Monday Mess

I’ve been puttering on the computer most of the morning but I really need to finish cleaning out that last closet.

But first things first – design wall still looks like this

wallPatchKats still on the wall and not all the sashing added yet but at least that mess of shelves and stuff on the table got back to where it belonged yesterday.  I have to figure out where I put the rest of my sashing strips tho.  Hopefully I’ll get to some sewing later this week.




Last night I got caught up on Clue 3 to the Laura Aylor Sumer’s End MKAL.  One more clue to go which will come out later this week.  I have told myself I must finish this before starting on my Loopy Academy knitting but… Academy supplies may arrive before the next clue comes out so what’s a girl to do?!

I also got a bit more done on my sweater using one of my Loopy Legend yarns.

ggThis time I decided to try the tubular cast on that it was quite slick.  I can see using that again and I love the edge it gives to the cast on.  And having to only cast on half the stitches for a fingering weight sweater for me – a definite time saver.

It’s a rainy, dreary, humid day so best to stay indoors to play.  Off to do the final tidying in the sewing room – not much left to do – and then the coat closet and I might actually get to cleaning out the laundry room too…. but you know that I could quickly lose interest at any time and decide to go knit and watch movies instead. 😉

Off the Design Wall

There is a project on the design wall but it will be there for a while so I’ll show you the most recent finish instead.

My Camp Loopy Fabric Safari project for July is done!  Finished sewing down the binding last night.

DSCN4448The pattern is Asymmetrical Diamond from the Robert Kaufman Fabrics free pattern pages.  I did add an extra row to the left side so that the dark  diamond around the heart would be complete .  I needed to add some applique or embroidery to meet the Camp requirements so just hand appliqued a simple heart within that space.


The quilting doesn’t really show up since severe storms are moving in and it’s really dark outside but there are feathers in the yellow background areas, meandering in the other patched areas, and feathers surround the outline of the heart.  There’s a corner with the year quilted into it and another spot where my first name is quilted into it.

Now to go rip open my package that arrived today with my August Camp fabrics.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m sure I can come up with a plan before August 1. Just need to spread them all out to get the ideas flowing.

Design Wall Monday – March 30, 2015

It’s Monday! Okay I know that’s not big news to you but I’m on vacation this week so it seems like Sunday to me.

On one design wall – the pieces to PatchKats BOM border blocks

DSCN4158   On the other wall – the various pieces that are done for Dog Pound Pals and Knitter’s Gifts BOMs and a few little other odd blocks.

I need to find back my stack of dog pound pals and get the pieces for another block cut out so I can work on that this week.  But I’ve got more of those hearts to work on in the meantime.

I did finally decide on which yarn swatch I wanted to use for which sweater, so cast on my CustomFit Cardipalooza KAL sweater last night.


Good progress has been made on the back – with a lace panel in the center – and I did clean up the pile of yarn mess I had dumped out on the floor looking for my other sweater pieces.

Yarn is now all back in its proper places, knitting baskets have been reorganized, missing pattern page I needed has been located, and  there’s a bag of yarn – some that are left overs from projects or yarn I don’t like for one reason or another or projects I won’t finish – they’ve been culled from my stash.  Next I think I may go through the quilt top boxes – I know there are quilt tops that I don’t care for and will absolutely never get around to quilting – so all those goodies will head off to Good Will.  Time for a bit of a spring clean I think – even if the weather does not necessarily seem to be spring-like. 🙂



Design Wall Monday – Jan. 12, 2015

DSCN4051  I did actually get the flying geese sections sewn together for the center of the quilt yesterday afternoon so here’s where my Moda Challenge quilt is at the moment.  All the pieces are on the design wall so I just need to start sewing all those blocks in to the long horizontal rows.

Since I sewed a bit longer than planned, I did not get the sewing room tidied up so I could lay out the wedding quilt to get it layered.  That’s on the agenda next before finishing this challenge quilt since I still have a month or two before the challenge has to be done.


Once I quit sewing I did make great progress on my CF Feather Weight KAL sweater.  I should be able to knock out that final sleeve – only about 40 rows of sleeve cap to go.

DesignWall – Monday 11/3/14

DSCN3923 My design wall is a mess and I need to spread things out a bit but I did get a few more sections sewn to the next step (the sections that have what looks like solid gold and then a blue pattern side by side.)  Just need to add the end pieces to them.



Design Wall Monday

Ah I just remembered its design wall Monday over at Judy’s — I’m usually at work and can’t post it until the evening but no — it’s 11 a.m. and I’m contemplating getting out of my jammies — maybe…

DSCN3768   Here’s the first three rows of Mix ‘n Match which is the stitch along project this weekend.  Downloads are included in four parts in this weekend’s blog posts if you’d like the free pattern.

