7/5/15 Stash report

With getting my top all sewn yesterday for my Camp Loopy 2 project, that adds 5.0 more yards to the fabric used tally.

So my numbers stand at:

74.5 yards used so far year to date

38 yards purchased year to date

36.5 net yards used.

I haven’t begun to tally up all the fabric used for the second project I showed yesterday on the design wall but all those large triangles, when you are cutting mostly 8.5″ wide strips, will add up quickly I think.

And a little eye candy for today… just another EQ quilt image.


July Camp Loopy Project

It’s the 4th of July and the top is finished for my July Camp Loopy project.   So I’m definitely ahead of schedule at least for the moment.

DSCN4437I’m going to have to see if there’s any batting here but hopefully next weekend I’ll get it layered and ready to go.


Then since I had all these batiks piled around me I decided why not pull out a bunch more.  So grabbed a stack from the closet and I was just going to cut out a block or two to test a new pattern to make sure things fit together correctly.    You know how I get, that led to cutting out more blocks and I have nearly the whole design up on my design wall.

It looks totally different in the batiks compared to the fabric line it was design for but I like it nonetheless.  Some of the single triangles get replaced with sections made up of pieced triangles so when all the rows are sewn together they look like hexagons.  But I wanted to fill most of it in on the design wall to see how I liked I before making the smaller blocks to substitute in.  I have one pieced area done but the fabrics are too light and blend with each other too much so that will be replaced.  Of course my photo doesn’t really do the fabrics justice since the lights in the sewing room throw a yellow cast light at night but it’s going to be a fun riot of color.

Needless to say, tomorrow will be spent folding and putting away fabrics since the table, chair, floor and ironing board are buried under them.


Happy Fourth of July

Revised Quilt image 66 x 84Is there a better day to have a Block Party Picnic than the 4th of July?

As I previously noted on the blog, I don’t have time myself to participate in a Quilt A Long on this project – too many things have cropped up — but I know there are those of you anxiously awaiting this pattern and wanting to start on it so it is now available and you can start stitching.

To find this Free PDF Pattern, scroll down to the bottom of the right sidebar of the blog until you get to PAGES, scroll down that list until you see the category FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS )categories are in capital letters and are in alphabetical order).  Then look for Block Party Picnic under the FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS (quilt names are also in alphabetical order).  Click that name, it takes you to its page where you find the link to the pattern download.

A productive day

It has been just a lovely day today.  There is nothing better (IMO) than a Wisconsin summer day when its 75 degrees, sunny, a hint of a breeze, no humidity and not a mosquito has appeared anywhere I have been so far this summer.  A perfect day.

I spent a little bit of time sitting out on the balcony working on something and the only thing not perfect about that is the neighbors in the apt above me (not even directly above me but off to the side) have a bird feeder full of sunflower seeds that the squirrels sit and eat.  They are very messy and how they manage to toss the outside of the seeds several feet from where the feeder is is quite amazing but I got tired of having seeds rain down on my table and head and into my coffee cup.

So a trip to the grocery store to lay in some supplies, a bit of laundry has been done, and the rest of the afternoon spent sewing.

I’ve got two-thirds of my Camp Loopy project stitched together.

DSCN4433  Alas, the quilting elves have not made me any dinner (they probably could not find a clean plate since I’ve been very lazy since getting sick about doing dishes) so off to the kitchen to get things put back in order, get the dishwasher going, get dinner going, and take care of some more laundry.  The rest of the sewing on this project will wait until tomorrow since there’s knitting and pattern writing to do tonight.

Camp Loopy Project 2

I made great progress last night on my July CL Safari project!  I did nix my idea for the applique item I needed to add to the project and changed it to something else.

One of the prints is butterfly wings so I cut two of the wings out, made a body, and pinned in place to see how it would look.

DSCN4427UGH! not good. Even once I turn under the edges to applique it in place it would look too big for that spot.   It may make an appearance on the back somewhere tho.

So went back to my first applique idea (before I realized one of the prints was butterfly wings) and that was just a just a simple heart out of a bright pinkish batik I had ordered.   My pan when I ordered the fabrics was to use the pink for the heart and then just in the binding so I think that’s what I will do.

