Fresh from the oven….

While awaiting my grocery store delivery this morning, I realized I had not included any bread on the shopping list or rolls/buns for the beer brat patties I had ordered.  Hmmm.. I had just been looking at the latest King Arthur Flour catalog I had gotten and decided – yep, need to do some baking.  There’s only one recipe I’ve tried that I didn’t care for – it was a cake and to me lacked flavor – but their bread recipies – now that’s a different story.

All of the bread recipies I’ve tried have been delicious.  I especially like the no-knead kind that I can mix up one day, let sit on the counter over night, and bake the next morning.

So first I mixed up some No-Knead Cheese  Burger Buns.   They have the “cheese” baked right into the dough.   I also threw in a handful of the Harvest Grain mix seeds.


They look and smell yummy.

I also mixed up one of my favorites, No-Knead Harvest Grains Bread.  I did change the recipe just a bit since there’s supposed to be some wheat flour and I didn’t have any but added in some rye flour instead and since I had a packet of flax seed, added that in with the Harvest Grains mix.   So that will get backed tomorrow morning.

Later today I’ll be working on a test knit of a shawl.   I’m using one of my favorite Hedgehog Fibers colors – directly from the stash no less – Film Noir.   The sock yarn and the Kidsilk Haze lace are both Film Noir.  I love how it’s looking and feeling with the kidsilk although it sure caused a lot of little mohair wisps to float around  my living room while I was winding it the other day.



First Finished Socks in 2018

The first, of what I hope are many or at least several, pairs of socks made this year.  Especially since when I took off another favorite pair of socks last night I discovered a huge hole in the bottom.  So sad but there’s plenty of sock yarn around here to make new ones.


Yarn is color is Queen Frostine Sundae (targhee worsted) which was one of the special colorways for the ESK Candyland yarnathon last year.  I’ve made a prior pair of slippers out of this yarn and they were so warm but always want to slip off my feet (if I’m cozy on the cough with a quilt keeping me warm) due to the way the slippers were made so decided a pair of socks would work much better to wear around the house instead of slippers.  I may need a pair or two more of these.  The pattern is called Cozy Socks and I’d tell you the designer name, but Ravelry is not playing nice with me right now and I can’t get to it.  But if you’re interested in the pattern, search Cozy Socks and select worsted weight yarn for the search and you should be able to find them (they are green socks on the designers pattern page).  It’s a good beginner sock pattern and worsted socks knit up so much more quickly.

Fastest Socks Ever

These socks are just flying off the needles!


One done (obviously from the photo) – I love the turned down cuff – and the other one I have just a couple of rows before starting the toe.  It, of course, helps that these are worsted weight socks – so much faster to knit than fingering weight.  Too bad they are too thick to wear with my shoes but they will be nice and warm to wear around the house.

I’m also glad I tired the magic loop method of knitting socks again.  The first two times I failed miserably but now I’ve got it mastered and I think it’s a bit quicker for me than my beloved (up until now) double points. (Of course these are also knit with size 6 needles so that makes it go a whole lot faster too!)  The key for me I think was a longer circular needle.  I think the ones I used the first two tries were too short which made it difficult.  A 40″ needle seems to work best for me.  We’ll see how speedy I think it is when I switch back to fingering weight yarn and a size 1 needle. 🙂

Yes I’m already planning the next pair of socks –  at the moment I think they will be the Afshari pattern.   Plain foot but a bunch of textured stitches on the leg.




TLE Knitting Challenge – Newly Noted

Last night I finally finished off that last repeat need to finish my Toph Hat for the Great Loopy Knitting Challenge.  This one is for the “Newly Noted” challenge where the requirement was to use a pattern published in 2017 or 2018 and use at least 200 yards.


This is the second hat I’ve made from this pattern and they are such fun.  Knit sideways and simple German short rows for the color work.  I highly recommend this pattern.  It looks great with two solid colors or endless possibilities with variegated.


Now I just need to finish off the other Newly Noted project I’m working on.  But I just double checked and while I was thinking all projects had to be done this month (as in the challenge ran quarterly) they really are not due until the end of May.  Excellent news  – I may actually get a sewing challenge project or two done by then as well.

I also started on a new pair of socks last night.  It’s too bad I can’t make all my socks on size 6 needles with worsted weight yarn – they knit up so much more quickly!!  And the third try was a charm – I finally have the magic loop method under control.


The cuff of this sock looks a bit odd (wider than the rest) but that’s because the lower leg is just ribbing and that top 3″ or so of different textures is the wrong side – it gets folded down as a cuff to look like this.


I like how the yarn is pooling  – making spirals around the sock.  These socks since they are worsted weight will be worn as slippers around the house


3:15AM Knitting Update

I have no idea why I’m wide awake but I still am.  But, several good movies and quality knitting time and I have finished my Flash KAL cowl in about half the allotted time so now I can get back to other projects that need finishing.

Even gave it a soak and got it on the blocking mats so it’s currently sitting under a fan in the other room drying.


