A few changes

Well I did get a few minor chores done but then walked by the computer screen where I still had my Safari design up so I got sidetracked changing things, changing colors, changing things back the way they originally were, etc.

squiggles5There’s a couple fabric placements I may still change but I need to wait until I actually see the fabrics in person.


In the meantime, nine Onesie blocks are now completed and I just finished cutting background fabric for the last three blocks for this first quilt.  Here’s the ones done so far.


Tragelaphus Strepsiceros Quilt

No – my fingers were not on the wrong keys – I really am making a large wall hanging for The Loopy Ewe Fabric Safari Camp loosely based on a Tragelaphus Strepsiceros, otherwise known as a Greater Kudu which is an African antelope.

But that’s now how I started out.  I had a plan to use the fabrics I ordered for sort of landscape – I have some stripes with birds (those would be random strips in the sky) and similar striped looking fabric with animals and trees (random strips along the bottom) and I’d applique some African animal silouhettes – that was my general basic plan along with maybe printout out some actual photographs of African animals and framing them so they looked like vacation/safari photos.  Then my other plan I had been thinking of was something along the lines of African masks.  But I randomly started adding in strips in EQ7 to a custom layout quilt and when I got this far..


I decided that hey – that design made by the lighter colored print (not the stripe) looked like squiggly (highly technical term) :-) horns.  Isn’t there an African animal with squiggly horns — a little web surfing to the rescue and meet the Tragelaphus Strepsiceros with the squiggly horns.


Oh yeah — my plan emerged — sort of a squiggly horned animal mask — not made to specifically look like him (when you see my you will note among other things I didn’t add ears to mine) – but my final design was definitely “inspired” by this photo.  I love he white line across the face that makes them look like they had their sunglasses on in the sun too long an then took them off and had a tan line there!

So this is just the general look of what I will be making — the fabric images are not to scale — it’s going to be a large wall hanging about 72″ x 45″ when it’s done and yes – I need to get it made start to finish between June 1 and June 30. Yikes! But then I have been thinking I need to schedule a vacation day or two  soon.

Any way, since Tragelaphus Strepsiceros  is a mouthful, I think I’ll just call this design Safari Squiggles. ;-)  There may still be a few tweaks before June 1 on the design (and I had to order just a little more fabric since I ordered before having a project designed) but I think it’s going to be fun to make.  The “traditional” block (you have to include at least one) I’m using is the Roman Stripe which makes up the border blocks and four of them used together make the medallions above and below the Squiggles’ heads.


Now that I’ve spent the entire morning playing in EQ – I need to get dressed and get to those cleaning chores!

Camp Loopy …. Safari Style

While it was “Glamping” in fancy campers last year for Camp Loopy, this year, we’re going on Safari!  I decided I would not drive myself crazy doing both Knitting Safari and Sewing Safari and plan to do just the Sewing Safari this year.  Information for both groups are on the Loopy Ewe Blog.  This post is the fabric version and has all the specifics and rules for the first project and the post the day before the one I linked is for the knit/crochet version.  I don’t think I’ve missed a single Camp year and it’s always loads of fun.  Also a great way to get some Christmas gifts done early if you are one of those advance planners.

Anyway – the logo for the Safari is oh so adorable.  There was one fabric line I had been thinking about using for a project but last time I placed an order I didn’t get it, specifically in the hopes it would work for one of the Camp projects.  Well it’s absolutely perfect for a Safari project.

SafariMost of the fabrics are from the Serengeti line.  Yes, we are only required to use 4 one-half yard cuts for the first project.  Yes, I know you can count and there a few more more than twice as many fabric images shown at the left.  Yes, I got a bit carried way … but I have a plan and with exactly a month from start to finish it simply would not do to run out of fabric and have to wait for more since this plan is just floating around in my brain, changing and growing and has not yet been figured out in those pesky specifics like inches and yards.  But I love those fabrics.

Can’t wait until the Safari starts!

