Quilt Show fun

First – the Granny’s Hankie block for September has been loaded.  I was up early this morning before the quilt show and got it ready and now that I’ve returned, it’s added to its page.  This is the last of the main quilt blocks!  We’ll be on to starting to set things together next month.

In looking at all the photos in the Granny’s Hankie reader blocks page, I’m so loving all those bright batik colors some of you are using.  I’m not thrilled with my red and green blocks anymore — which may be why I haven’t been working on them. 😦  Although I like the bright colors on dark backgrounds – I’ve made tons of them with black backgrounds and am kind of burnt out.  Today at the quilt show I saw some of the loveliest pale shades of batiks and kept thinking – wouldn’t Granny’s Hankie be lovely and delicate in those shades.  So now I’m thinking the blocks I have done – which I think are only three – may become separate little wallhangings that I may end up selling and I shall start again on this quilt in different fabrics.  Now did I buy any of those lovely pale shaded batiks at the show – no.  But I’ll save that shopping for some other day perhaps.  I did buy some neutral ones tho with a project in mind – lots of creamy to tanny backgrounds with real subtle coloring/designs in them.

 Here you can see those neutral batiks.  There’s also a stack of sort of landscape fabrics – skies – all kinds of skies – summery skies, blue whispy skies, and cold winter skies.  All these were bought with a plan in mind — tho sometimes the plan does change before I get around to using the fabrics.  Now that mushroom print on the far left — there was no plan.  It just has some really neat looking mushrooms on it and some lovely fally brown and gold shades so I simply had to have it.

Of course that’s not all I ended up coming home with…..

 Yes I’ve gone from neutral to bright.  My splurge was the case of Aurifil thread – my favorite for quilting.  But it was $30 off at the quilt show so how can you pass up a bargain like that!  It will be perfect to quilt the project that I bought all those bright fabrics for (yes there is a plan for them – actually more than one plan) and will be great to quilt Frozen Delights with.  One of the two projects these fabrics will be used for is another version of Frozen Delights, with some new block designs added, and all will be applique.  But I plan to make it in a much smaller format than the lap quilt size. I especially like that one that changes colors – I can see a long multicolored popsicle out of that. 🙂  I really only walked up and down less than half of the vendor area and decided I had purchased enough and didn’t even bother to check out the rest.  I also bought something else that’s really neat but I think it may be used for Christmas gifts so can’t show it and give away the surprise.

And congratulations to Kathleen Trimberger – her Crop Circles quilt (the blog BOM from 2010) was juried into the Wisconsin Quilt Expo.  It was even more lovely in person than the photo she sent – alot of those soft batik colors recently drawn to.  Kathleen – If you’re out there – I’d love to share the photo I took of it on the blog.  Let me know if that’s okay. 🙂  Again, congrats — too fun walking around the corner and seeing something I recognized.

And I just remembered – I need to get my Camp Loopy 3 shawl blocked and get the picture loaded since the deadline is coming up — don’t want to miss out on the prizes for completing all three projects on time! So that’s first on the agenda so have to go clear a spot on the sewing room floor to lay it out.

And remember – the deadline for entry into the EQ Boutique $10 gift certificate giveaway is Sept. 12 which is quickly approaching.  Be sure you leave your comment on the blog post that announces the contest and how to enter — comments left on other blog posts will not be included in the drawing. 🙂

Denise — who’s stashbusting report on Monday will NOT be good due to the recent shopping spree!

Now my messy kitchen counters and breakfast bar (that catches everything I just plop there) needs a bit of cleaning.  Then I think I’ll go back to sewing HSTs for those pinwheel border blocks to Frozen Delights.


And a further “check it out”….

Here’s Janet Parde’s completed Crop Circles top.  She done good! 🙂  It turned out stunning Janet.  Thanks for letting us see it.

If you have a photo of a project from one of my designs, please be sure to send me a photo so I can share it here. 🙂




And thank you for all the name suggestions for this design – so many good ones that fit it well!

I had been trying to come up with a name using the word “prism”.  Why prism? Well, I have a prism on one of my eyeglass lenses to correct a vision problem (amazing what a little grooved piece of plasticy stuff can do) and when the sun catches it at a particular angle, I see little bursts of rainbow colors which is what this design reminded me of.  However, I just couldn’t think of anything.  Then when I saw Janet T’s suggestion of “reflections” I knew that was what I was missing.  So, it is now christened “Prism Reflections”.  Thank you Janet.  I may have to hire her as my official quilt namer.  A few years back on The Quilting Post we were using another of my designs as a BOM.  This quilt needed a name.