FKAL – Song of the Sea Cowl

I’ve made great progress on my cowl for the flash KAL.  I started the evening of the 5th after I got home from work and have worked on it in the evenings and rides to work so after 3 days I’m on the largest “wave” section.


This is a really fun knit and easy to do – it will definitely need blocking and that change the look a bit so the three sizes of waves are more obvious – but this has been a very engaging knit but not a difficult one.

It needs to be done by the 15th – which shouldn’t be a problem since I should have it finished before the end of the weekend – but after that I have to get back to my Great Loopy Challenge projects

These are the last photos I took of those projects but they are both a bit farther along.  The hat only has one repeat left to knit (3 leaves to add) and the scarf is coming along nicely.   I need to get both these finished before the end of the month.



Tuffets on the brain


No, not this tuffet but something similar to what Miss Muffet is sitting on.


I keep seeing all these gorgeous tuffets (footstools) in all kinds of wonderful fabrics.   I had told myself no I have other sewing to do that I’m not making time to get to — I do not need another project.

But, I do need a gift and this would make such an incredibly cute gift.



It’s these kinds of tuffets I’m taking about.



They are so adorable and endless fabric possibilities. I definitely see on in my future sewing plans.  I just need to decide whether I want a round one or a square one and get my supplies ordered.

Started a new knitting project last night – there’s a Flash KAL for the ESK Yarnathon using the Song of the Sea pattern.  I started on the smaller version of the cowl and have the first section done.  I’m using some of my recent Smooshy with Cashmere yarn purchase.  The color is Rio Verde – a discontinued color – and it’s so soft.  Now just need to see if I can get it finished by the deadline.


Crocheted Braided Hairpin Lace

Pulled out a new project to get started on.   I have loved the look of this cowl for quite some time and finally got the supplies needed to make it and found a yarn I think will look good in it.

This is so easy to do and there are so many yarn possibilities.    I couldn’t find an ombre or long color change yarn I liked  but decided to use this – love all the colors in it so I think it will be pretty when done.


After watching a few minutes of the video – I’m off to a good start and can turn off the video to finish all the strips I need..


March 3, 2018

Yes it’s March – does that mean Spring is here?  Not exactly but it has been much warmer than normal for us and the snow (except for ice piles in the shade) melted earlier this week.  The red winged black birds are returning and there’s rumors that there have been robins spotted but I haven’t seen any robins and they really should hang out somewhere warmer for a bit longer before coming back to Wisconsin if they are wise.

And I discovered Spring in the grocery store today — the price of fresh asparagus, my most favorite vegetable — finally came down to a still expensive price but one I was willing to pay.  So check out this bowl of soup –

20180303_11Okay – not the most attractive photo but it was delicious.  Creamless Cream of Asparagus Soup.  I came across the recipe earlier this morning so made sure to add the rest of the ingredients to my grocery list.  Super quick and easy to make, very healthy since there’s no cream in it and I think its very good.  I never have cream in the house and rarely milk and if I have asparagus, then the rest of the ingredients are pretty much staples that I normally have here.  The recipe is from  the website and I definitely need to go back and check out the other recipes on that site.   I had a bit for a late lunch today  (when I did the taste test after pureeing I simply had to have a bit) and then I’ve divied up the rest in little plastic containers so I can have a bit of soup with a salad for lunch at work next week or stick some in the freezer.

I need to get off the computer and go do some cleaning but I’ll leave you with a few in-progress shots of my knitting



Kidsilk haze and Merino lace project is coming along slowly — those skinny yarns! — but surely.  I’m just making up the sections of each yarn as I go along.  I think I’ve decided I will turn this into a cowl because (1) to knit all the length of a scarf in these lace yarns would be so very boring and (2) I think it will make a lovely light cowl and not stretch out of shape link the hanging down ends of a scarf might.


Another pair of fingerless mitts with my Ariel Sparkle yarn (it has silver sparkly bits in it that aren’t showing up in my photo.  I made the lacy cuff double long so I could add more beads to it.

I don’t have a photo but nearly finished another scarf which I should have on the blocking boards tomorrow – just a few rows left before I’ll run out of yarn.

And I’ve been swatching a stitch pattern that I want to use along the bottom of an A-line, cardi that just has a 3 or 5 buttons at the top to close it (not buttons all the way down.)  The stitch pattern is from a shawl I once made and I always thought it would look good as the hem of a sweater (and I’ll put it the bottom of the sleeves too).  I think it will work.


When it’s blocked it will make a zig-zaggy hemline on the sweater.

I’ve also been working on finishing off a sock that has been languishing.   I decided to try Magic Loop once more after buying circular needles with longer cord than I had previously tried twice before (and failed before) and I think the longer needle is the key to my success.  So far so good I think and it’s easier to use this method on the bus (than possibly dropping one of my doublepoints never to be found on the bus floor or breaking one when getting in and out of my bag) but most importantly – so far it seems much easier on my hands since the double points had been making my hands hurt – must hold them differently or something.   Time will tell if I have really mastered it or not.