Stitchin with Justquiltin 2013” projects is now available for download  — will magically appear. 🙂  And as with all projects in this series – you need to go to the button in the sidebar to get to the link.


Bits and Bytes is one of the “quicky” patterns meaning I have not told you “cut three three strips this width and subcut 20 pieces this width by this width”.  Block images are given, along with the measurements of each piece in the block so you should be able to easily accomplish making this very simple to piece quilt.



Drum roll please……

variation1  I forgot to post this Monday night but the poll to name this quilt has ended and the results are below.  BITS AND BYTES will be the name of this Stitchin with Justquiltin project to be presented on July 28 (my birthday!)  The other names were all running neck and neck.  So Mel Meister congratulations for your winning  name:

Mel said: The quilt reminds me of a representation of a digital stream, so my name suggestion is “Bits and Bytes”.

Email me at   with your mailing address please. 🙂

Bits and Bytes 87 46.52% 46.52%

Condo Living

32 17.11% 17.11%

Inner City

30 16.04% 16.04%


38 20.32% 20.32%

Name that quilt – part 2

     updated 7:30 pm.  – Clearly I’ve confused some of you.  I’m not looking for new name suggestions for this quilt.  IF you wish to vote in the poll to name this quilt, choose one of the four names in the poll box — just click on the circle next to the one you choose, click on the button that says Vote and your vote will be counted.  And if you don’t like the four names I have chosen for the poll, you don’t need to vote (and also don’t need to tell me why you’re not voting).  I’ve deleted  5 or 6 comments today all to the effect that people weren’t voting because they didn’t think the names I chose from all the names posted didn’t fit the quilt.   So I have turned the comments off — when comments are turned off on a post that means do NOT leave a comment on another post referring to this issue.  If they are turned off I want NO comments whether you agree with me or disagree.  Your comments will be deleted.



In looking at name suggestions for this quilt, I can’t decide which I like best.  So I decided to put the ones I liked the most into a poll, and then you can vote for the one you like best of those four.  The winner of the poll will get the Stitchin with Justquiltin mousepad.

So vote for the name you like best for this quilt design.  The poll will only let you vote once.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Another quilt to be named; another giveaway



Yes I still have a couple mouse pads left so we’ll have another  “Name that Quilt Giveaway”.  This giveaway will be  open only to those in the U.S.  I apologize to those out of the country but it would cost more to mail the mouse pad than it is actually worth, along with requiring a special trip to the post office – a place it is not convenient for me to get to.

I just updated the Stitchin With Justquiltin page (button in sidebar) with the July project — it will be a variation of the Cobbled Path quilt I’ve been stitching.    It will be a great scrap buster because you could use only the number of fabrics shown in the quilt or you could make it even more scrappy.    So in order to qualify to be included in the giveaway,  here’s the rules:

1)  Live in the U.S.

2)  Leave a comment on this page only with your name suggestion for this quilt.

3) Leave ONE and only ONE comment with ONE and only ONE name suggestion per person.

variation1  Whenever I do one of these giveaway half the people are disqualified for not following the rules which are always so simple.  Remember — one comment, one name suggestion.  I’ll pick a winner sometime later in the week.

So if batiks aren’t your thing – dig into that scrap pile or stash and find a combination that works for you.   What about a red, white and blue or  30’s prints?  A print or focus fabric could be used in place of the white background and then colors for the 4 patch blocks drawn from that fabric.

In just a few days we’ll be at the half way point of the year for the Stitchin with Justquiltin projects as well as the Strictly for the Birds projects — June is nearly here which means each group only has 3 projects left.    I have projects in mind for some of the months that are left but not all of them.  If there’s an EQ project I posted images of to the blog in the past you would like to see fill one of those months, feel free to leave a comment suggesting it.  I make no promises  but will take them under advisement.  Some projects have been offered elsewhere so I can’t put them on the blog and some I’m still waiting to hear on, but feel free to let me know if there is a past image you’d like to see a pattern for in the future. 

And the winner is……

toteI had the random number generator pick two different numbers – at the time of the drawing there were 38 photos loaded to the Justquiltin Flickr group. I don’t know if the photos appear in the same order for everyone else as they do for me but, irregardless, it actually generated two numbers that were NOT my own photos that I loaded.  Numbers 6 and 21 —  congratulations Janet P! Both numbers corresponded to your quilts – #6 Pinfeathers and #21 Crocus Clusters.  So the tote bag, mouse pad and I think there’s still some pens around here too will be headed your way.   You’ll need to email me to remind me about the address – but after all the swaps I do actually remember the city/state. LOL   

I think the random number generator knew that Janet has probably completed more of my quilt designs than I have! LOL She is prolific — I think because there’s always one of her kids or other family member laying claim to one of those quilts as soon as she finishes it.   There are several photos in the Flickr album that Janet has finished but my own version of that project is still  waiting to be completed.

Congratulations Janet!


City Streets Top done

citystreets  I decided I just needed to get those borders done tonight so got back to work on it and here it is.  So it’s ready to layer and quilt.  I want to get the binding made tomorrow so it’s all set to go.  So I’m getting closer to caught up on some projects.

I haven’t started my own Let It Shine but I think I’m actually going to wait a while before starting on that one.  I’ve got a couple other batik quilts I want to finish first and will need some more batiks in order to complete those.  So might as well have the leftovers from those projects too to mix into the scrappiness of Let It Shine.  Now I just need to get caught up on the Strictly for the Birds before the next one comes out.  I’ve got a little pile at the end of the sewing table with some fabrics I think I may use for that but haven’t gotten started.

Tomorrow I plan to get the blocks for my nephew’s graduation quilt up on the design wall so I can start sewing rows together.

Saturday Sewing Progress – 5/11/13

I’ve been puttering with a couple of things but then settled in and found the pieces to my checkerboard border for City Streets – the prior Stitchin with Justquiltin project before Let It Shine.cs

So those are now done and I just need to decide what fabric I want to use for the inner border before I add the checkerboards.  I know I had one picked out but then there was the great sewing room cleanup and I’m not sure where it ended up.  So along with a missing ball of yarn I need, I will have to search for the fabric I wanted to use.

But I think I’ll have this top all finished today — unless I get sidetracked again — because I also really want to get a new project set up on the loom but I’m avoiding eye contact with the loom so I don’t get sucked away from the sewing room to do that.

Tote Bag Giveaway – final reminder

Have you loaded your photos to the Flickr group to be eligible for the giveaway  drawing this weekend?

The more photos, the better your odds of winning. 🙂 And I’ve still got some of the mouse pads with the same design on them to give away so may have to draw for one or two of those.

Drawing will be sometime this weekend – whenever I remember to do it — so there’s still time………