  So I asked the TQP ladies to help name it and Janet T’s suggestion was the keeper – Ode to Spring.   Fit it perfectly.  Wonder how much you have to pay a person to be your official quilt namer – she’s got the knack! 🙂

Wednesday Happenings

My last day of vacation – until the three day weekend – and I’m pretty much hopping from item to time but may settle down to one task soon.  Got the slate table legs back on so dragged that out to the patio along with the two chairs ande cushions so decided I needed to christen it with a cup of coffee this morning and flipping though a couple quilt magazines while listening to the wrens who have moved into my birdhouse screech at me.  I also took this photo of Crop Circles outside (getting tired of seeing this quilt?) 🙂  – the colors still look off but it’s such a pretty backdrop with the flowers which are no longer overpoweringly sweet smelling — the close up shows the true colors somewhat better.  The yellow always looks glaringly bright for some reason when I take the whole quilt photo but as you can see in the close up, it’s a much softer color.  That’s the last time you should have to see this project until I get it all finished.  But for now  it’s going to get put on the shelf for a little while so I can finish the quilting on some other projects before I get around to quilting this one.

The I turned on the computer and opened EQ – bad move as I’ve spent a while playing there instead of doing the other things I wanted to get started on.  But then it’s vacation so I don’t really care about what I don’t get done. 🙂

I love the look of basket quilts – pieced baskets, appliqued baskets, empty baskets, full baskets, on point baskets – doesn’t matter what kind they are I just love them for some reason.  Here’s a simple basket project I was playing with today in EQ.

I’ve been thinking about using this basket block for a block swap – a quick little paperpieced block but will need to see how much interest there is and sew a few to see if I like them as much sewn up.  Just plain little brown baskets – there’s something sort of soothing about the simplicity of it all.

It’s 1:45 p.m. – the quilting elves never came to bring me breakfast or lunch!  So guess I’ll have to go find something myself, drat them!


Tuesday afternoon progress

It’s been a busy afternoon of sewing. Here’s Crop Circles with the pieced border added.  Just a plain border left to go. This photo is awful – very dark and murky looking compared to the actual quilt but the thunderstorms keep rolling through so it’s dark and murky outside.  I’ll have to get a better picture of it in true daylight.  So now to cut the final border and also the binding while I’m at it and get those done.  Then I have to clean up the incredible mess I’ve made in the sewing rooom – rulers, fabric scraps and thread tails everywhere.

Tuesday Morning Progress

The missing Crop Circle blocks have been replaced with some new blocks and the top is now sewn together.  I need to watch more boring movies while I sew because somewhere along the line I wasn’t paying close enough attention and one corner of the top I’ve got the blocks turned a quarter turn differently than I had originally planned.  But it’s not necessarily a bad thing – just different than the original plan  – so I think I will leave it.

Now to see if I can actually get the borders on without messing those up. 🙂

Design Wall Monday Revisited

Well the batik blocks I had on the wall earlier today are all baggie together to work on another day. I was going to set some of them together but in searching the stash – no Kona black left in there which is what I need to add on to the Kat blocks to make them a bit longer.  So, have a shopping list on the shelf next to the design wall with the Kona black on it (and which project I need it for) along with Kona Snow since I need that to finish another project so hopefully I’ll remember them next time I go fabric shopping.

In the meantime, pulled out my Crop Circle blocks so I could start sewing them into sections.

But what’s wrong with this picture.  Yep – there are blocks missing which I couldn’t find anywhere! (And I made a very nice mess pulling things apart looking for them.)  Then I remembered the box of scraps I gave to a friend for the after school project for underprivileged kids she works with.  Yep, after talking to her, discovered somehow I had gotten them in her box.  And some of the kids finished them into Mother’s Day pillows for their Moms.  She felt horrible but hey – it was my fault and I often send her leftover blocks so there was no way she could have known.  Actually, I can think of no nicer use for them! 

