January 27, 2018

Goodness, I can’t believe that it’s already nearly the end of January.   Does that mean I really should take this down?


I was going to do it this weekend but won’t get to it.  It’s sitting in a corner out of the way and it’s only been up a couple days over a month which I figure is fine – many people have them up that long — they just normally have them up that long BEFORE Christmas.  I get to enjoy mine after all the busy-ness of the end of the year.

Thursday morning as I was grabbing my boots to head out the door to the bus stop, I turned around, kicked the ottoman, and  broke/mangled two toes.   So that’s why the tree won’t get down today or any of the other cleaning done.  I plan to sit with my foot up, knit and binge watch some Dr.Who on Prime.  I love to watch Dr. Who and have been watching all the series on Prime from the very beginning (first doctor).  I’ve seen various episodes over the years, but I like the “classic” ones best (the older series – cause you know I like those special effects/blooper effects of the day – feet sticking out under costumes and all those things that make the special effects of old not look so special today).  I’ve just made it up to the regeneration into the fifth Doctor which is one I don’t think I’ve seen any of the episodes of.  There are 27 seasons on Prime of the classic, each season having around 25 episodes — yes I think that will keep me entertained or a while.  So if you’re not a Dr. Who fan (I hear there may be some people who aren’t) 😉  that’s now more than you ever wished to know about Dr. Who.

On to knitting things – I finished off my second Simple Yet Effective cowl so now have both cowls knit for a quarterly KAL – just need to block and weave ends.  Less than 2 yards to spare.


I like the feel of this Yaksi yarn  which I had been wanting to try.  It feels nice to knit with, has great  stitch definition, and will be a warm, soft, cozy cowl.  It’s great for a little accessory and I’ve satisfied my wanting to see what the yarn was like – the cost is a bit high so I likely wouldn’t use it again since there are other soft, cozy yarns I like and are less expensive.


Progress on my Toph Hat for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge.  I think I just have one more repeat of the chart left to go.  And as I look at this photo and the one of the cowl, I think they may become a set.  The colors in the hat above are washed out by the bright light outside (yes the sun is shining!) but the colors really do go nicely together.

More stripes have been added on DaPunzel  Tuch – and more stripes will be added.


And the yarn arrived for the Fade project I’m going to do for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge tho I’m rethinking the pattern.  I was going to do What the Fade – but that’s a triangular shawl and I had to remind myself I don’t like wearing that shap shawl.


Here’s the actual yarn that has arrived.   And I now plan to use the pattern Shifts – long, rectangular -a much more wearable shape for me.  Check out the pattern for a simple “fade/color melting” look and the pattern is free.   I don’t plan to wind all the separate balls of yarn like the pattern calls for, I’ll just end one of the two colors and start a new one at random when I feel like it.   Fingering held doubled should knit up fairly fast -looking forward to trying this different fading/melting technique.


Free Your Fade

Since I finished the other “fade” type shawl, I’ve been plotting a second one.   I decided I’ll use the Free Your Fade pattern which can be found on Ravelry.  Another long skinny type shawl.

This one will be in fingering weight yarn and I’ll be using these Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock yarns.

free your fade.JPG

I have wanted to make something with the Beach Glass (third one from left) ever since I saw that color combination in one hank.   From left to right they are Falcons Eye, Bubble Guppies, Beach Glass and Funfetti.   Clearly the spring-like colors call to me on this gray day when it has been raining and dark all day long (which probably means icy sidewalks tomorrow since the temps are dropping).  I can’t wait to get started on this but I need to get busy on my Toph hat first.

The hat is my first Great Loopy Knitting Challenge project so I’m making myself finish that first before I start on this second Knitting Challenge project — really I am.   Have I mentioned how much I like the project planner pages at TLE website – it makes it so much easier to plan projects, especially fades, if you can line the yarns up all next to each other to get a good look.

Must work on hat……..

“Spinners” is a Cover Girl

I was just thinking the other day about one of my quilt designs submitted to Quiltmaker at the beginning of last year that hadn’t been published yet and it should be coming out soon….. and when I went to my mailbox there it was…. and its on the cover so that is extra exciting.


It’s a really easy pattern to sew (not that I’ve done one yet) but you just need to pay attention to block placement.


No – that red line all over the right side is not in the magazine but I can’t be showing you the images/directions of how to make it now can I because there are lots of cute quilts in the issue so you will want to go buy one or buy the electronic version.

