Indie GAL #2

I’m doing the easier projects first I guess – or that’s the way it’s turning out but I also want to get the cowls finished I’m working on so am going back and forth between GAL and other projects I’m knitting on.

My second project for the “hands /arms category” will be the Robin fingerless mitts.  I like the fact that there is nothing around the thumb (no partial thumb just a buttonhole sort of opening)- and I like the faux cables.  I pulled from the stash some  of The Fibre Company Tunda yarn (bulky).  I’ve used this yarn before and it is great to knit with.  The color is called Red Fox.


OFF the needles 11 -25-16

It’s done!   My Lodgepole Hat – first finish for the Indie Gift-A-Long.   The pattern does warn that it is a loose fitting hat and it is.  I made the largest size but I would definitely go down a hat size if I made it again.  It turned out really pretty.


On The Needles – 11/25/16

Lots of things on the needles – more things than should be on the needles – more things to get started on the needles soon.   It’s knitting madness here.🙂

The Indie Gift-Along 2016 is going on on Ravelry and I hope to get several things made.  My first project for that will come off the needles today.  I started the Lodgepole  hat yesterday and I just had to go find the double pointed needles since I’m on the final decrease rows at the top of the hat.  I love those this is turning out.


Off the needles this week was my second DaVinci Cowl.  This one I knit up in record time – I made it a bit shorter than the pattern called for – I wanted a single loop that wouldn’t hang down much.  I just love how this turned out – look at that great pooling/stacking of colors.



It’s so squishy and turned out the perfect size.   I need to add this photo to my finished knit projects page and add the yarn used into my knit-to-date yardage tally.

I have two other pooling projects on the needles.

The cowl in the fall colors will probably get finished off this weekend.  That one I purposely shifted the pooling to the right after several inches — just to see if I could — and it worked.


DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park below –  I’m a bit more than half way on and need to start thinking about what kind of buttons I will use on it.


These two hanks of yarn did arrive this week — they are for more pooling cowls.




Black Friday Shopping

I think I’m running out of images of my favorite fall quilts.  This one isn’t a “made” quilt yet but it is one I want to make.  This is just the Electric Quilt image of it – it’s a pattern I sell on the EQ website.  I haven’t done any applique in a while so maybe I’ll get started on this one soon.


Pumpkin, sunflowers, applies blackbird, cattails – all fall images I love.

I took the day off work since neither of my guys were going to be in but was up at the same early time for a doctor’s appointment at 7:30 a.m.  It was a good idea at the time I scheduled it since I figured I go into work afterwards originally (since I had originally planned to work today)  but last night I was thinking – what did I schedule that so early for?? LOL  But a friend who also was off work dropped me off – she went down the street to do a little shopping – came back and got me and we went off for breakfast.

I had no intention of doing any Black Friday shopping.  I hate shopping under normal, uncrowded circumstances so there’s no way I venture into a store on this day.  We did stop at the grocery store (I picked up all the stuff I forgot to get for my Thanksgiving dinner which I will be having either today or tomorrow) which was definitely pretty empty.  But we did make one specific stop (since it was near where we had breakfast)  to see if they had any Black Friday sales.

morningThese were the Black Friday special – buy one get one Morning buns…..  breakfast treat perfection with a good cup of coffee.  Yep, we stopped at a great German bakery – eyed all the holiday cookies that are already packaged and waiting, but I only got a few morning buns.   I did have to call my Mom and tell her about our stupendous sale find (okay I was teasing her jut a bit because she loves their morning buns too).  So that was the extent of my Black Friday shopping – not even any yarn was purchased at the various on-line stores running sales today.  It’s a miracle!🙂

Hat Progress

First – the next fall quilty project I love –

Fall Medley - row by row and block swaps combined

This one is somewhere in a tub waiting to be quilted.  It started out as a row-by-row project but people dropped out or just didn’t respond after signing up (thank goodness I wasn’t the swap hostess on that one because I hate it when people don’t follow thru on the swaps) so I never got enough rows to make a quilt top.  So I made more rows myself.  The houses, star blocks in the center and large leaf blocks were all swap rows I got from others.  The applique rows are all ones I did – the squirrels gathering their harvest on a sled, cabbage roses and moths, sunflowers, and pumpkins/gourds/blackbirds at the bottom.  Then I made use of some swap blocks from other swaps — the rail fence blocks, nine patches and smaller leaf blocks – all in fall colors  – were from three different block swaps.   It’s busy and a riot of fall colors but I love it.

Now as for the Lodgepole Hat – well it’s a much quicker knit than I thought it would be.  I’ve got all the color work done and just have the very top of the hat left to do so may get this finished off tonight.  I need to Duplicate Stitch one white stitch in place since I just realized I missed one in the chart but not a big deal and a little steam blocking wil make all the stitches show a bit better.  I love the way it’s turning out.


Gift-Along Hat


Thankful bounty cover photoresized

Continuing the fall/Thanksgiving quilt images — this one is my absolute favorite and the one we had hung at the office.  I need to bring it home and put it up for a while here.

