IT’S DONE!!!!!!!!!

Finally  – the last stitch has been put in the binding and this wedding quilt is done – only a year and a half AFTER the wedding.  I’ll be so glad to get this one set off — it sat in the corner languishing once the top was completed since I knew I wouldn’t get it quilted in time for the wedding – and then other projects got done before it since I wasn’t looking forward to pin basting it.  Finally I got it basted and half quilted and then it got set aside again.  I am very pleased with how it turned out and hope they like it.


It’s the first large quilt I’ve quilted since I had gotten my Brother Nouvelle 1550s with the larger harp space and large extended quilting bed and I can’t tell you how much easier it was to quilt a large quilt.  Well actually I CAN tell you — it was sooooo much easier.  It’s amazing what a different a few inches can make in being able to maneuver all that fabric.


The back even looks pretty cool since I used light blue and light tan thread so it shows up against the backing fabric.


All the fabrics except the taupe framing pieces and the background – which I bought new – came from the stash.  The two blocks on each side of the center of the quilt come from a panel fabric a quilting friend had sent me years ago. they were waiting for just the right project and this one was it.  There are two pagoda blocks like above and two Koi pond blocks like below.


I’m hoping to not repeat the year and a half delay in getting the next wedding quilt done.  The wedding is in October and I hope to have the top all put together in the next two weeks.

And my Cardipalooza sweater is drying on the blocking mats.  Got it pinned out last night.

The lace looks great blocked out (and the color is true in this photo for a change).


Happy Fourth of July


I would like to have a chat with the neighbor who was shooting off fireworks last night a 3:00 a.m. — to ask just exactly who stole his brain that he thought that was a good idea — or exactly how much he had had to drink which made him think it was a good idea especially considering the fireworks are illegal — or the fact that he’s shooting off illegal fireworks two three blocks from the police station on a hill which can be seen from the police station.  Yes – there definitely was no brain involved in this activity.

I walked out on the patio -since I was now awake  – watching the fireworks since they were shooting them into the woods right behind my apartment and I prefer to be awake if some stooge is trying to light the woods on fire.  But it didn’t last long – not sure if the police saw/heard them or  someone else in the neighborhood thought he was an idiot too and called them, but it wasn’t long and I saw blue and red lights (not in the sky but on the police car that pulled up in the street).  Hmm wonder how much a ticket is for shooting off illegal fireworks.:-)

I’ve puttered away the morning so far but so nice to have this extra day added to the weekend.  It’s an overcast day – looks like it could rain any time – but hopefully it will hold off for those who have outside activities planned.  Me – I’ve got some sewing to do and some laundry to finish after I find some lunch or brunch or something besides just the coffee I’ve had so far.

A quilting finish

Last night I was working on a couple projects that have been languishing (well they have actually been laying piled up on a living room chair for a while).

My peacock wall hanging  – I finally hand sewed the binding down on so it’s now complete.


My Turkey Tracks block from Quiltmaker 100 blocks made into peacock

I also finally finished the neck to shoulder area on my CustomFit Cardipalooza sweater.  I had figured out a better way to do the lace pattern while decreasing the next edge up the shoulder area when I was doing the second side of the cardigan, so went back and ripped out the first side to redo it.  Looks much better now and I may actually get my pieces on the blocking mats later today.  There are still several other sweater pieces piled in that chair that I need to see where I left off on them.  I think they all need blocking before I can go any farther on them.

Finally after a long hiatus, I also started hand sewing the binding down on a long overdue wedding quilt.  Hopefully I’ll be able to count that one as done after this long weekend.

I also came across a new knitting pattern I had to buy although it will have to wait until after Camp Loopy for me to make it.  It’s called Pool & Conquer by Martina Behm and I love her patterns.  This one makes great use of Wollmeise yarn for pooling.


I like the way she’s wearing it in her middle photo  just draped like a shawl (and also because in the first photo it’s worn as a cowl/shoulder warmer sort of thing and I don’t know that I want to knit something to fit over my shoulders – but it would depend on the yarn.   She has lots of info in the pattern on how to figure out if your yarn will work for  this pattern so I want to take a look at that  before deciding on what color I might want to use. This may be my bus riding knitting project since it will be an easy knit (after I find the perfect yarn for it).



Whew! a three day weekend…

Just in the nick of time, a three day weekend.  The day job is very busy, Camp Loopy and some other projects with deadlines are keeping me very busy  – so much so that I had to turn down a project because I didn’t need one more thing to stress about.  Life should go back to normal by the end of August…. I hope!  In the meantime, this long weekend is very welcome.