But that red line – I’ve had Paint Shop Pro for more years than I can remember and absolutely am not a Pro and don’t use many of the features it contains but I found that and if you don’t do it as scribbly as I did, it looks like a strand of yarn laid out there – just what I need right?

The fabrics for the McKenzie Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts arrived.  All tied up win their Loopy Ewe ribbon – they package their stuff so nicely when they send it out.


Love the bird prints (those are for the lining/inside pocket.  The putty colored abric on the bottom is the outside of the bag and the four houndstooth checked  are felted wool which will be used as appliques on my bag or pockets, or little zippered pouch for inside or sunglass case or….. I don’t know for sure how I’ll incorporate them but the colors are fun.  I may buttonhole applique a bird on the outside – who knows.  Felted wool doesn’t ravel so it’s great for buttonhole applique.  And in my mailbox today I found the copper colored grommets I ordered from somewhere else (’cause TLE doesn’t carry grommets) and I think the cooper color will be great with the main fabric.

I need to go through the pattern and figure out where and how I want to use some of the fabrics and I want to see if I have enough fabric to felt the main wool first or use it as is.





It’s Finished!

Okay this is probably the last time you’ll see this shawl — aren’t you glad since it’s been in every blog post since I started it but I totally love this shawl.

It was worn to work yesterday and the photo below taken indoors – a quick snap before I headed out to work – is actually more the true colors (it’s a bright sunshiney, snow reflecting day this morning when I took the above photos).



The basic pattern is Linus which is free.  It’s a great long, skinney shawl/scarf which is my favorite shape to wear.  I followed the basic pattern but then “faded in/melted in” four different yarn colors.  I haven’t figured out yardage used – I just worked with each color until I decided to switch or knew I was getting close to running out.    It ended up being about 99″ long and  18″ wide at the widet part of the asymetrical point.

Other than this being my favorite shape shawl, there is also a eyelet increase edging along the top  (if you look in the photo above you can see dark sort of spots along the solid purple section hanging down on it’s left edge – those are the eyelets that run all along the top edge and make the neatest cleanest look of any shawl increase I have ever done.  I may substitute that into other shawl patterns.  And of course I love squishy garter stitch shawls – great to wear, easy to knit, and great portable project you can easily pick up and put down.

So last night I cast on  DaPunzel Tuch.  This is going to be another quick in knit.  It would be a great way to use up those leftover sock yarns since the colored stripes take so little yarn.

This is how at I got last night.


And here is sort of what it will look like when the braiding of the loops is done.


That  edging is so cool.  I’m already plotting to try to that that edging to the sleeves of a sweater I want to make.

My fabrics/pattern arrived for the wool purse I want to make but I’ll save those for later.  The dryer is beeping at me to come tend to it……



More Plotting and Planning

First – obligatory photo of shawl you’ve seen in any blog posts already but I added in the third color last night and it “melted” in very nicely with the 2nd color so I’m so happy with it.


I’ve been plotting my Great Loopy Knitting/Sewing Challenge projects and materials for them.

My current plan is to finish two Sewing Challenge projects.  One is the wallhanging I’m making to include all my badges and buttons from various knitting/sewing events and challenges.

The second will be a new purse/bag for me for the Technical Challenge “All in the Bag.”

The outside of it will be wool., the inside cotton fabrics.  The pattern is the MacKenzie Bag.  Grommets for the straps to go through are also on order.


The putty colored wool will be the main outside fabric.  The houndstooth checks are felted wool pieces and I will use those for maybe an outside pocket I plan to add and perhaps some appliques added to the outside.  The two bird prints are for the lining and inside pockets.  I think this will be a fun project to work on and I so need a new purse.

Aren’t those houndstooth wools pretty colors.  I could see using some leftovers to make this Easter Egg pattern I found on line at Martha Stewart.  And now that I’ve stuck the link here maybe I’ll remember to make a few small ones since I should have scraps left over.

I also pulled the yarn for one of the two Loopy Knitting Challenge projects – the Newly Noted challenge which requires a pattern published in 2017 or 2018.  I plan to make another Toph hat  – this is the one I made last year for a hat KAL


Toph S11-15-17 – F11-28-17


I found in the stash (yep from the stash not newly purchased!)  some Crackpaca in a color called Muddy Rainbow, and some Baa Ram Ew Dovestone in a color called Bramley Baths.


Looking forward to making another one of these hats since I so enjoyed making the first one.

