A bit of sewing

Well I never did get too enthused about blocking sweater pieces today – I’ll save that for first thing tomorrow.  And in the meantime a bit more straightening up and then I decided to do some sewing on my PatchKats blocks.  Are you caught up through the July instructions?   I wasn’t – I needed to do July – so pulled all  my blocks back out of their box and put them back up on the design wall.

Here’s the project – in two photos since my table was in the way to try to get it all in one.

kats1 Today I made the nine patch block and stitched them to the chest area that matched it.



A pile of pieces

After finishing off the last sleeve for the red sweater, I pulled out a prior sweater I had set aside — why I simply didn’t finish it before starting the next – who knows. LOL  I only had about 10 rows to go to finish off the last sleeve on that sweater too.

So here’s what I’ve got  – piles of pieces – three sweaters’ worth of pieces – all sweaters I made using CustomFit.

3sweaters Believe it or not – I finally got a photo of these where the colors are true – well the red is a bit brighter but it looks better here than it usually photographs.

The aqua sweater on the left is a pullover with sleeves about to my elbows.  It has a very wide lace panel on the front and I forgot about how that much more width of the lace might affect the measurements across the front and compiled with the fact that I tend to knit lace patterns looser than my stockinette stitch is, it may end up more baggie that I had originally planned but not a big deal.

The sweater in the middle is a cardigan with a lace panel in the center back (I think even the same lace pattern as the aqua sweater because I really like it and it’s so easy to do), and then there’s a small lace section up each side of the front.  That one has either elbow length or 3/4 sleeves – can’t remember which.  The red is another cardigan with a different lace pattern across the upper back shoulder area and plain on the front with 3/4 sleeves.


So after finishing off one of the blue sleeves last night, I was looking to see what else was in my knitting basket.  My Featherweight cardigan just needs the ribbing added around the neckline and front – that will take a while since it’s very wide ribbing in fingering weight yarn.  I had to finish off the blue sleeve because I needed the longer cable needle I had been using for that sweater in order to pick up the edging around the Featherweight.

Since I was rearranging bedroom furniture yesterday, and there are several yarn storage containers I had to pull out from under the bed, while I had them out I grabbed the yarn I need for the Featherweight ribbing and that is now wound and ready to get started.    I may go digging through them today before putting them back to see what might work for upcoming projects I want to make.   But since the bedroom is back in order except for a bookcase I need to declutter and dust, I think later today it may be time to pull out the blocking boards and get one of these sweaters blocked.

So far today, I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up a couple things I forgot last time I was there and forgot last time that I’d be home on vacation so had to definitely get more coffee!  And during my cleaning frenzy yesterday, the alarm clock took a bounce on the floor from which it never recovered.  Good thing I broke it when I didn’t really have to get up to be somewhere on time! :-)  So stopped and got a new one.

Also found this sock in the knitting basket

Image2 I love this yarn.  When I pulled it out of the basket it only was finished to just after the heel so I’ve made great progress on it but that ball of yarn is dwindling so it may be a race to the finish to see if I finish first or if my yarn finishes first.  The other sock is already done.  I don’t think I finished a single sock all last winter so it will be good to get some new ones done to add to the drawer for when that wooly sock weather returns.

It is wrong…

to buy buttons and then plan the sweater to go with them?  :-)  Perhaps a little backwards but that may be what I did.

You may remember this wallhanging which was a Camp Loopy project last year that I made.  The fabrics in it are all from Charley Harper designs and when the fabrics showed up at The Loopy Ewe, I knew I needed some of them.

DSCN4421 The cardinals are my design but all the print fabrics are Charley Harper.  And what does that have to do with buying buttons?

Well, I finished knitting my cherry red sweater pieces last night.  So once I get it blocked and sewn together I will need the buttons I want to use to make sure the button holes are right and how many I need to make.    So I decided to do a bit of searching on line to see what kind of buttons I could find.