The heart is appliqued in place (after much searching last night for my beloved thimble which I finally found), all my HSTS are done, so I can start sewing rows together.


On the Needles Friday – 7/3/15

I got up this morning thinking – ah, Saturday – and then remembered – Hurrah! it’s only Friday!.

So on the needles this Friday..

DSCN4431First the red sweater – right front that I still need to finish the shoulder on.


Rather than working on that sweater I’ve been working on my shawl for the summer shawl KAL Laura Aylor has running in her Ravelry group.

Here’s where I am right now — it’s already past the size the pattern calls for but I want to use up some more of the yarns I had chosen for this rather than have leftover balls too small to use for a project so I’ll continue on adding some more sections at will. :-)



Yes I’m still around

I’m just busy and haven’t had anything much to post about.  My Therapy shawl for the KAL is nearly done – I’ve gotten it as large as the pattern calls for but think I may make it a bit larger and use up a bit more of some of the yarn used in it.  Half a cake of sock yarn does not a sock make so might as well add it to the shawl.

I had hoped to have the instructions for the Block Party Picnic design done to post this weekend but last weekend I came down with a horrid cold, missed a day of work, missed a lot of sleep, so haven’t gotten much done.   Where is the maid who really needs to clean my house and do my laundry and go buy groceries??? :-)   I personally don’t have time to do this project as a QAL right now being in the midst of Camp Loopy this month and next, along with other summer activities, vacations, etc.,   but since I don’t like to postpone something I’ve promised more than two months, I’ll just be posting the instructions (when they are written – before the end of July) to the free pattern pages as I know there are some people anxious to start on this project.

Our second Camp Loopy project could officially be started  yesterday, July 1 (and I can’t believe it’s already July!), and needless to say I know that cold medicine and rotary cutters don’t mix so I didn’t attempt it.  I do plan to have all 88 of my 5″ finished HSTs made and laid out on the design wall early tomorrow a.m.  I’ve got about half done. It should be a quick and easy project this month which is good since I just drew up a new quilt design for Hoffman Fabrics that I need to put the finishing touches on and then get the pattern written up.

In the meantime, a little eye candy – just one of the designs I was playing with that didn’t work for the Hoffman Fabrics fabric that I was working with, but I think it still might be a design I need to make for myself – tho not in this color combination.


Stashbusting Report and finishes

First to the numbers — 70 yards used YTD; of those 70 yards, 38 yards were purchased YTD.  The purchased YTD tally grew by 8.5 yards this week because my fabrics for Camp Loopy project 2 came in.  That yardage will be added to the used column by the end of July.

Yesterday was a day of finishing a couple projects that have been languishing a while.
After finishing my Camp Loopy Safari Fabric project, I tackled the two projects that have been laying over the end of the couch  months waiting for me to finish them.

All that was left on the baby quilt was to hand stitch down about half the binding  Done!

Cloud Nine Baby quilt - 6-20-15

Cloud Nine Baby quilt – 6-20-15


The other project I finished off was one of my Camp Loopy projects from last summer – the Charley Harper fabric wallhanging.  All it needed was to have a hanging sleeve added to the back (not my favorite thing to do) so it’s been sitting there half sewn on for months.

Finally, it’s done, it didn’t take long, and it is now hanging nice and straight on the wall.    I had been thinking about recovering the cushions on the chair in front of it just for a new look but the color goes perfectly with that wallhanging so I think I’ll scrap that idea and just see if I have any scraps left of the fabrics in the wallhanging to make a pillow for that chair.

Camp Loopy 2014 project - finally added hanging sleeve 6-20-15

Camp Loopy 2014 project – finally added hanging sleeve 6-20-15











First Trek of the Safari is Finished

DSCN4408  My Project for Camp Loopy Fabric Safari for June is done and I actually just finished hanging it on the bedroom wall!   No more trekking through the bush for me; I can sit back at “camp” around the fire and sip cocktails or eat s’mores or both for the next week and a half. ;-)

This ended up being about 70 x 45 when done and the back is all pieced from leftover fabrics used on the front and one or two pieces of prints that didn’t make it on the front.