Think Spring!



You can check out all the spring designs here – which includes

Miss Daisy’s Garden – over $3.00 off the normal purchase price.  Later this year I hope to get started on some of these blocks -after the Dog Pound Pals and Knitter’s Gifts are done — well maybe I’d better shoot for January 2016 to start this project! 🙂



Fall /Autumn Collections Sale


Don’t miss out.  Two of my personal favorite wall hanging designs I did for EQ Boutique are included in this sale.


Harvest Time, which I’m currently personally gathering fabrics for because I haven’t stitched my own version of that one yet…


and Thankful Bounty – probably my favorite wall hanging in my collection.

But check out the other designers’ collections in this sale too!  Lots of fun stuff.

You can find all the sale designs here.   Please be sure to check the requirements of using these products.  The software no longer comes as a download as when it was EQ Boutique so you need to have EQ7, either for PC or Mac, in order to use these products.


What’s new?

Boutique1_01A month or more ago I told you that would be moving.

Moving day has been completed and the EQ Boutique products have a new home — they are now included on the Electric Quilt website —

Block collections are still listed  by category or by designer (you’ll still find my designs there) 🙂 but there have been some other changes.

Below is an image showing  just some of the info regarding the changes — you can find more information and help on the website. Be sure to check it out if you currently own collections purchased on and use EQ7.  I’m working at updating the links on my blog.




Stashbusting Sunday 6/29/14

003   Slowly moving along but even slowly is still progress in the right direction! 🙂


Yardage used Y-T-D:  45.75 yards

Yardage purchased Y-T-D:  14.75

Net used:  31 yards


Here’s some of the recent finishes.  The pink lady bug quilt is all quilted and bound.   And then two of the Dog Pound Pal bocks made into separate wall hangings.


Now to go do some planning.  I think I changed my mind about what design I want to do for the Camp Loopy Project 2 – fabric version – so need to do a bit of planning as to where fabrics will be placed (and figure out if I really have enough to do what I want).

006 007

Weekend Sale at –

go to to take advantage of this sale.    Pick and choose your blocks or get a whole block collection – many designers to choose from, as well as some past issues of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine transferred into the MyEQBoutique format making it super simple to change block size – no math (or photocopier) needed to change block size the program will do it for you.

June_WEEKEND_1 DDRUFDE_patLG DDRUGPA_inspiration1 DDRUIAG_inspiration1 DDRUMDA_zoom




Two day sale at






Have you been wanting my newest pattern – Child’s Play?

Get it on sale now at  🙂   Lots of great patterns from lots of designers or get past Quiltmaker 100 Blocks issues !

Child's Play

Child’s Play

It’s ….. Child’s Play….

For those of you who have been patiently, (or not so patiently since it took me a lot longer to get the files ready to send off than I had planned – like a year longer or more) waiting for my Child’s Play quilt design,  well you have to wait no more.  You can now find it at




Now I know that those of you who followed my progress on this design from drawing to actually stitching my own version of it (something I don’t always get time to do – the stitching of my own designs) are wondering….. where’s the photo of my quilt.  🙂



Capture2Well, no, this isn’t it – -it’s a EQ7 generated version.

My quilt is still in the “layer me already and get me quilted, woman!!” pile.  (Don’t you have a pile like that???  Screaming at you every time you walk by it?)   It was next in line until I remembered I had to finish the auction quilts.  The backing is ready, there’s batting…. so when I get the auction stuff done which I need for June, I will FINALLY get Child’s Play quilted.  (Okay – it probably won’t be until July since I have to do my Camp Loopy quilt – oh no, Camp is 3 months long which means three fabric projects…….hmmmm, I guess it will keep taunting me a bit longer till I get time to get started on it.)

In the meantime, head over to and check it out.  Lots of possibilities for these fun blocks for kids of all sizes – the entire quilt or combine several blocks for a wall hanging – throw pillows.  Add a tape measure to the side of the hopscotch block for a cute wall hanging to be used as a grow chart.  Or a train above the bed or a chest of drawers in a boys (or girls) room.  And, if you start it soon, the chances  are you will finish your version of it before I ever get mine quilted!! 🙂