On the Needles

First – on the needles – I’m still working on my Customfit Cardipalooza sweater.  The back and now

DSCN4302finally the fronts are done but they don’t look like a whole lot tossed on the floor there but I cast on one of the sleeves yesterday so am working on that.  I won’t get finished by the end of the Cardipalooza but that’s just because I have way too many things going at once. :-)

The last two nights, rather than my usual knitting, I’ve been hand appliquing on baby Onesie quilt blocks.  I used to hand applique so much and haven’t done much of it in quite a while and my fingers/wrists are now rebelling.  But look at this cute fabric I found in the stash — it looks like a hand knit Onesie. I just love it.

I’ve decided not to do knitting Camp Loopy this year – I want to finish this sweater and several other sweaters on the needles so rather than knitting Camp, I’ll just  be going on a Fabric Safari but that’s another blog post…..



Onesie Wall

This Onsie applique pattern from Fat Cat Patterns is so fun to make.  I could see this getting a bit addictive finding just the right fabrics to use – but then it’s always good to have an extra baby quilt or two or three hanging around for gift giving.  Besides, these are so quick to stitch up.

DSCN4300  I originally was going to make a baby girl’s quilt but it would have some “tom boy” fabrics in it – bugs and the foxes on blue and a couple other fabrics a bit more boyish but I think I may split the blocks out into two quilts – one very girly.  So the bottom two blocks may get moved to the second (or third) quilt.   Need to search the stash to see what other fabrics I can find.

The center block – it may be hard to tell – but all those little bright colored splotches — they are cute little hedgehogs.  I’ve searched and searched the stash to see if I have any leftovers of a favorite pink ladybug fabric to no avail.  I may just have to order more.  I’ve also been thinking how cute a quilt or wall hanging would be with the blocks made about half this size … but I’m not even going there….at least not yet. :-)  Just think how cute you could make these if you had an embroidery machine.

Moo Baa Woof Cluck — yep, that means it’s a sale


Have you been coveting all those fun applique Dog Pound Pals blocks shown on my block and in my Flickr group while we worked on that project as a BOM last year?  Check it out in the photo at left — the block collection is included in the current sale.

Here’s some of the ones I’ve made – I’m not finished with them all yet but I love every one of them.  They just make me smile (but then I’m a bit prejudiced)

20140517_6  So now is your chance to get the applique block collection at 20% off (along with any other critter collections you may like) :-).

Just go to Electric Quilt – there’s many more collections to choose from than those pictured here – and don’t forget to use the discount code.



Entirely too much cleaning

I have cleaned and cleaned and — okay well my coffee breaks got more frequent and lasted longer as I went through the day but the sewing room is clean, reorganized a bit, and is looking good.  I didn’t get to the sorting through the tubs of tops and blocks that I wanted to do to sort out the ones I plan to get rid of but I’ll save that project for another day.  It’s 10 p.m. and two straight days of cleaning – enough already!  Time to go do a bit of knitting.

Before finishing up in the sewing room I did manage to get these two pillowcases sewn – I love the fabrics in them but they are a gift so I don’t get to keep them.

DSCN4297 Here’s two shots of the sewing room.  I’ve still got a view little items on my table that need to be put away but for the most part I’m done – until next time when I mess it up which is never far away.


I took down the smaller design wall that was next to the window in the first photo and hung a quilt back up there.  And took down all the single socks that were hanging above the ironing board.


The second photo shows the buttons on the wall – I just love them.  Course now I’ve made a mess of the living room since I was swapping out some pieces of furniture between sewing room and living room.  Eventually I’ll get everything straightened out in those rooms too.

New hooks to hang some curtains over that window have been ordered so I just need to decide what fabric to make the curtains out of.  Also need to make a new shower curtain as I never really loved the last one I  bought. Time for a bit of a spruce up around here.

I couldn’t resist

I did take a break after dinner in my cleaning – totally distracted by the fabrics I got for the Onsie baby quilt I want to make.  I wanted to see how some of them looked cut out to shape.  So I quickly grabbed the freezer paper and traced the pattern, folded the paper to make multiple copies, cut them out and ironed them on.  In just a few minute I had all of these cut out.  The background fabric will be a white tone on tone.  The top six, were from the fat quarters I bought today; the bottom two came from the stash.

