Sewing progress this day


Remember this wall hanging I started finishing when I was on vacation – well I managed to wander into the sewing room between loads of laundry, cleaning the kitchen and other tidying. (why are there so many cardboard boxes I need to break down for the recycling dumpster? – oh yeah, I ordered a few things on the door buster sales online the day after Christmas) 🙂  Any way, after sorting through the boxes to get rid of, I managed to get the four alternate fabric  block quilted and the  border too.   I had previously outline quilted the wine glasses.    I trimmed down the border jut a bit so it’s not quite so wide.  A green binding was made and added so I just need to hand sew it down this evening.

So quite possibly I may have another finished object to report the yardage on for tomorrow’s state of the stash report.

As the sun set, my sewing room has gotten decidedly colder – the wind is blowing at this side of the apt.  Time to move to the other rooms where it stays warmer.  But darn – now that it’s supper time I  realize I never made the pot of French onion soup I had panned to make this afternoon – it would be tasty about now.  Perhaps tomorrow.



On the Needles (and the Loom ) 1-7-17

I may have to knit much faster – the temperatures have been below zero all week and with the wind chills (the winds were horrible until yesterday) -20 to -30 below so my waiting at the top of the hill with no wind break for the bus to come — that was so not fun.  But some of those big shawls wrapped around my shoulders and neck over my coat did come in handy.  wigglewrap

A co-worker knew it was bad yesterday when I walked into work and to my desk with my long wiggle wrap (one of my favorite wraps that I get tons of compliments on from strangers whenever I wear it) wrapped even more time around my neck and shoulders and wearing….. gasp! …. a HAT!  I never wear a hat, I hate wearing hats.  I will wrap part of a scarf over my head if desperate but this was beyond desperate.  Of course I had amazing standout straight static hair for the rest of the day but that’s just entertainment for my coworkers on a quite Friday afternoon to see which way parts of it might stand out. 🙂   In other words – it’s too damn cold around here.  (But is supposed to warm up a bit in a few days.)20170107_2

The scarf I have on the loom is getting close to being done I think.  I can’t tell how much warp I have wrapped around the back beam but I’m at least 3/4s done I think. I haven’t had the loom out much lately and I’m always surprised by how quickly you can weave up a scarf.   Blurry photo but I had to open the front door to let some natural light in so I could get a somewhat true color photo of the yarn.  I wasn’t going to waste time snapping multiple photos.

I’m already planning my next project – to weave some fabric and then turn it into a tote bag.

I’m making great progress on my ESK 1st Quarter KAL project.


I’ve only got two more repeats of the plain stockinette and twisted textured stitches to do.  I’m going to add a few extra rows to the final section to use up the most of my yarn.  This will just be a small neck scarf – not really a shawl – but what a great pop of color to add to a dark sweater or blouse.  It’s a fun and easy knit – about the time I get bored with stockinette you switch to the twists and vice versa so it keeps it moving along.  I love this look of the two stitch patterns so much I’m contemplating using them in a sweater at some future point.

I have fallen in love with a new large shawl pattern.   Part of it is the stunning color combination the designer put together – isn’t this gorgeous.  Find your Fade.  I was unable to get it out of my mind and then when TLE put up a bunch of project pages showing possible yarn groupings for it, I decided I had to make it but I’m going stash diving to see what combination I can come up with.  I want to finish my ESK KAL shawl first  but am looking forward to starting on this one.  Yes – I know it’s the “year of finishing things up” but I never said I wouldn’t start new projects.

The yarn I hard ordered at Miss Babs Gratitude Sale before the end of the year would be so perfect for  that shawl (colorwise) but alas it’s a heavier weight yarn and I don’t have enough of it anyway.  But check out these gorgeous colors.


From left to right they are Muslin, Petrified Forest, Pink Lemonade, Candy Apple.  Yes, I think my aversion to pinks is letting up a little. 😉   I’m actually thinking about using these on the loom and blending them sort of the way the shawl meshes the colors together to see what I come up with.




Dark Cherry Pie Cowl

My last monthly mixer knitting project for TLE is done.  For December the pattern or yarn or designer’s name — something had to be connected to the letter “D”.  Well I knew I wanted to use some Malabrigo Mecha bulky yarn in Jupiter color I had in the stash (no “D” connection there).  I looked for patterns but nothing said “make me” that had any “D” connection so I decided I’d just make up my own pattern.

As I’ve said before I love the pie crust lattice stitch pattern I’m using on a sweater I’m making and that stitch pattern in a bulky yarn would make a lovely squishy cowl.