 The four corners are supposed to have “petal” blocks like the two large ones in the center but no way I’m remaking all those petals. 🙂  I’ll just use a different circle design to fit in those spots so not big deal.  And it lets me shift things around a bit – the upper right corner has too many blocks with the dark paisley background so as I make new blocks I’ll shift some of those around a bit to spread the colors more evenly.  And I found one of the other fabrics from the same fabric line I hadn’t used at all so I’ll add some of that into the new blocks I’m making (that green plain square in the upper right corner – it will be background for that block.  So it all works out.

She says the kids are now making kites.  I told her to stop by and I’ll have kite tails galore for her – those precut strips in the scrap pile with be perfect — but I’ll be making sure I’m not tossing any blocks I need in her bag. ROFLOL

So time to fire up the grill for dinner and cut out some more circle blocks to applique tonight!

Crop Circles May Installment now available!

It’s been a very busy day.  I just finished loading the May installment of Crop Circles  – less then 2 hours to spare but managed to get it posted on the proper day. 🙂


I also got some sewing done today among many other things.  Here’s the Defrag quilt all sewn together.  I think I’m just going to quilt it and bind it – no borders.  Now to plop in a comfy chair after sitting at the computer or sewing machine most of the day!

Crop Circles delay

It’s been crazy around here.  I just realized today that tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month – YIKES! – the day to post the next installment of Crop Circles.  Well, heck, it’s not written up yet.  I’ve been busy working on some new designs for a Hoffman Fabrics fabric line so that has taken precedence.  But emailed those off tonight for approval so I’m hoping in the next few days to get the next installment of Crop Circles posted.  So stayed tuned – it will be coming and will remain up for a full month for download.

Defrag quilt

 I’ve worked a couple nights this week for a couple hours and here’s the pile of blocks so far for the Defrag quilt. Just four more to make and I can start playing with the layout. 

And here’s the latest sock finished last night.  Good thing I bought two hanks of this yarn since this pattern eats up a lot of it compared to other socks I made.  But the pattern stitch makes it thicker and it will be nice and warm next winter — once I get the second one made. 🙂  This one has taken a bit longer to make because I usually don’t carry the stitch pattern across the top of the foot but decided to and kept messing up.  Plus I’ve been busy piecing and appliquing in the evenings. Only half of a Crop Circle block to finish the applique on and I’ll have all the center blocks done.

See that lovely circle of red in front of the state capital (which I cut the dome off of in the photo).  It’s tulip time!

Here they up close – isn’t that a gorgeous color combination.

Friday’s Quilting Accomplishments

Great progress has been made on the large charity auction quilt today.   Main blocks are joined with their pieced sashings.  I wasn’t so sure I really liked the border I had originally drawn shown here.  So played with a bit more and changed it just a little  – the background print would have looked really chopped up in the first border so here’s the EQ rendition with the actual fabrics I’m using and the border change.  Besides I love that green print fabric so wanted to use more of it; it’s got flecks of the purple color it it.  I’ve just got the plain border and the pieced one left to add. 

But turning on EQ really sidetracked the rest of my night.  First there was this month’s installment of the Crop Circles BOM to finish writing up.  Then I had to play with the Crop Circle design a while  because I’m trying to figure out if I want to make my final border scrappy or all one fabric.  Still undecided on that.

The I pulled up an old design I hadn’t finished to tweak a bit.  But while looking at that block, sit inspired a different block design so had to skip to a new project to draw that one up before I forgot what the idea was.  Now, 5 hours later…. yes I said time slipped away….(as did the design once when I was cleaning out reject blocks and accidentally deleted the one I wanted to keep and had to start over again.  I hate it when I do that!)  But in the end several new potential designs.

I really like the look of the old quilts that are made up of four large blocks.  The auction quilt above is based on that sort of layout – however that one mostly ended up as four large blocks because one block is made up of so many different strips ghat I didn’t want to be sewing skinny little strips or I’d never get it done so they were based on an easy size strip to sew and figure the math with.

This is the latest four block  quilt I’ve been working on this evening – or should I say morning since I just realized it’s after 2 a.m. 🙂    Its theme is timely since the spring flowers are just starting to pop up and bloom here.  The colors remind me of crocuses.  I haven’t decided if I’m enamoured with the border yet so will do some thinking on that tomorrow.









There’s a few more designs I’ve made some progress on but I’ll save those for another day.  I’ve got to head out for breakfast with a friend in just a few hours so I’d better go to bed. 🙂

Don’t forget if you are doing the Crop Cricles BOM – April installment is posted.