And I found these!!! and am very excited about them.  Those are Charley Harper designs inside those buttons!!


I don’t think they are quite right for my red sweater but I can see a pretty light tan sweater with all different buttons down the front, or some other neutral color.

And then after placing the first order I realized I’d skipped a page or two of them so had to order a few more.  One of my favorite bracelets was made from vintage glass domed buttons and that’s also a possible use for some of these.  My favorites – hmmm hard to pick – the first button at the top left is a Badger and since I live in Wisconsin, home of the Badgers, well that one was a given.  The blackbird next to it, the green button of the rabbit (I would have loved a whole sweaters worth of those but only one button of each style was available), the pheasant, the lower right red bird, the sandpiper, the white own, the squirrel — okay – I really can’t pick favorites.

charley harper 2  I am looking forward to seeing these in person.

I was just going to take a short coffee break (I took a few days off so have a five day weekend!), but have gotten sidetracked in button land for much longer than planned.

Today, I’m cleaning and rearranging the bedroom.  No small feat since it was complete disaster, stuff everywhere, and I have to remove a few smaller pieces of furniture in order to be able to swing the bed around the way I want.   And with my usual procedure – every room is being destroyed in the process with stuff being temporarily moved into them – but eventually they will all get put to rights.

Coffee break over (since it’s almost time for a lunch break!) ;-)

Oh – the wooden armchair in front of the wallhanging (one of the first pieces of furniture my parents bought when they got married – and they are celebrating their 57th anniversary this month)  I ordered these fabrics to make a new slip cover for and it a throw pillow or two.

fabrics to recover chair

Camp Loopy Safari – Project 3 Completed

Today was such a lazy day here.  I didn’t get out of my jammies until about 7:00 p.m. and I only did it then because I wanted to run outside and get a photo of this quilt ( and my neighbors just didn’t need to see me dressed that way).

camp3  So as a reminder – these were my fabrics.    The first short stack (which looks like solids but is really little tone on tone checks) was extra I bought and I mixed some of them in with the other challenge fabrics.  My challenge fabric short stack are little Christmas prints.  I love Christmas quilts that are the traditional red and green.  Oh and the other part of the challenge – to use fabrics outside your comfort zone — that would be the pink tones in those fabrics because if you know me, you know I dislike pink in all things (tho occasionally I do force myself to use it but it’s usually in things that will be going to other people).   And truthfully, I don’t hate it in this quilt because I love the overall combination.  It will be my lap quilt this winter.


And  here’s the finished quilt.  It uses two blocks from EQ – one called Tiramisu and one called French Silk Pie – which are alternated and since they have dessert names, I call this quilt “Just Desserts.”   It ended up about 57″ x 77″.  The binding is made up of scraps from many of the fabrics since I didn’t have enough of the sashing fabric to bind it with just that fabric.


Now that I’m done with my Camp projects, I’m already planning what quilting project to work on next.

Well how annoying…

I thought all went swimmingly with my  Windows upgrade and now I was trying to pull up a document I had saved to edit and change and it’s telling me I don’t have administrator privileges to save the document where I want, asks me if I want to save it to a different location (sure I’m not picky) but then does nothing.  Clearly I am the only “administrator” around here. LOL But, I’ll think about that another day since I seem to have found a way to work around it for the time being.  But it is annoying.  One of the documents I was trying to edit was my Excel spreadsheet with my stash report on it.    The numbers, since I am counting my Camp Loopy 3 project below finished, now stand at 44.5 yards purchased to date, 95.5 yards sewn to date, for a net used of 51 yards.

I was going to just machine quilt the sashing on my Camp Loopy 3 project and then do the rest of the quilting tomorrow but one line of stitching led to just one more and I now have it all quilted.