Saturday 1-13-18

You’ll get tired of seeing this shawl before I finish it but I love the colors so much – here’s a day light shot that shows the colors better.


The two hanks in the middle are the ones I ordered “hoping” once of them would go well with this project.  They both would work equally well.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to use both of them – I want this shawl super long (it’s a long and fairly skinny shape – which is the shape of shawl I love and wear the most) but there is a limit as to how long.  But will have to see as I go along whether I use just one of them or both of them.

And here’s the progress shot of my Vine Ripened Red Yaski, Simple Yet Effective cowl pattern.


The zipper of my bag I carry my knitting in has gotten ruined and keeps snagging my yarn so I decided I really need to make a simple project bag or two to throw my projects I that I work on during my bus rides, etc.  Now we both know I have plenty of fabric in my sewing room to choose from to make some bags.  HOWEVER…. I am on the “Herknit” Crabs team in the Yarnathon so I really do NEED a hermit crab bag.  And I found a couple other “knitting” looking fabrics I could not pass up because how fun to have a knitting project bag out of knitting stitch printed fabric.   It’s my first time ordering through Spoonflower but I have heard good things about it.  These are the fabrics I ordered.


The hermit crab print and brown cable print will probably be used together for one bag.  The bottom two a separate bag or maybe mixed with some other prints.  I also want to include some squares of the two knit print ones in the wallhanging I’m making to hang all my Yarnathon, Camp Loopy, etc. buttons and badges on.

Knitting progress

I started on the cowl in the Vine Ripened Red yarn I showed in the previous blog post but haven’t taken a photo of it – its only about 2″ wide at this point.   I’ve been mostly working on the Linus shawl.   This shawl will earn several badges, once its done, for the Yarnathon.

Since the last photo,


I have gotten a lot done on this.  It is probably only about 12″ long on the top long edge in this first photo.

Last night I added in the second color of yarn.  Originally I was going to use just two different yarn colors but then I realized if I added in a third color, it would qualify for my “fade” project badge too.

My first color was Hollyhock – fairly solid colored purple.  My second color is a variegated called Anniversario.

20180112_2It has some of the same purples in it as the Hollyhock so it matches rather well when knit together.

I wanted to use the same kind of yarn, Malabrigo Dos Tierros which is a DK weight merino and alpaca blend.  I love the feel of it and the texture is a bit different so another brand of yarn would not have looked very good.  So of course I had to order a third color since I don’t have any other colors of it.

There are several Malabrigo colors – multicolored yarns – that vary greatly from hank to hank – just the nature of this hand dyed yarn.  The Anniversario above is one that varies. So the color in a photo when shopping on line, may not be truly representative of every single hank.  Knowing this, I took a gamble and ordered two different multicolored hanks hoping to get one of them to work for this project, and I put a note on my order asking that if there were any with more dark purple in them, those were what I was looking for.   They arrived today – I haven’t taken a photo yet – but I think either one will work – I just need to take a closer look at them in broad daylight.

So here is where I am at tonight – the long edge which was 12″ in the above photo is now about 45″ long.   And the colors faded perfectly together to make the transition from one to the next so I’m really pleased with it.  Hopefully a third color will blend equally well.


Brrr…. I can feel the cold emanating through the floor as I’m sitting at the computer.  50 degrees yesterday – 10 today!  That’s just very mean of Mother Nature.  So tonight’s plan, a big bowl of popcorn, flannel jammies and quilt for the couch, more binge watching of Dr. Who (I’m up to the appearance of the 4th doctor) and more knitting on this.  I live such exciting Friday nights!  But in my opinion it’s a perfect way to start the weekend.

Knitting Notes – Sunday 1-7-18

My first 2018 Yarnathon project is finished.   It’s never too late to join in the Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon – it’s just started and you can participate as much or as little as you like; make one project – make all the projects – or somewhere in between.  You follow your way along a map that has store credits and other prizes when you reach certain levels.  You get scratchy tickets in your order that may also win you things.  Customer service is great also.  You can find the information about the Yarnathon at eatsleepknit.com and more discussions and teams in the Eat Sleep Knit Ravelry group.

The first project I finished is the Simple Yet Effective Cowl in Mad Tosh DK and the colorway is Outlander.


It needs a little bit of a steam block but I’ll wait until the second one is done. This one will go in my gifting pile I think.  It is the larger of the two sizes on the pattern.