Here’s the link for the Indie Gift-Along on Ravelry.  You can find all the information there, i.e. designer pages and their patterns, KAL groups you can join for prizes, what those prizes are, chat with other knitters, etc.  There are discounted patterns – lots and lots of them – until a date later this month so info on the discount code is there as well.

Will I get all the items done by the end of the Gift Along period – very unlikely – not a chance!  But I did get some great patterns on sale that I plan to work on even if they don’t get finished in order to qualify for prizes.  And actually I haven’t even checked out what the prizes are.  It’s all about the fun of “doing.”  I still haven’t decided how many categories I might want to make items in but I’ll tell you about the one I just started this afternoon while watching the Macy’s Parade.

It’s called Lodgepole Hat and has been on my want to make list even before the Gift-Along.  I had one hank of Madtosh Vintage in Pendelton Red – a gorgeous red color –

20161124_2leftover from another project so pulled that along with some white left over from some other project.   I love the simple colorwork trees.  I’m not sure I will be able to gift this one — I may need to keep this red hat for myself.

While watching the parade I finished the ribbing and have about three rows of the colorwork started.




Happy Thanksgiving Day

turkey tracks projects from 100 blocks blockI have several favorite Fall/Thanksgiving wall hangings and table runners and would you believe that I forgot to put any of them out so far this year! And one of my absolute favorites is sitting in a cabinet at the office since we hung it up on a cubicle wall last year.  Dang!    So I’m going to start all my blog posts through the weekend with an image of one of my favorites so at least I can see them that way.

What to do today?   It will be a quiet Thanksgiving Day here.  My plan had been to make my version of Thanksgiving dinner (Cornish Hen) but I forgot the important ingredients needed to go with that meal when I was at the store last weekend and no way was I going to stop at the grocery store on my way home last night.     I can’t have “thanksgiving” dinner without cranberry sauce or my mom’s stuffing recipe (for which I didn’t buy the celery or bread).  What was I thinking?    So I think my Cornish hen will wait until the weekend and I’ll be feasting on smoked pork chops and acorn squash (and whatever else looks good in the fridge) since that is also one of my most favorite meals.

Today will be a lazy day.  Tomorrow I’m off work but have an appointment first thing in the morning – but basically a four day weekend – so the cleaning can wait.  I’m excited to have a new “all people” recliner chair delivered on Saturday morning.  I need to move furniture around tomorrow to make room for it since I want to make sure it actually arrives before I have the junk guys come get the old couch and chair out of here – so my living room will be a bit crowded until the old furniture is removed.  Then I’ll just look for a love seat to replace the couch.

Today will be a watching old movies and knitting day I think – unless I get ambitious with something else.  Here’s my latest DaVinci Cowl in the Cornucopia yarn.


On this one I knit bout 3″ or so and then decided to see if I could shift the colors to the right and then continue pooling. It worked!   You can see about an inch down from the needles I shifted the colors once more to the right — so it will have sort of three different sections.  I love it.  I may just get this one finished off today.

I’m also working (between all these other cowls I’ve been compelled to start) on my DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park. I’ve got about 15″ knit so far – more than halfway done.


I have looked a the Black Friday and weekend yarn and fabric sales emails from my favorite on-line locations and have decided – no I really do NOT need to order anything and I actually don’t think I’ll change my mind about that this time.🙂

10:00 AM – time for more coffee and to get dressed — its definitely chilly in jammies in the apt but despite the drop in temps from 60s last week to 20s at night and currently 36 right now – I haven’t had to kick the heat on until today!!  Where my particular apt is located (below a hill, on the nonwindy side of the building with apts above and to the side of it) the apartment stays quite warm all on its own but yesterday’s cold temps and rain all day has let the cold and damp finally make me think – hey I should kick the heat on.   But not having to turn the heat on until Thanksgiving day — I like that!

Hope you have a lovely day whether with family and friends or hanging out on your own like I am.   If you are a knitter or crocheter, have you heard about the Indie Gift-A-Long on Ravelry.   A chance to try out new designers, get reduced prices on patterns, win prizes, and get started on some gift knitting you may need to do.  Yep – because I don’t have enough on the needles, I’ll be participating.  I nearly forgot about until friend Judy posted about what she’ll be making.  Check out the projects she’s picked at the link.   I’ll tell you later today about the ones I’ve chosen — I’m off to do some stash diving to see what yarn I can match up with the patterns I’ve picked.






I LOVE this cowl!


This is my second DaVinci Cowl and I absolutely adore how the pooling looks on this.  I sort of refolded it in each photo so you could see how it looks all the way around.  This is such a fun pattern.    I wanted a smaller than the original pattern size but it’s easy to adjust.  This one – is about 28″ loop (14″ across as it is laying flat/folded and 9″ high).  I could have made it taller since I do have some yarn left over but this is a great height.

Did I mention I love this one??  So now that I have one off the needles, I think I must cast on another one.  Can’t be having too many pairs of empty needles laying around.

So since it’s Thanksgiving week, the yarn I will be using is aptly named.  The color is “Cornucopia” and it’s a Three Irish Girls yarn that is another yarn I love for it’s soft squishy feel.




