Knitting finish

I finished my second red project for the All About the Red KAL in the Stitchnerd’s group on ravelry..

This is TVG – super simple knit and great for long striping yarns but I also like the first one I made in solids.


It’s a fun little crescent shaped scarf made in Zauberball in shades of red.   I like the great colors in Zauberball and the long color changes which work so great in scarfs/shawls.  The only thing I’m not crazy about is it’s thick and thin quality.  While for the most part it is consistent there are areas of far too thin and far too thick for my tastes within it.  It’s just the type of yarn it is and it works fine in this project but I originally bought it for socks and decided I couldn’t use it for them.

I also made a bit of progress on my Cracpaca Cowl.


As I was looking at this photo I just realized that the new fleece jacket I ordered is a dark gray so maybe I have to keep this one for myself.

Points of View – A bit of cutting


After this project getting pushed back several times, the Points of View QAL block instructions are now finally available.  I changed the button image to this so you would notice it no longer says “coming soon” but “now available” instead :-)  There is information for three sizes in the quilt instructions, and some images of what it would look like in two additional sizes on the project page where you will find the link to the download.


Actually I also changed the image because I had added a new CD of all batik fabrics to EQ and wanted to play with their color a bit.  I do so love batiks and there are some lovely ones.

So click the button in the sidebar, get the PDF download and go do some stash diving if you want to join me in quilting along on this project.

I did a bit of stitching on some of the pieces I had previously cut out in between writing up instructions yesterday.

So I stitched up the sections for my chain blocks that were cut. and now have a bunch of them done.


I’m trying to decide how big I’ll make this one – which is dependent on how many  different block combinations I can get with the fat quarter bundle I’m using.


There are a good number of fat quarters but many of them read really similar and I’m hoping to use three shades of the same color in each block – maybe – but I may change that plan.

In any event, I need to go press the folds out of those fat quarters (they are being stubborn) and then see which fabrics I want to match up and get a couple more blocks cut.  I’ve got the background pieces cut for several blocks so just need some “pretty” fabrics to go with it.



I absolutely love the look of this.  I absolutely would never piece this…..I think…..kalidacrazyI don’t even what to think about how many fabric pieces are in that drawing. LOL     Perhaps I need to print these images on fabric and then use them in a project like a quilt of mini quilts.

But after a refill of my coffee cup and tossing in another load of laundry, I think I’ll get busy with some actual sewing of quilt pieces.


Electric Quilt Kaleidoscopes

EQ has a flash sale today on their Kaleidoscope software and I decided to get it to add to my software.  Now I generally don’t like paper piecing blocks, but I love intricate kaleidoscope blocks and for me those need to be paper pieced.    As with all EQ products, I think I’m going to have great fun with this software.   I’ve got the day off – and I had hoped to get lots done around here – but I’ve been playing with this and that instead.  I need to turn off the computer now and go accomplish a couple chores but after the five minutes or so it took to download the program, I popped just a couple blocks into a layout just to see how they looked side by side and if any secondary patterns emerged.

Here’s a couple images I was playing with.





The last one reminds me of a Christmas Cactus plant.  Yes I think I’m going to have some fun with this program and drawing some of my own kaleidoscope blocks.


On the Needles – Friday 9/30/16

The end of September already – and it definitely feels like a fall day. Cooler temps (which I love) but dark and overcast.  At least it hasn’t started raining today….. yet.  But an overcast day was what I needed to finally get a decent photo of this shawl which I finished last weekend.20160930_5

It’s Summer Camp by Laura Aylor – the second one I’ve made.  Great for using variegated yarn in and one of those patterns that you can knit until you use up nearly all your yarn.  20160930_4Great tv knitting project.20160930_3

The two yarns in this were purchased in 2012 and 2013 so time I finally brought them out into the light of day.

I just have a couple rows left on the Red TGV shawlette I showed last week before I need to cast off so hopefully will finish that one off as well this weekend.  The red cowl I showed last post  has been gifted to a friend as a birthday present.

I cast on another simple cowl (they make great gifts so good to have a few in reserve) with some new yarn from TLE – Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Crackpaca” – it’s a merino, alpaca and silk blend and called “Crackpaca” because it’s “crack” for knitters — it feels so incredibly soft and I think will make a great feeling cowl.  Although I want to start over on a slightly larger needle for this yarn.


check out what other knitter’s have on their needles a Judy’s On the Needles link up.