July 1 we could start on our second Camp Loopy projects.  I cast on my shawl yesterday and have been knitting along on that.  Last night I cut out and got the blocks sewn for my fabric project.  Today, since I was dozing off as I was trying to knit before lunch (I may have stayed up too late last night or maybe all the stress of the week had caught up with me) anyway, knitting was not working so I got all my quilt rows sewn together and it looked like this.


The first image was the image I posted to Ravelry and as soon as I did that I saw where I had turned my blocks wrong.  Duh.  So ripped out the three offending blocks and it now looks like the image on the bottom.  much better.

I just need to piece a backing since this is several inches wider than the standard width of fabric.

I haven’t taken a photo of my shawl in progress – because there’s not a huge amount of progress to show. But I do have a photo of how my CustomFit A-line sweater is starting to look.

It’s a basic A-line shaped sweater with scoop neck and just garter trim on the hems and neckline. It will probably have 3/4 length sleeves.  I’m using the Bella Lino yarn – linen/rayon/cotton blend.  I have it in three different colors – but not enough of a single color so decided to combine them all.20160506_5

All three of the colors contain the same neutral color in them so I think they will play nicely together.  I’m switching colors every row which makes it easy because every time I get to the end of a row, there is one other color waiting there , so I just drop the one I’m using and switch to the waiting one.  It also means yarn is carried up both sides of the piece rather than all along one side which  is better.  I don’t know if I’ll get any strange pooling doing this but time will tell.  This sweater is a trial run to see if the ease on the A-line shape turns out how I like it.  I think I may have a bit too much ease in this one but don’t know for sure.


A new quilt design to share

I’ve been planning what my project will be for the July Camp Loopy challenge and settled on a simple baby quilt.   One of the fabrics I wanted to use was a large print of animals from the Hello Bear line of fabrics which I have thought was so cute ever since I first saw it.  Luckily I bought it during Camp Shopping Week because I see the animal print is no longer available in the colored background I chose – the other is cute too but I liked the light aqua background I got better.

This is the design I came up with – all except the gray are images of the actual fabrics I will be using.    Super simple to make and should go together quickly.  And I was able to make the yardage amounts I purchased work for this design (since I didn’t know when I ordered the fabrics  what design I’d use until I went back through some old EQ designs I’d done).  Now that I have a plan that works with my yardage, I will be ready come July 1 when we can start the next project.  This pattern, which I’m calling “Camp Critters” can  be found in my Free PDF Pattern Pages.

At 46″ square, it would also make a cute table topper turned on point on a table done in holiday fabrics.


A few things finished

I’ve been trying to get some projects finished off – Camp Loopy and Loopy Mixer projects – so yesterday in between running some long put off chores – I finished my June Loopy fabric Mixer project.

I haven’t been keeping track of incoming yardage (yarn or fabric) but am tracking used yardage.  So 7.75 yards fabric used between the two finished projects below (which brings me to the whopping totally of 17.5 yards used YTD — I need to get those large projects finished because I certainly have used a lot more fabric in that but I’m not counting until finished and the final photo added to the separate page for finished fabric projects (see button in sidebar for those).

As for knitting, 400 yards used for Mistress Tippet below so yarn used to date is 6,855 yards (which of course many more yards knit into not quite finished projects) — more stuff to be completed once Camp Loopy is over.

So here’s the recent finishes.

Here’s Dwight Deer.  20160619_12 He turned out very bookish looking – incognito with his teal eyeglasses.

Now I have to look at my list of Mixer projects to see which ones still need completing.


The binding was stitched down on my Project 1 for Camp Loopy.

Making Waves, a Moda pattern – with Pirate Loopy with his spyglass and parrot raw edge appliqued onto the anchor.


The background fabric is foxes in sailor outfits. It appears for these two projects – although the fabrics were purchased at different times – that clearly navy and teal colors were appealing to me.

I also got the buttons sewn onto my Mistress Tippet June Mixer project.

Love those buttons.  This was a very fun knit and I love how it turned out but I need to make a second one to make it a bit larger.  I think this one will go in the gifting pile.










Design Wall Monday

Well in addition to finishing off the Camp Loopy June fabric project I posted yesterday –  (okay I did not get the binding hand stitiched yet so not officially finished.)  Okay I have have to include another image of Loopy sitting on the anchor cause it’s just too cute

20160612_5 — anyway after finishing that I started cutting out the pieces for TLE June Mixer project – Dwight the Deer.  There are a lot of pieces to these critters – but finally all cut and started sewing on it.

Before I called it quits for the day, I had his head all done and now just have all his antlers to make.  After that, I need to audition some fabrics to see what sort of eyeglasses he will wear.

Here he is so far  dwight   — he sort of reminds me of an African antelope or some other such animal right now- I think it’s the striped start of his antlers — or I could see making him into a giraffe as well with the right fabric and just putting little round knobs at the top of the little antler sections.

