Granny Squared Cowl Finished

Just finished this off.    The pattern is a Drops pattern 143-40B Magic Shawl which is available for free.  Not difficult but I find that most Drops patterns are written a bit differently – I think because they are foreign based patterns – so not exactly worded the way many English patterns are written.  But, if you know how to crochet and know how to crochet granny squares – this is a very simple pattern.

This project did remind me I don’t care for Noro yarns unless I’m felting something with them.  Felted bags – this would be my go-to yarn since it felts beautifully.  But because of the blend of fibers, Noro is a really “weak” yarn – breaks and pulls apart easily so while this yarn is called “Noro Silk Garden Sock”  “sock”  refers more to the weight/ply of the yarn than that it’s appropriate for socks.  This says it’s a sport weight yarn but it’s a thick and thin one (another reason I’m not fond of it) – sometimes thicker than worsted weight and so thin it looks like lace weight.   As I was making the granny squares I was looking ahead on my yarn to see how thick/thin it was and would break of several yards to start where it was more even.

I need to go find some dinner and then maybe I can finish off my Camp Loopy shawl.

We’ve had so much rain lately I had to go and dump out all the lower pot saucers outside so the plants don’t drown.  They’ve only been in the pots since last week and I haven’t had to water them at all due to the rain which seem to come nearly every day.  I noticed last night that it has also hatched a new batch of mosquitos since her were many hovering around my door last night wanting to come in with me.

Today I have been anxiously awaiting my grocery delivery which has finally arrived.  I was totally out of coffee so had to wait until 10 AM to have that first sip.  Before unpacking all the grocery pots the coffee was brewing.   Ahhhhh…….. I’m happy now.

Last night I had hoped to finish off two knitting projects and didn’t even manage to finish one of them.  Dozed off way too early in the middle of a show and woke up several hours later and decided to go to bed.  Oh well….. so much for my late night knitting last night.


One of the projects (which I will finish at some point this weekend) is my Camp Loopy June project – another Linus shawl in my Camp Club yarn.  I have just that little ball of yarn left to go and I will have knit 500 yards.  This is one of my favorite, super easy, garter stitch shawls because I like the way the top edge is knit to get the increases – nice and tidy edge without having to worry about tension being loose enough like other shawls.  And, you can just knit until you are almost out of yarn.  I made a prior one in DK yarn so it was a larger version than  this one will be in fingering.

Next week is Camp Loopy Store week for July so I’m looking forward to seeing Monday what the next challenge requirements are for July camp.  I actually have some fabric picked out and a pattern I want to make, as well as yarn picked out and a couple patterns I’m thinking about – so hopefully I can make them work for the challenge rules – we shall see.  The funny thing is my yarn matches my fabrics – very color coordinated for July if it all works out.

The other project I had wanted to finish last night is a ESK Yarnathon badge project – it’s a crocheted cowl which will earn my Happy Hooker Badge (shouldn’t everyone have one of those?) as well as the Granny Squared Badge.


I have two more rounds to crochet and then decide if it is wide enough.  I think it might be since it’s a really long double wrap cowl but I have plenty of yarn to add another round or two to each side.

I’m hoping this afternoon to get my Allstar Cowgirl Round-up quilt top layered and start quilting on it.   Just need to figure out what I want to use as backing.

I’ve also signed up for a quilted mug rug swap though a Ravelry group so I need to make that but don’t need to get it in the mail until August so plenty of time – tho I think I have a plan.


It’s a completed top now.  I have missed playing in my sewing room and the last two + days have been a lot of fun.   My binding is made and I need to figure out what I want to use for backing – will have to think on that a bit and see what is in the stash later.

I need to finally go repot those flowers and plants I bought last weekend.



Well I decided to sew just a bit longer last night…..

The sashings were added and I love how this is coming together.   Hopefully today I can get the borders put on.





Camp Loopy Sewing Progress

Started on this last night and I just finished making all the blocks a short time ago. Fun and easy blocks to make.


I plan to get the borders and sashing/cornerstones cut and then may clean up my mess in preparation for more sewing tomorrow.  Since I have the clean sewing room now, I’m going to “try” to keep it somewhat tidy…..for a while at least….. 😉

Adorable Little Bird


Isn’t that an adorable little bird.   I just love it.  While on line I came across some fabric with the bird on it.   I just kept thinking about that fabric and realized it had the perfect colors in it to match some cushions on my outdoor chairs.  And I did need back cushions for those chairs to match the seat cushions.