DaVinci Cowl Two

I did manage to ignore that Cornucopia yarn that I showed in the last blog post — it did not make me cast it on for a new cowl.  After all – it was all the way in the sewing room and why get up to go get it when there’s a perfectly lovely ball of yarn sitting on the couch right next to me!:-)

Yes, I did cast on a second cowl – another DaVinci Cowl but this time I will keep my yarn pooling correctly.  I love the dark colors in this yarn.  I have several favorite yarns and this is one of my favorites for making socks — String Theory Caper Sock.    I can tell just by feeling (and looking at the gorgeous colors) which of my socks are made from this yarn.   it’s wool with a bit of cashmere and nylon in it so holds up well and has a nice soft feel.

But this hank did not want to be socks.


It wanted to be pooling/stacking project and I made great progress last night on it.


And doesn’t it match that block in the quilt behind it well!

As for my Sunday excitement – breakfast out with a friend and then we went to the furniture store next door to the restaurant.

My couch and chair are absolutely positively shot so I was looking for something to replace them with and she was looking at new couches.    I had printed information on a couple chairs I wanted to look at and was hoping they had them in the store.   The one I most wanted to try out they had – it’s wider recliner for tall people – most recliners the leg rests aren’t long enough and end mid calf letting your feet dangle.  This one is so comfortable.  It’s very plain looking and has a few more bells and whistles than I wanted but I couldn’t pass it up.  I’m tired of saggy cushions.  Next Saturday I’ll have a new comfy chair for knitting!   At some point I’m planning on getting a love seat to replace my couch but not in a hurry.  As long as I have one comfy place to sit for the time being, I’m good and may wait until after the holiday sales to go look some more.  In the mean time, I need to call the guys who haul away junk and arrange for them to come get my chair and couch and see if there’s anything else they can get rid of for me.

DaVinci Cowls


Yes – I’m talking cowls – not the DaVinci Code book or movie (though I did just rewatch the movie not long ago.)

Let’s just state the obvious – if you’ve read my blog for a while (okay not even a long while) you have realized I love lovely yarns.  Hand painted yarns are so pretty but I’m not really in a sock knitting mood so what to do with a lovely hank of hand painted yarn.   Some of these lovelies are so perfect for the cowl designs of a designer I came across on Ravelry not long ago.

I love the pooling that some of these yarns do but until now my pooling has been purely by chance — the yarn just happened to pool here or there due to the yarn I was using and what I was making.  But now I have learned how to purposely make them pool through the designs of Mary-Ann Lammers.

The cowl pattern I am currently working on is her  DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park .  This is what Mary-Ann’s finished cowl looks like


© Mary-Ann Lammers  (photo used with permission)

I love the button finish too.   So I went stash diving and pulled out several different yarns.

This is the one I ended up deciding to use for this pattern.  This was a bonus yarn I received for completing Camp Loopy back in 2013.


Two things about this yarn (1) it’s about time it came out of the stash into the light of day and (2) it’s got PINK in it!  If you’re a regular blog reader you know that “I don’t do pink.”  I don’t wear it, I don’t quilt with it, I don’t knit with it…..but ….. there are times where I try to convince myself to like pink and I think when I chose my camp reward yarn, I must have been in one of those moods where I decided to try pink again.  Now honestly, I do like the way the three shades of pink in this yarn are knitting up.

This cowl is tubular in shape so here’s what I have knit since casting on Wednesday night.


This is one side with the mostly green and pinks


And this is the other side with the pink shades and gold and only a hint of green sneaking in .  The pattern lays out all the information on how to make your chosen yarn stack the colors and this is proving to be a very quick and easy knit.

My plan is to put buttons on both sides of the cowl – stitching from the button on one side through to a similar button on the opposite side so that my cowl will be two sided and I can wear it with either side as the right side.

My first project of Mary-Ann’s was the DaVinci Cowl.   This is Mary-Ann’s version.



I started out really well.


But then I ran amok.  I was happily knitting along on the bus one night staring out the window and not really paying attention to what I was doing and I let my colors that were stacking so nicely (top of photo below), take a severe turn  (bottom of photo below).🙂


I had knit an inch or two before I realized what I was doing and I really did not want to rip it back to fix it.  So I just continued  to let it do what it wanted to without intervention so the top half of this cowl is proper DaVinci style and the bottom – well it’s quite dizzying to the eye actually but it will be a fun double loopy cowl to wear — adding a pop of color to this plain black blouse.


As I was searching for yarn to make the Villa Park project, I came across this hank of yarn.

20161119_10It’s Three Irish Girls  McClellan Fingering in the colorway Cornucopia.  The colors are actually richer than in my photo – my Ravelry stash photo shows them better –

but my plans for this are to make another DiVinci  Cowl and this time not run amok and keep my colors in line.🙂

Seriously, these are fun, well-written patterns and a great way to get a different look with those hand painted yarns so if you like the pooling and manipulation of your hand painted yarns, I highly recommend checking out Mary-Ann Lammer’s designs and come join me in the “pool”.  (I know, I know – very bad pun).  🙂