So “Dark Cherry Pie Cowl” was born.


I love the at it turned out – the image above is pretty true to color.  The image below shows the stitch pattern better but not the correct color.   My first project off the needles in 2017.


Of course all this productivity will now be slowed down.  My vacation is over and back to work but it’s been a very nice relaxing time off.

Now I need to cast on my ESK Quarterly KAL shawl so I have something to knit on the bus tomorrow morning.

Bat Shit Crazy

That’s the name of the Miss Bab’s yarn I’m using for the scarf I’m weaving.  It has all kinds of colors in it.


I finished warping up the loom this afternoon and have probably about a foot of weaving done.


The photo I just took doesn’t do the colors justice since it’s taken inside at night but I like the fabric it’s making.


On the design wall

My first finish for 2017 is off the design wall and I finished the binding last night.

Hillside Houses was a free Craftsy pattern.  I only made half the houses as part of a Monthly Mixer project for The Loopy Ewe.  The original pattern is about twice as long as the one I made.


The breeze was blowing as I took this photo outside this morning so the side edges don’t look like they are hanging straight but they do.  It was too cold to wait for the breeze to cooperate so I didn’t wait to get a better photo. 🙂

The back is kind of fun too since I matched top thread and bobbin thread to each individual house.  You can see a bit of the different colored stitching on the back (along with a few pieces of dead leaves since I dropped it on the ground and didn’t notice them until I was looking at the photo.


On the design wall is the wine glasses.  I have the blocks quilted in the ditch where the join each other and meet the border to stabilize them.  I have also outline quilted 1/4″ around the wine glass shapes.  I think a simple meaner in the alternating blocks of cork and corkscrew fabrics and border.  I may trim down the border just a bit once it’s all quilted.  I should have this ready to bind today.


Last day of my vacation today  – with all the various cleaning I’ve done this week, I have now managed to mess things up again but today is all about quilting, knitting, starting on my weaving project and maybe a bit of baking.  It’s cold and dark and gray outside so a good day to hibernate inside.   Altho I think I do need to make a trip to the end of the complex to my mailbox since there’s probably yarn in my mailbox from Miss Bab’s gratitude sale that has arrived.





That yarn I posted yesterday  for my ESK KAL quarterly project — yep that is not going to happen.  I looked at the other upcoming KALs and since I hoping to do all of them from stash, it was better to hold that silk content yarn for the second KAL which requires you to use a “summery” content yarn.  So the Mini Maiden will qualify for that.  And actually I could use the same pattern if I want for that one too.

So back to the container where I thought most of the yarn was from ESK.  I decided I wanted to do the Targetty pattern instead. Simple little top down scarf to add a pop of color to any outfit.  So after consulting my past orders with ESK, one of my favorite colors Candlewick – qualified.


So let the yarn winding commence.

Artistic Overdrive

How many different projects have my hands touched today (just call me Magpie — talk about being distracted by shiney objects). 🙂

I did a bit of binding stitching on the Hillside houses.  That is a wall hanging that is for one of my TLE Mixer projects – plus it means just getting a WIP finished.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the finished project to show.

Then there was  that brainstorm yesterday that I really wanted to finish my December knitting mixer for TLE (even if I hadn’t started it yet).  The theme for that challenge is the letter “D” for December.  You can use a “DK” yarn, pattern name or color name or designer name that starts with D – it’s a pretty loose interpretation.  I knew what yarn I really wanted to use – a bulky weight in a gorgeous red called Jupiter (no “D”) there.  I couldn’t really find a pattern that I wanted to use it for but then I thought of the pie crust lattice stitch I’m using on my CF sweater – I absolutely love that stitch and it would be so squish and pretty in a bulky yarn but no “D” involved in  that either.  But if I make up my own pattern I can call it whatever I like!   So  “Dark Cherry Pie Cowl” pattern was born.


The color is a bit darker and richer looking but I started on this last night and made great progress (especially considering all the other things I got distracted with).  And it’s much quicker to do in the round rather than flat like on my sweater.

Then there was the brilliant idea to get something on the loom.  I didn’t take a photo but I did get it partially warped with the Old Gold yarn.  I’ve got all the slots filled and just need to go back and do the holes and tie it all off and I’ll be ready to start.  I think I’ll save that until tomorrow to do.