DSCN4280I still need to pick fabrics for four more blocks but I may also replace one of these with something else since I’m not sure I like it.  It should be a fun and quick quilt to make.

Errands complete

Whew – except for that going to the bank thing, finished off my other two errands this afternoon, got back cleared off the sewing table, and now that I’ve loaded the dishwasher, did the laundry, none of that food I bought at the grocery store has hopped into the oven on its own so I think  — hey pizza guy!   My order is placed as my reward – tomorrow I shall cook but not tonight.  While I wait for the pizza – I’ll continue in the sewing room.  Must take advantage of the mood to clean and reorganize when it hits because all to quickly it can disappear. :-)  and I’ve come up with a plan to move one of the tables out of the sewing room back out into my living room so we’ll see if that works.

But – before taking them off the design wall, here’s how far I got working on my PatchKats blocks this past week.

DSCN4276  All my “black kats” are finished!  They look sort of black and white in that photo but here’s the fabric they are actually made from – the flash washed it out so the colors are a bit more vibrant but it reminds me of glass headed sewing pins and hand stitching lines  – which seemed quite perfect for this quilt.




The last photo is when I was putting up Kat heads to decide which one I wanted in which position (necessary to do so I know which way the kat body/tail has to point).  I wanted a photo before I took them all off the wall so I remember which kat fabrics go next to which.


errands errands and more errands – but some fun stuff

I hate having to run errands.  I don’t mind stopping on my way home occasionally  at Walgreens or the grocery store if I’m out of something.  I do that often since I can hop off one bus, both stores are right across the street, and be back in time to catch the next bus 25 minutes or so later.  I had been putting a bunch of errands off so today was the day.  I had to cancel out on a day of sewing with a friend because there’s just too much piling up lately and I haven’t had time to do them (and there is no where for us to work in the sewing room anyway since I have a project spread everywhere — spring cleaning that room is on my list for this weekend — it needs a thorough going over.)

I took off work about a half hour earlier than usual last night (the bosses were gone and it was, for a change, a rather nice day outside, and it was one of those Fridays where you get to the point you just can’t start one more project).  I stopped two places on the way home so actually got home later than normal but that crossed two things off my list of tasks for today.  I was up at 5:30 doing a few things around the apartment, then breakfast, grocery shopping, stop at the quilt shop, stop at Hobby Lobby, even remembered to  buy new bus tickets, but dang –  didn’t remember to go to the bank.  Oh well, the bank was the least pressing errand and will wait until one day next week when I feel like going for a walk on my lunch break.  So, back home and its after lunch time so my morning is gone.  Still two places I need to stop but I may save those for tomorrow.

I did find a few things while out on these errands that I was not looking for but picked up because they were just too fun.

DSCN4275These buttons – they’re not just your little average buttons — they measure about 8″ across!  Part of the incentive to give the sewing room a good spring clean — I’m going to do some redecorating in there.  The smaller design wall will come down (since it’s next to the window and it’s “window opening” season when no matter what I put on that design wall blows off) and will hang a wall hanging or quilt in its place for the time being.  But these buttons will go up on the wall somewhere.  I just love them.


The other item I was not looking for but managed to come home with me…. well remember my line of single socks ..DSCN4128.

Yep that’s them.  I’ve got several other items I’m currently knitting including some other socks (and spring/summer is not really when I knit a lot of socks) so I’m not going to get to the mates of any of these soon (and some I’m not going to make mates for at all) so decided to put a quilt back up on the rack where the socks are clipped (once I figure out where to put all those red ribbons) :-) and the socks will come down.

So when I found this

DSCN4273I simply had to buy it!  The little black clips are attached along the bottom to hang socks on.  I’ll hang the socks I don’t intend to make mates for (most of the colorwork ones that turned out too small) and they’ll have a place to hang where I can still enjoy them even if I can’t wear them.  Haven’t decided yet where I’ll hang this up.

And yes some fabric did come back with me from the quilt shop.  I’m appliquing a baby quilt – the blocks look like “Onesies” and I needed some cute prints for them so I’ll show those later.

Okay – back to work, things to do and places to go.