Tossed on the Breeze

I was perusing a quilting catalog website and looking at a quilt thinking “I’ve seen that somewhere before.”   Major head smacking with hand was needed – it’s my design.  I forgot about this version of a design I did for Hoffman California Fabrics.  There is one verison of it available on the Hoffman California Fabrics website.  This version is a bit different and was requested by Keepsake Quilting so they could kit it.  I’ve never seen this version made up – only my EQ images I did for them  – but I really like the colors of the batiks in this version.  They have it on sale at the moment.

(No affiliation other than it’s my quilt pattern design.)🙂


On All The Needles…..

Well I really won’t show you what’s on all the needles — I’m not digging out all those projects — but my starting and working on various projects took another step towards insanity this week.   :-)  First off – spoilers at the bottom of this post of Camp Loopy Rewards so if you are going to receive them and want them to be a surprise – don’t read this blog post.🙂

On my Sept 11 blog post I showed a lovely hank of Sanguine Gryffon Traveller yarn which has been in the stash for a long time – wish I had used some of this yarn earlier since it knits up so lovely but is no longer made because I would definitely have added more of it to the stash …. okay probably best I didn’t know.🙂

20160917_18Well here is that yarn all knit up into Let’s Twist.  You have to look at the finished projects on Ravelry to see the great texture this stitch has – red is so hard to photograph and I could not get a close up this morning to turn out.  I knit this in two days and the stitch sequence for each row is easily memorized so although it’s not total “mindless garter stitch tv knitting”  it is still pretty darn easy and kept me wanting to do just one more row.  The actual stitch pattern is called Wickerwork but if you turn it upside down you see little Eifel Towers.  I keep looking at that cowl and thinking I’d love a sweater in that stitch pattern.  I may have to do some swatching with a different yarn and see if it will work.  In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I love this design and highly recommend it – no cables – just some twisted stitches.  And it turned out a perfect length.  I don’t like cowls that fit too closely around my neck (okay they would be warmer that way but it bugs me) nor do I want them hanging down too far and getting in the way – I didn’t cast on the number of stitches in the pattern, nor did I use the suggested needle size (since I knit a bit loosely) but it turned out perfect.  Okay – enough about this cowl…. moving on…

In last week’s On the Needles – I showed the yarn I wanted to use for the DaVinci Cowl to get the colors to stack into columns.  Here’s how that is looking — after two false starts (due to operator error) I found the “code” for this yarn and my gauge and am getting them to stack.  With all the short color runs in this yarn it looks different from the types of yarns the original cowl pattern is shown in but I can’t wait to see how it really looks all finished.  It’s a very easy knit after you “crack the code” for a specific yarn to get the stacking right.

20160917_25It reminds me of scribbling back and forth with a crayon.

After I finished the red cowl above for the Stitchnerd’s Ravelry Group “It’s All About the Red” KAL, I decided I’d start another red project since the KAL runs for a while.  I knew I had a ball of Zauberball that was very long color changing yarn all in different shades of red.  And I actually knew which plastic storage container it was in so that’s half the battle.

So Thursday night after casting off my cowl, I cast on a new TGV.  I had made one in the past but gave it away.  This is definitely a super simple project and is my current bus riding project.  Here’s the progress on that.

20160917_1 When you get half-way through your ball of yarn you start the ruffle (and increase a whole lot of stitches) and I’m nearly to that point.

Then as I was knitting on this project I spied my Stained Glass Cowl — still pinned to the blocker board where I had pinned it last week to take a progress photo.  That project had not gotten any love this week so I grabbed that last night and got a couple more rows added to it – I like the zig-zag section starting to appear at the top.



Now as to those Camp Loopy Rewards — they arrived this week.    If you successfully finished all your projects you get a reward after your camp projects have been approved.

This year the Camp reward was a hank of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock.  There were three different colorways dyed exclusively to TLE for this to choose from and since I’m currently into speckled yarn, I chose Color in the Clouds.

20160917_4Not sure what this will become but it reminds me of the Angel Food confetti cake I always requested as my birthday cake for Mom to make.🙂


The fabric camp reward is a yard of fabric printed with this years pirate logo and a pencil with a bow tie quilt printed on it (don’t tell anyone that I have a fettish for pens and pencils printed with quilty things).




I haven’t measured the fabric logos but I think they must be about 10″ or so and I think some fussy cutting of them and combining them with the fabric rewards for the past two years of fabric camp (safari themed and the other is printed with Loopy – TLE mascot) to make a lap quilt to keep me warm when sitting and knitting the winter away is a good plan.  But that’s a plan for another day.

