Happy Valentine’s Day

wackyhearts   I was going to add the Wacky Hearts pattern back into the free patterns (yes a glutton for punishment) but the file got dumped off the computer to some jump drive or disk and I’ve got too much to do other than launch a search for it today.  So at some point it will be added.  We did this one back in 2011 when the block of the month (so to speak) project was actually a Year of Wallhangings – representing the month of the year.  This was of course from February.   There are photos of this design made by other participants on the Flickr group page (I think there are some there) and if you go to PAGES in the sidebar, under BLOCK OF THE MONTH there is a title called YOW – projects by blog readers, you’ll see some of the ones made at the time we were doing these monthly wallhangings.

But my Valentine goodie this morning – they were handing out freshly made chocolate dipped strawberries – yum.  I’ve already ventured out into the bitter cold. It is so incredibly windy and we hit the high for the day about 7 a.m.  and it was 8 degrees.  Temp is going to continue to drop from there all day.  I am so glad I did not have to stand and wait for a bus today – it would have been brutal.  So after breakfast out, a stop at the bookstore (buy one get one sale movies so I have two to keep me entertained) and my very bare cupboards and fridge are replenished – I am not stepping foot outside the door until I have to go to work on Monday and by then the winds are suppose to stop.

Before I reward myself with some knitting or quilting – there’s some cleaning to be done around here.  Need to tidy the kitchen first so that I can start my Luau Vest soaking and get it blocked this afternoon.

Year of Wallhangings – August revisited

 Well I haven’t been abducted by aliens – just a busy week – but finally had a chance to go back and try to fix this post since wordpress saw fit to glitch when I did the original post and deleted the photo and text.

Sabine from German sent me this photo of her version of the Year of Wallhangings August project last year that she made.  It turned out wonderful and will be so bright and sunny whereever she hangs it.

Thanks for sharing Sabine!

You can see more of last year’s Year of Wallhangings designs made by blog readers by finding the page for the Year of Wallhangings in the PAGES list in the left sidebar.

Now hopefully this time when I hit the publish button the photo and text will not disappear!

It’s been a busy week and I think I’ll relax and knit for a while.  I went out for dinner with a friend and the restaurant was only a couple blocks from The Sow’s Ear (knit shop and cofee shop combined) so I just might have coerced my friend to stop there, we just might have gone inside.  I’m not sayin I bought yarn but if yarn should appear in a photo I post tomorrow it’s probably just cause the fairiest left it and not cause I went shopping!! (They are open until 8 p.m. on Friday nights and the front coffee shop probably had 8 or 10 knitters happily knitting and chatting away working on all kinds of projects.  Too bad they are not closer to me (or maybe that’s a good thing!).

December Year of Wallhangings

I’m not late after all.  I finished the Hoffman design, except for the final proof, and then got busy on this.

  It’s called Snowy Night and is a simple design, meant for you to put your embellishment skills to work to decorate the tree.  Suggests on embellishment are found on the pattern page or the Year of Wallhangings page.

With this December design, that completes the Year of Wallhangings project — to hopefully you’ve done better than me since I think I only have one completely finished, one needs to be quilted, and one is going to be raw edge appliqued and it’s fused but not stitched so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Now, since I’ve been at the computer all afternoon, it’s time to find some dinner – sheesh it’s 8 p.m. already so I’ve been at it more than just the afternoon – and then go peruse my new sock pattern book and see what I want to start on next!



More yarn???! and Dec. Year of Wallhangings

Yes, I did spend the credit at Eat.Sleep.Knit today.  🙂  Plus, one hank of yarn would take me to the next level of their Yarnathon (a surprise goodie with my order).  But of course I bought more than one or two or three.  Then those purchases put me only 420 yards away from the next $20 gift card.  I don’t know if the Yarnathon continues after the end of this year so why be so close and not earn that credit on my account.  So ordered two additional sock yarns and have earned the $20 credit which will just have to sit on my account till the Black Friday sale  next year.  I think I have enough yarn now. LOL

I want to do some two color work on some new socks and as most of my sock yarns are multicolored, this time I got several pretty ones that read as a solid.  So they will work well with that.

Last weekend after I finished the christmas gift socks, I pulled a pair in progress out of the yarn basket.  They were the ones where I was knitting on both at the same time to make sure I didn’t run out of yarn — I didn’t. Finished them off last night and wore them today. Here they are.

  I picked up another pair from the “in progress” basket  – one with yarn that self stripes and worked on those a bit but I’m hankering to get some of that new yarn and start on a new pair.  I need to go through some patterns tho and find a new one to try.

In the meantime, I’ve got a pattern I have to get written up this weekend for Hoffman so the December Year of Wallhangings pattern will be late since I have to get this latest pattern to them by Monday.  I post a note when I get the December pattern done and it’s available for download.

Tomorrow I’m off for breakfast with a friend and some shopping.  I hope to finally find the right chair to replace my sewing room one that broke.

Granny’s Hankie – Final Installment!

  The final installment has now been posted! 🙂  Only 3 days late – not bad considering all the stuff I had to get done in between.

I did alter the size of the quilt by a whole half inch! LOL  The outside border sections would have been cut something like 2-13/16ths — now I don’t know about you but I’d rather not cut a ton of strips that measurement so changing the finished size by a half inch brought it to normal measurements and saves a whole lot of time lining up the ruler repeatedly to cut those 16ths.