I think he may need some teal colored glasses to match the background print color.:-)

TLE June Mixer project

My June mixer is done except for the buttons – Mistress Tippet.


I’ve ordered some buttons that need to be added yet.  Each of the “wings” shown hanging down in the photo below can get buttoned in the shoulder area to get the drap shown in the top photo.

20160612_11This turned out very pretty.   I ended it about 2 rows shorter than the pattern called for because that way I didn’t have to break into the third hank of yarn and can safe that for something else.

This one will likely end up as a gift but I want to make another one for me and make the lacey pattern quite a bit longer so it will look better on my wide shoulders.

More of the same

actually lots more of the same  – more sewing  – more knitting – more redoing the sewing because I did it backwards. :-)  But I have been very busy this week on my Camp Loopy quilt and my June mixer project.  Then there was also the announcement of the July Camp Loopy projects so we could figure out what to make and timely get our orders in.

First things first – after several issues with this project (all created by me not really paying attention to what I was doing) all I have left is to hand stitch the binding to the back. 20160612_4 I started the quilting late yesterday and finished it off this morning.

The pattern is Make a Splash – freebie on the Moda website.  I love the simplicity of the colored waves and the anchor hanging down.

I had been joking about adding “Loopy” to the anchor (sort of like that company that has the kid fishing off the crescent moon) and was able to get him put in place.

Here’s a close up of Pirate Loopy looking out to see from his anchor perch.


It was  a fun project – once it quilt messing with me.

The fabrics for my July project has arrived and is patiently waiting until we can start 20160612_8that project.   I love the animal print and the leaf print in these fabric lines and will be making a very simple baby quilt out of these fabrics I think – unless I change my mind several more times before July 1.

My yarn for my July project — and yes I’ve changed my mind at least twice about what project I was going to make for July, will be in this yarn.  Sometimes the yarn looks very different caked than in the hank but in looking at them both I think this yarn will knit up into a nice blend of colors where no one color stands out a lot.  I think my final plan is to make the Upwards Shawl and just knit until I run out of yarn.  But there are still several weeks before our start date so who knows if I’l change my mind again.

Along with my next camp yarn, also included was the special Camp Club yarn and gift.  The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in the exclusive color “Walking the Gangplank.”  Very pretty shades of blues — this will wait until after camp for me to decide what I want to make with it.  There was also a nice water bottle and infuser which I may have to try out later today.


And last but not least – look what I found in my mail when I finally collected it al from the mailbox.

20160612_1 A new mousepad with images of all the blocks from the last issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks on it.  They must have stopped doing the coffee cups with all the blocks printed on them (which must have been a headache to package and wrap and mail out) to mousepads.  The one I have at work is looking shabby so I can replace it with this.

Groceries have been delivered and put away (poor delivery guy – I was watching it get blacker and blacker outside at 8:30 in the morning until it was about as dark as 9 p.m. and of course just as he arrived it started pouring).  Rain didn’t last long but even tho a gloomy short of day, at least it’s not mid 90s and a humid sauna outside today like it was yesterday.  It’s 30 degrees cooler than yesterday and not humid but down right chilly in comparison.  Laundry is underway and that was really the only chore I planned to do today so I think I’ll start cutting out my June mixer project – Dwight Deer. I’ve had numerous people ask me about the patterns for Bjorn Bear and Dwight Deer.  Just  a heads up – the Craftsy class for those patterns is on sale half price right now – the name of the class is in the image below.  I’ve purchased several knitting and quilting Craftsy classes and never been disappointed and all classes are on sale right now – no affiliation- just a satisfied consumer.


Sewing Central

Today was a busy day of sewing.  A friend and her daughter came over to get some advice on a t-shirt quilt her daughter wanted to make from her sorority t-shirts so while they worked on that, I started sewing together the sections of my Barn Dance quilt.

20160605_4It’s now two-thirds done.  The remaining third will go off to the right side of the photo.  Somehow I seem to have lost 3 or four of the littlest hole in the barn door blocks.  I think when I was picking up fabric that needed to be put away I must have accidentally grabbed some blocks that were on the floor.  So if a quick search doesn’t turn them up, I’ll just make new ones.

I also fixed my problems with my Camp Loopy  “Make a Splash” quilt top.  No only did I have to redo all the HSTs to make them smaller, but when I went to sew the rest of the background to the top of the waves…yep, you knew it was coming…. I attached the waves upside down.  This is now fixed and hopefully I can get the anchor line and anchor attached without incident.

20160605_2I plan to trip down a bit of the top of the navy blue so it’s not quite so long.  I do really love the simplicity of this design.  I’m still deciding if I’ll hand applique or machine applique the anchor and anchor line.