When I went to try to find the fabric I found out it was a Hoffman California Fabrics – All A Twitter Line.    Well that clinched it I really needed some so contacted friend Sandy at Hoffman and the fabric arrived today.   Aren’t those birds just wonderful!  My chair seat cushions I was trying to match are below and it’s perfect.    But now I have a dilemma – She sent enough fabric (I think – I need to double check) that I could use the birds for the new curtains in my sewing room where I could enjoy them more often.   I haven’t decided if I’ll go with that plan or not but if I do, she also sent along some coordinates for the birds which was a great surprise, and I can use some of the coordinates for the cushions.


The fabrics are all sort of a jumble because I wanted to show you all the various prints included.  These are all printed like regular on-the-bolt fabrics but  each print is just a fat quarter since – so if you got just a half yard – you’d have two separate prints.  I think this is a brilliant idea.

Here’s a bit more orderly shot – so in the first half yard of 45″ wide fabric, one side is that floral and the other is the brown background print.   So many possibilities – looking forward to working with these fabrics.








Last Loopy Challenge project finished

I managed to finish off the last Loopy Knitting Challenge project I had started the day before the deadline.

This scarf is knit with yarn held doubled.  I used four different colors and after knitting a while, would switch out one of the yarns for a different color, knit some more, switch out the other original yarn I started with for a different one – and kept switching out one at  a time.   The pattern is Shifts.  Simple garter scarf – I made mine a few stitches less in width than the pattern called for and when I was done decided that those angled ends really need tassels so mixed all the yarn together when making the tassels.

I love garter squishy-ness and with the fingering yarns held doubled it is extra squishy and will be very warm.


I updated the “Yarny Things” page – see side bar for button link – and so far this year in 5 months I’ve completed 24 items and knit over 10,000 yards of yarn.  All those projects were started in 2018 as well so no carry over from prior projects sitting on the needles.

Time to pull a couple of those sweaters out of the seam pile and get them finished off tho – especially the summery/spring ones.

Another cowl finished

stitchMy designer challenge project for the Great Loopy Knitting Challenge is completed – just days before the deadline.  Loopy Challenges end the end of this month (because then Camp Loopy starts) and I finally finished off this cowl over the weekend.

I picked a pattern from the new Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible I recently got and wanted to make it into a cowl.

I chose a bulky yarn without thinking about how heavy that might make the cowl, especially since I was using a smaller than suggested needle size for the yarn to try to get good stitch definition.   It is definitely heavy to wear but in the middle of winter (rather than the 95 degree day it is today) that might keep a neck really warm.  I’ll put it in the knitwear storage drawers and see next winter if I want to keep it, gift it, or frog it.



The top edge o the cowl (as it appears in the photos) is sort of zig-zaggy.

This gorgeous dark red yarn is so hard to get a photo of.  The one with the plant shows some of the lighter and darker shading but the photo above when caked is really the truest color.

FKAL – Finished


My FKAL Cowl is finished – didn’t the yarn knit up pretty.  And it looks good photographed against that  hillside outside my apartment where the stinky flowers are now in bloom — although they are not as perfume-y as usual so are not really bothering my allergies… at least not yet.

Now as for the cowl – I’m not in love with this pattern for several reasons and it has already been frogged.   It starts with a garter tab which always makes this sort of upward bump.  While that area sort of gets tucked to the inside in the front – I still don’t like it since it just seems to add extra bulk around the neck.  There were many people who had trouble with the garter edge flipping so when I go to that point I did the first row of that edging section as K1, P1 and that seems to have stopped the flipping.  There is an error in the pattern as to the number of garter rows but that was easily recognized before I started that section and really would have made any difference if I hadn’t noticed it.  But the think I dislike most which I forgot to take a photo of is the back comes to this point – a much smaller point than the front, but it doesn’t want to lay flat.  It sort of ripples but then also that point flips up.  Not a good look.  I don’t know that it’s any fault of the pattern – could be the yarn I used (perhaps a softer yarn would lay in place better) or the fact that my much wider shoulders/neck make it lay differently  – or, and I do think this might be the issue,  perhaps I should have made the neckline a bit longer before joining in the round so it was a looser fit and I think the point may have behaved better then – but in any event I’m not comfortable putting it in my gifting pile not knowing how it would behave with someone else wearing it and I like the yarn to much so will be reusing it for a different project.  Good thing it was a quick knit so I didn’t have a lot of time invested.