Image3 Image4The blocks have basically eight lines of stitching which cross each other in the center block of the star.    The binding has been added and I just need to hand stitch it to the back.

oops just remembered the stash totals are not exactly correct – I was at the quilt shop today and four or five or six batik fat quarters came home with them so I still need to add those in since I can’t really remember how many I got.

One of the other things I did buy were some Machingers  – quilting gloves.  I am in love with these.  I’ve tried many types of quilting gloves and other gloves with rubbery fingertips, and rubber fingers made for quilting but these gloves are the greatest. About an inch or slightly more of the fingers is rubbery – grips great – and the rest of the glove is a thin fabric that is very comfortable on.  I can even thread my machine with these gloves on – something I could not do with the various other bulkier gloves I had tried.  Plus they come in different sizes you I could get a great fit – most gloves are made for people with smaller hands than mine.   Yep these are keepers and I highly recommend them.

On the Needles – Friday 8/7/15

Well it’s officially not Friday anymore but I got sidetracked before when I remembered I should do an OTN report.  I have managed to upgrade to Windows 10 and find my way back around and make sure all my programs were still working.  Haven’t checked everything but did check Electric Quilt since that was the one I was most concerned about all it appears just fine. Whew!

Anyway tho this photo doesn’t exactly look real exciting, I am excited about it.

DSCN4486[1]It’s exciting because it’s the second sleeve of my sweater and I’m about half way done.    And yes, the yarn is the color of the printing on a Coke bottle.

As I was straightening up the sewing room while the computer upgrade was running, I found the ball of yarn I’ve been searching for off and on for the last month that I needed for a different sweater.  I know I had set it down somewhere – and there is was buried under some fabric.  So the time the upgrade took was put to good use and the sewing room is all tidied up.


Now it’s not here yet but there will be a bit of yarn coming my way.   It seems like a long time since I ordered any yarn – well a couple months IS a long time. :-)  But since I’m not knitting for Camp Loopy, I’ve been joining in some other KALs that are simple projects.   So I ordered my yarn tonight for the Laura Aylor Summer’s End MKAL – which is a mystery KAL.

I had a tough time deciding what gradient set I wanted to order because there are so many lovely ones on the website I was shopping.  But in the end, I just kept going back to a set called Gingersnap which is a very light golden color to a dark brown, and a natural color for the main color (background) to go with those.  Can’t wait to see them in person.

The other major excitement this week — another dang bat hanging on the ceiling in the office not far from my desk.  But I’m glad to say it was captured and evicted from the premises.  Ick, Ick Ick!!!  At least this one was asleep when it was captured and we didn’t have to chase it’s flying butt around the office like the last one a month or two ago.

Sheesh – it’s 3:15 a.m. – I have to go to bed because I need to get up soon go out to breakfast with a friend! LOL  Too bad I’m not the least bit tired at the moment.

State of the Fabric Stash report – 8/2/15

Yesterday was extremely productive.  My own little sewing marathon all day and evening long.   So my fabric use numbers stand as follows:

Purchased fabric year to date – 44.5 yards

Fabric used year to date – 89 yards

Net fabric used year to date – 44.5 yards

So I’ve used twice as much as I purchased so far.

Here’s the lastest two projects that helped those numbers:

I finished adding the binding to Eleanor’s (great niece’s) baby quilt and hand stitched it down last night.


Her name is quilted into one of the Onesie blocks.

These are really fun and simple applique blocks to make.  It’s fun to choose the fabrics and you could embellish them in so many ways – especially if you had an embroidery machine.  Mine are needle turn.  The pattern is free at Fat Cat Patterns


The last photo is my completed top for my Camp Loopy Safari August project – that was made during yesterday’s sewing marathon.


As for today – I think there needs to be some cleaning up of the sewing room before deciding what to use for backing for the Camp Loopy project – the front is made up of a Short Stack of Christmas fabrics so I think I’ll be able to find something in th stash of Christmas stuff that will work.