I need to cut more sashing strips so I can continue working on it this afternoon. I took out the red and blue bird print – although there’s a bit of red in two other prints – it looks more like the pinkish color in the other prints and the red in the birds in larger concentration was just distracting.

I got sidetracked last night by the sweater I’m working on but made some good progress on that.  And with a bit of playing in EQ thrown in, it has been a very relaxing day.


Here’s some of the other borders I’ve been playing with on my bed size version of this quilt.  I’m not looking for suggestions, it’s just much easier to decide what I like when they are posted all together.  I still have a couple of ideas to try.

va4 va3 va2 va plat

It’s Design Wall Monday

DSCN3679Over at Judy’s Patchwork times.  It’s always so fun and inspiring to see what everyone is working on.


Here’s what’s on my larger design wall.

I still have the Dog Pound Pals up there — I need to catch up on the last four blocks before next month!

On the right is part of the prior mystery quilt done on the blog – I had to take down a bunch of those blocks (well some fell down too) to make room for my current Camp Loopy – the Fabric Version – project. The Camp project just needs a final black border added all the way around and it will be ready for quilting.

Today – my final day of vacation – I’ll have to decide what I want to do. There’s laundry and some other cleaning – but I’m not too enthused about either of those.  Actually I may clean the sewing room since I’ve got little messes piled up all over from working on one Camp Loopy project after another and then pull out the fabrics to decide what I want to use for those last three dog blocks and get the pieces cut.

It also seems to be a fairly nice day outside so sitting out on the patio, sipping something and knitting also sounds like a fine plan.

But first things first – I’ve been wanting to perm my hair for a while and haven’t gotten around to it so that may be on today’s agenda.


Design Wall Monday

Finally,  my attention span lengthened a bit and I was able to get things done around here. 🙂  Living room is rearranged and except for a few items on the breakfast bar that need to be put away, looks pretty good.   And after much binding stitching yesterday, a finish!  It’s in the dryer right now and will be ready to go to the ladies for the golf outing auction.  This quilt top had been languishing in the “quilt me” pile of tops so I’m glad it see it finally finished and headed off to a new home soon


   In my cleaning yesterday, I also unburied my sock knitting bag.  Pulled out the pair of socks that have been neglected there last night.   This one (second sock) only had most of the leg done.  So last night I added a half inch or so of leg and then got the heel turned so I’m well on my way down the foot now.  Course there’s that pin stitch marker — someone dropped a stitch!!!   Oh well, I’ll take care of that later

Haven’t decided what today will hold…. but I think I late breakfast/brunch which in some fashion includes some cornmeal muffins – I’ve been really hungry for them – but need to go make sure I’ve got all the ingredients.  And then I think I’ll see if I can find some binding to add to a table runner that’s quilted.    It’s a gray, looks like it could rain any minute, kind of day but we’ve had two lovely days of sunshine and warm temps so I’m not complaining.  Sounds like a good day to spend knitting or sewing.


Back on the Wall

20140413_2 This photo looks very similar to the last — I’ve got the blocks back in their original  order with the help of the photo.  I don’t think I would have every gotten them going correctly otherwise.  There was only one problem — I’m missing one measly little triangle.  Drat.  I went though the purple stash stack, pulled out a bag I knew had bright-colored scraps and went through that but not a bit of that fabric to be found — or any of these fabrics except for lots more flamingos.  I did find the purple piece on the lower left which would be similar in color tone but I know it will bug me if I put in just that one piece.  The purple – tho it looks solid in the photos, looks like tiny  cookie sprinkles in many colors have been dumped on it.

I decided it will be far less annoying to me if I take out the other single triangle in the bottom row and put in flamingo triangles in those two spots.  Or I could take out basically half a block all along the bottom of the design so it ends a bit higher but that sounds like a whole lot of work.  Will have to see what I think when I get that far.

Design Wall Monday

eaveborderRemember this quilt? – I was working on it – well a long time ago.  I still have a huge stack of these hand dyed fabric applique leaf blocks (and sadly this quilt still doesn’t have those two side sashings attached to it yet – it’s been hanging out on the design wall for months like this).

But at the time I was working on it, I got lots of requests for the pattern, the leaf pattern, the sashing instructions – heck you just wanted it all.  And hmmm… I didn’t give it to you (stubborn aren’t I) LOL  But many times that’s because there are plans for a particular design.  That is the case with this one.  Have you noticed the design on the button for my designs done for Hoffman CA Fabrics?  It looks suspiciously like a larger version of this design. 🙂  The pattern is not up on their website yet but should be coming soon.

Mystery quilt is also still up on the design wall and the other wall has BOM blocks for two projects.  Guess I need to tackle cleaning the sewing room next so maybe by the weekend I can get in there to sew! 😉