Now I just have to come up with the final Year of Wallhangings design.  I know what I want to do, just have to find the time to get it drawn up and written up so that may be a bit late posting and not make it in time to post on Saturday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this quilt.

If you’re squeemish and don’t want to read about the needle I jabbed in my foot – don’t read on. 🙂

You know how those pesky sewing needles and pins sometimes hop out of the pincushion and lay waiting on the carpet for someone to step on them?  Well last night I moved the pincushion and a needle fell.  And of course I didn’t notice and steps on the little bugger! Youch!  And to make matters worse it was on the outer back side of my heel so I couldn’t really see it and had to feel for which way it went in to pull it out.  Dang I stuck it in there good but got it out.  So after walking around in my shoes without a lot of padding on the heel for the better part of the day, finally put on my tennies which had more cushion which was better. But spent the better part of tonight with a hot towel and baggie on my foot which did the trick – it’s no longer sore and I’ve searched the floor below where the pincushion was sitting to make sure no more were lying in wait for my unsuspecting sock clad feet! 🙂  Hmmm no wonder Mom always said to wear your shoes……..at least I didn’t bleed on my hand knit socks.    The carpet – well that was another story but I saw the red spot right away and got it out.  This kind of excitement I can do without.

Pinfeathers and other Progress

Pinfeathers, the year of wallhangings design for November is now available for download.  I decided to take a coffee break from sewing and got it written up.  The beauty of the YOW designs is they are quick little applique things that don’t take a lot of detail to write up.  And I love my new PDF program – it is so much quicker and easier to use than the prior one I had.  Only one more month to go and the Year of Wallhangings will be complete!

  I got the first two borders added to On the Fringe.  That’s when I decided to take the coffee break and figure out if I want to make the next plain border the blue (like the first one) or the purple.  So need to stare at them awhile on the design wall and figure out which one I want and in the meantime will get all my paperpieced blocks squared up and make the four corner blocks yet.  But if all goes according to plan, this top will be completed this weekend.

I also need to cut out some more applique pieces for Child’s Play so I can get back to stitching on those blocks in the evenings.

All in all it’s been a productive day so far.  It was cold and gray and actually looked like it could snow outside – but hasn’t thank goodness!  So a good day to stay inside and sew.  I did actually have to kick the heat on for the first time to take the chill out so not bad to have been able to go this long without turning on the heat but figured I’d better actually make sure the heat was working before I really need it!

Now to think about something for dinner — tho I’m leaning towards just a big bowl of popcorn.


I haven’t forgotten about the November Year of Wallhanging design which was scheduled to be posted today.  Okay – I had forgotten about it until yesterday. So it will be a bit delayed.  But I got it drawn up this morning so now just have to write it up.  Don’t know if I’ll get it done this weekend but some time within the next week it will be posted.

Here’s Pinfeathers.  He’s very colorful and I think the detached feathers may be attributed to spotting a man with an axe or the date on the calendar – Thanksgiving is approaching and he’s a bit too plump for his own good. 🙂

Burying ends

I hate that job – weavingg the yarn tails in my knitting. I’ve had a whole stack of scaves, shawls, etc. that have been waiting for me to do that.  So I got to work today on them (after making some yummy raisin bran muffins for a late breakfast).  Also pulled out two felted bags I had made that have just been waiting to have their I-Cord straps put in  – both those are done now too.  So it’s on to some blocking of some of this stuff and I have some quilts  in the washer and dryer.  Needless to say I haven’t gotten to any actual stitching, except for a little hand stitching earlier this a.m.  But I’ve accomplished a lot so far.

Some of my coworkers have been asking if I’ll be bringing in any extra quilts / wallhangings to sell at the office before the holidays so I’ve gone through and pulled a few for that and may take in some of the extra mittens and scarfs that I made last winter and just stuck aside.  So I can clear off some of the storage shelves and make room to store new projects. 🙂

The one thing I did do some hand sewing on last night and this morning is sewing down the binding on Percy the Penguin – the January Year of Wallhangings design.  He’s been hanging on the sewing room wall since last January or February – whenever I was working on him and the other day I realized – hey, the binding is just pinned, I haven’t sewn it down yet. LOL So I pulled him down and here he is FINALLY finished.

  Now to go drag out those blocking wires and see if I can get a scarf and shawl strung along them to block.  Haven’t tried them out yet so this should be interesting.

The final meltdown…

Yes it finally happened.  The old computer has bit the dust.  I couldn’t turn my files into pdfs – the pdf program wouldn’t budge.  I couldn’t even print anything to the normal printer.  So I made sure I had dumped off everything I wanted and that is that.

But what this means is that the YOW design is definitely going to be late until I get the new printer and pdf program.  So it will be posted but most likely not for a week or two so be sure to check back.  I’ll add a blog post when it is ready to go.

The cleaning today — well I did “some” but I was not real intersted in it and decided to make a trip to the grocery store, and then had an idea for a quilt design so spent a good part of the “cleaning” time on that. 🙂  Also made plans to go out for breakfast tomorrow. LOL  I can tell I’ve made progress and I may just do a bit more organizing tonight but then again maybe not.  Of course some of the cleaning meant putting the fabric I refolded on the table in the sewing room rather than spread in the living room so that means the sewing room hasn’t gotten and cleaning yet but just can’t rush this process. 🙂

but on a happier note than a dead computer…. here’s the sneak peak of Thankful Bounty which goes on sale at EQ Boutique this coming week some time.  Didn’t the photographer do a fantastic job!  I love it!