Camp Loopy Safari – Fabric project 3

As those who read the blog on a regular basis probably know – sleeping is overrated in my world.  I’m definitely a night owl and an extremely late night owl on Friday and Saturday nights.  So since we could start our Camp Loopy project three on August 1 – you know where I was at 12:01 a.m. this morning. :-)

Yep – in my sewing room.  I worked for probably four hours or so and got everything cut out, and the individual component pieces sewn (flying geese and corner sections).  I did actually sleep for a couple hours and was back at it this a.m. fueled with much coffee.  I’ve already decided the pizza place will be delivering my dinner (and maybe they will bring me some ice cream too – it’s BAD that they sell ice cream and I can have it delivered to my door) so that I can continue working.  I am going to have to take a break soon for some lunch since I never had breakfast.

Anyway — I’m am moving along quickly and hope that by tonight I can actually have my whole top done.  The blocks are 18″ finished and big blocks with larger pieces seem to go so much more quickly.

camp3project Here’s basically what it will look like.  I changed the sashing pieces just a bit to accommodate the fabric I had left.  The pinky color I had just 18″ of not 18-1/2″ that I would have needed to cut the sashing strips so I added some pieced sections to each sash where it meets the corner stone so it looks more like a plus sign (with a different colored center) where they meet.

DSCN4464  This is the scrap heap left over from making all my flying geese units.  Normally I would just toss them but I think, since I really like this fabric like – Christmas prints but doesn’t scream Christmas prints – I may, sometime after camp is finished, stitch them all together to make a little runner for the breakfast bar.



The second photo is all the other scraps left from my fabrics for this project.  Not much – most fabrics just a strip that was too small to use for the binding.


and speaking of  binding — it’s scrappy and I actually already have it made.

Now off the computer, find some lunch, and then back to work – I’ve got much sewing to get done. :-)


On the Needles – July 31, 2015

Goodness, the last day of July  (well I’m a day late adding this post so it’s already August 1!) – where did July go?

I’ve been busy and just haven’t gotten on the computer at night to blog.

But time for a knitting update – – I’m plodding along on my cherry red cardigan. (well I did knit a very large Therapy shawl taking a break from this sweater)  I will not get it done before the end of the CustomFit Summer KAL but I pretty much knew that from the beginning.  With Camp Loopy sewing, I haven’t had as much knitting time.  And it doesn’t help that this sleeve

DSCN4462Yes that’s the problem sleeve.  it was about an inch or two longer than in the photo when I realized I had cast on too many stitches to begin with and had to rip it all back.  that did not make me happy but at least it was only a sleeve and not a front or back on the sweater.

I also did finish both the fronts so just the sleeves left to go.   Remember this is the yarn that refuses to photograph – it’s bright red like the edging around the photo frame.

Gone astray again

I headed into the sewing room, I was going to do some more quilting on the wedding quilt, and I decided to see where I had left off on writing some instructions for a new Hoffman Fabrics pattern.   Well, I never did get to the quilting but I did spend the afternoon writing up the pattern I needed to get done so it’s all good since I needed to get it finished before the end of the month.  So deadline crossed off my list.

I may try quilting just one block or two each night this week on the wedding quilt but I usually don’t machine quilt on weeknights because once I start, it’s hard for me to stop.  It’s always one more area, one more, and after sitting at a desk all day, sitting and machine quilting all night is a bit hard on the eyes.

Okay yes I was also playing in EQ for just a little while today too.  This was one of the designs I was considering using for my Camp Loopy 3 project but it wasn’t going to work for that project.  I’ve stashed it away into my “maybe make these” folder to revisit another day.  But I think it’s very graphically striking the way the two blocks used in it meet and change appearance and would make a great wallhanging.


It turned out to be a lovely day here – all that horrid humidity is gone after storms moved thru last night and I’ve been able to turn off the air and have the door and windows open.  Think I just might need to take my cup of coffee out to the patio for a bit of fresh air before I figure out what’s for dinner.