Once I get the second cowl done I will be able to earn multiple badges for submitting both of them to the Yarnathon page.  The pattern is a Tin Can Knit pattern  and we can use any TCK patter for the  1st QKAL – so my quarterly project will be covered.  Plus it will also qualify for “Speedy Crafter” (since I finished the first cowl within a week of starting it) and  “Cowl Me Maybe” (badge for making a cowl).



The second cowl one will be the smaller size (and perhaps a bit taller) and will be a gift to me! 🙂  (and it will earn a bonus star for my QKAL).  Stars are good and go towards team totals.  The second cowl will be made out of BMFA Yaksi – a blend of wool, silk and of course….. Yak.  It’s supposed to be lovely to knit with but I’ve never tried it before so will be interested to see.  It will be in this lovely color called Vine Ripened Red.

But I decided to work on something different before starting the second cowl.

I’m going to be making Linus as my CopyCat Badge project (copycat meaning you make a project from a pattern that one of the ESK Ravelery group moderators has made).  This is the project that  I favorited long ago and actually bought the yarn for early last year.   (If you are not a Ravelry member the second link will likely not work or you since it’s to someone’s project page and not the main pattern page.)(


I’ll be using Malabrigo Dos Tierros (sport weight) in Hollyhock (solid and Anniversario.  It will sort of fade from the solid color into the multicolor.

This is a super simple shawl pattern.  There are just two rows to alternate (which give you the shaping edges) so great project to take on the go – it will be my bus knitting.

I wound one of the hanks last night (which is why one hollyhock is missing from the photo) and got a bit of a start on it.  The top edge and side edge are finished in a way different than other shawls I have made and I really how they are done.


But before I get back to knitting, there’s a spinach and bacon quiche to make and some laundry to fold but then an afternoon of movie watching and knitting under a cozy quilt – I just can seem to get warm today even tho it’s actually warmer outside than it has been.  Once I turn the oven on tho that should solve the problem since it really warms things up.


It’s getting monotonous!…

What you ask is getting monotonous?  This dang weather – since Christmas Day it as been in the single digits or below.  This coming week it’s supposed to warm up (double digits – wahhoooooo) 😉  but I  bundled up about an hour ago to go get the mail and take garbage out and despite the fact that the sun was shining brightly and there was a bright blue sky – it was frigid.  And now – the sun has set so it’s dark and frigid. Oh well….

My trip to the mailbox resulted in some fun goodies tho.


The bag of badges I had earned for projects made in the 2017 Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon.  I think there is 56 or so badges in that bag – of course one project could earn multiple badges depending on what it was.   Now I do need to get stitching on the PB&J Quilt so I can pin these on it  along with all the other pins I have for other things I’ve been involved in.

And since I’m on team Herknit Crabs for this years Yarnathon, I couldn’t resist getting some new hermit crab stitchmarkers.


And the last few days my mailman as been busy delivering things to my door.  My two orders from Miss Babs gratitude sale at Christmas finally arrived earlier this week and my Under the Sea yarnathon yarns also arrived.


These are my Miss Babs the be below yarn is the yarnathon yarn – Ariel Sparkle and Sea Witch.  If you’ve seen Disney’s Little Mermaid you can probably figure out which is which. 🙂

Hmmm in looking at the two photos above I seem to be in a aqua and purple frame of mind at the moment.

Progress has been made on my first QKAL project – I just might be able to finish this tonight.


Great Loopy Sewing and Knitting Challenges

The new season of The Loopy Ewe’s Great Sewing and Knitting Challenges has been announced (playing on the various levels of challenges in the Great British Baking Show).  You can find all info at the link to the blog on today’s blog post there.  I don’t know that I’ll do any of the sewing/quilting challenges – I have other projects I want to sew on that won’t fit the criteria.

But I do know I’ll be making at least one knitting challenge project – the Gardens of Giverny wrap has been on my list to make after the first of the year.  I have two different yarns in the stash for the multicolored sections and ordered some plain black (which will go with either option).  I’m really looking forward to working on this project.

I did get to a bit of cutting and sewing today on the PMJ wall hanging – nearly all the squares are cut and the 4 patches made.


I think I’m going to take out the fussy cut TLE Camp fabric pieces.  The pirate ship ones are too large a print so I have to cut it in sections and the Safari ones aren’t working real well either.  I think I’ll just use a plain fabric for those sections since they will have some large buttons pinned over them anyway.  Need to finish cutting the background sections and then lay out the rest of the colored squares and 9 patches to see if I need to switch any colors around.