Then Judy the enabler  (you know who she is) 🙂  was talking about the ESK 2017 Yarnathon.  I had forgotten they would be starting a new one.  I hadn’t participated much last year (other than ordering some yarn) because the projects didn’t interest me but I checked out this year’s quarterly projects.  The first one is knitting a Melanie Berg design – I love many of her shawls.  I have the On the Spice Market but the yarn didn’t come from ESK so first I had to go and look at my past orders from ESK to see if I had purchased any yarn that would work for a shawl I wanted to make.  A lot of my yarn from ESK was just single hanks of Bugga and other sock yarn but I have some oh so soft Hand Maiden Mini Maiden I had gotten from ESK in the stash.


I’m interested in setting how it knits up because of the shading in it.  Did I mention how soft it is?  It’s 50% wool / 50%silk and I’m going to use it to make You’re Beautiful.   The designer has so many lovely striped or multicolor shawls but after making a couple of striped shawls by various designers I realized most of my tops are prints and there’s only so may things I can wear multicolored/striped shawls with.  So I think this one will be a great addition to the wardrobe since it should read as a solid.

As I was looking through my yarn orders to see what might work for the other quarter ESK projects – one of them is a sweater and the red yarn I recently swatched for a sweater is from ESK so I’ll be waiting before starting a sweater out of that.  I may be able to do all  – or maybe all but one – from stash yarn.

Now to do a bit of machine quilting on the wine glass wallhanging.




Another Giveaway

I won a free pattern code from the Indie Designer Gift-A-Long on Ravelry but I didn’t really see any patterns that I really had to have and part of my 2017 knitting plan is to use the many patterns I already have and not accumulate more — trust me I have plenty to choose from.  Since we can pass the code along to someone else to use, I’m going to pass it on to some lucky person who wants it and will use it.

You must have a Ravelry account to use the code (Ravelry accounts are free and they do not send you emails so you don’t have to worry about that like some free accounts you sign up for  from yarn manufacture/pattern sites where they send you emails at least once a week or more  – which I find very annoying.)

Check out the patterns available by Miranda Jollie which can be found at this link on Ravelry.   She has many patterns that say there were published in magazines – those are not available for purchase .  When you click on the project image, it will open the project page for it and on that page it will say if it is available for purchase and have a purchase price.  Only the available for purchase patterns will of course use the code.

So if you wish to enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post with the name of the specific pattern(s) you’d like to make and I’ll pick a winner to get the coupon code on Friday so you’ve got nearly a week to peruse patterns. 🙂




Starting the New Year out right — do ALL the stuff

And by doing “all the stuff” I mean all the stuff I love – knitting, quilting, and weaving.  I have been wanting to get a new project on my 15″ Cricket loom for a month or more but was busy with other stuff.  I had the yarn picked out I wanted to use and when I moved the furniture around in the living room (and the loom which hides behind my couch when not in use) I thought I really need to get that warped up.   And then yesterday, when leaning out a box of stuff that had accumulated in the sewing room, I found the Video for warping the loom.   Clearly it was a sign that I need to get that weaving project going.  I always have to watch the first few minutes of the video because I instinctively want to set things up backwards — not good. LOL

Here’s the yarn I will be using.  I think they will play nicely together.

20170101_5Both yarns are Miss Babs Yowza (worsted weight).  The Old Gold is left over from a sweater I made and the multicolored is Bat Shit Crazy.

I also started the New Year out lazy – I slept in – I never do that.   All this time I’ve been on vacation I’ve actually be up earlier than my alarm is set for work — much to do and fun to have.  This morning I lounged I bed until 9 a.m. – I was awake earlier but was snuggly warm and watching another marathon of old shows I’ve never seen before – Our Miss Brooks. It’s now nearly lunch time and I haven’t had breakfast so I think I’ll go pop into the weaving video for a refresher while I mix up some biscuits because I think I will have breakfast for lunch today.

Food, more coffee, and then I think I will get the wine glass wall hanging quilted.  If memory serves me right I think there’s a second wine glass wall hanging in the tops stash waiting to be quilted too.  May have to see if I can find that.

CustomFit Giveaway Winner

The random number generator has spoken for this giveaway of a credit code to generate your own CustomFit sweater pattern –

And the winner is


lucky number four  which means the lucky person is

Amy (Waunaknit)

I’m currently knitting a Timber cardigan. I keep looking at CustomFit but haven’t actually pulled the trigger and made my own pattern yet. Happy New Year!

A fellow Wisconsonite (so I know she needs sweaters) LOL and prolific knitter.  Amy, I’ll send you an email later today or tomorrow through Ravelry to give you the code you will need for a free pattern.  Congratulations!