Tester blocks

I’m not making much progress on anything today – I keep jumping from project to project.  Apparently with my knitting I must start things three times if they are cowls.  Yesterday I started my DaVinci color stacking cowl and the first time didn’t get the repeat right.  Re-did it and still messed it up.  I think this time I may have resolved the issue but only time (and a few more rows of knitting) will tell.

I was going to make some quilt binding – which I was going to make yesterday — binding still isn’t done but I did cut out and do some test sewing on the blocks for Points of View.  I’ve got one of each type of block made – star, alternate chain, setting triangles and corner.  Now I have to go back and see if I really have enough of the brown tone on tone print and background I pulled out of the stash to make all my blocks.  Very simple sewing on these.


As I was looking for something else I also came across the yarn I wanted to use for a Stitchnerd pattern  “It’s All About the Red” KAL.  I really like her patterns and the KAL rules are any of her patterns knit in red yarn.20160911_3  Since I had plans to make a red cowl to put in the gifting pile for Christmas, it works out great.  And yes, even I realize I am working on way too many projects all at once!  LOL — never a dull moment

A bit of EQ time

I walked into the sewing room an hour – well probably 2 hrs ago – to see if I could find any leftovers for my quilt I quilted last weekend to make the binding our of and get that sewn on.  But turned on the computer instead and opened Electric Quilt and… far no binding made but I had a couple ideas for new quilt designs to play with some more.

I’m not sure where I’m going with these – if any where – but it’s an idea I’ve been playing with.   I started out diamond1.JPGwith this drawing and then thought what if I put more of this overall design next to each other and ended up with this.     beaded

A single  vertical section of this larger one would make an interesting table runner I think.

On the Needles – 9-10-16

Goodness – September 10th already.  I’m not sure where August went but it went quickly for me.   But this morning, when I could finally open the door and open a window (even tho it’s raining AGAIN!) we have gone from very warm and extremely humid, to a currently 63 degrees and supposed to stay in the 70s all week.  My perfect weather – 60’s to 70’s – I’d like another three months of that please…. tho we know that won’t happen.

Here’s where I am so far on the Stained Glass Cowl.20160910_2

Finally – the third try was the charm — I’m happy with the number of repeats and finally am a few rows beyond the spot where I kept ripping out and restarting.    I’m trying to do a couple rows each night and then I switch back to my sweater where I don’t have to pay much attention.

Here’s how far I am on Staring at Stars.  I spread the bottom of it out on two long needles so I could try it on. 20160910_5  Note to self – if you slid half the stitches onto a smaller needle size, the needle can slide out of said stitches as you are trying it on.  I’m a few rows beyond the spot in the pattern where you switch to the pattern stitch for the wide bottom band of the sweater.  I think I still need to make it longer but will I have enough yarn if I do that?  I recently added a new ball of yarn so I’m waiting to see how far I get with that ball to figure out how many rows I can get from each one.  If I don’t have enough of this color, I do have leftovers of the same yarn iin a different color that I could use to make sort of a color block look – but I would want to spread the second color around a bit – use it for the bottom patterned section – add a couple stripes of it before the sleeve cuffs and then use it for cuffs and neck/front bands.  So far whenever I thought I’d run out of yarn, I never had but I don’t want to get “nearly” done and run short.  I also need to see if I can find this color – it was discontinued on one website but maybe I can find more … just in case.

Speaking of more yarn…..🙂


I had to have this – I jut love the color splotches among the white – and it will also be for my September TLE Mixer project where you have to use yarn with your school colors in  it.  My current plan for this is to see if I can get it to pool the way I want and will be making the DaVinci Cowl.  I love this designers stacked/pooling designs so just may have to work my way through all of them.

Time to get out of my jammies because that breeze wafting in the window is a bit chilly – I love it – nothing better than jeans and sweatshirt weather.   Although I really don’t need to start a new project today (or for the next two months or more), it’s a dreary day, and I’ve nearly finished my “bus ride knitting project” (with two days stuck in traffic on the way home and extra knitting time sitting on the bus) so I think the DaVinci Cowl will be my next bus ride project so I really should cast on and figure out the “code” for the repeat in my yarn.   Now doesn’t this sound like the perfect dreary, rainy, cool Saturday project – while popping in the DVD and rewatching the DaVinci Code movie no less.   Bring on the popcorn!