Dog Pound Pals

santapawsReminder to all the participants of the Dog Pound Pals BOM – that page will be removed April 1 so make sure if you haven’t finished that you have downloaded and saved all the information you need from that page.  Please add your photos to the Flickr group so we can see your quilts when they are done.  Mine – well I’ve had a few other projects take center stage but they are still looking down at me from the design wall begging for their other dog friends to be completed.  Soon puppies, soon…..


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State of the Stash – Fabric Stash – 3/8/15

I did have an addition to the fabric used column yesterday — adding in the fabric used for the Because of the Brave Moda Challenge quilt top I showed yesterday will now bring my totals to:

Fabric purchased year to date:             9.0 yards (Kona fqs)

  • Fabric used year to date:                         31  yards
  • Net stash used:                                             22.0 yards

That’s a really good start to the year for me.

You can see the rest of the totals I’m tracking (new started projects versus UFOs completed, etc) at the State of the Fabric Stash page by clicking the button in the sidebar for that page.  If you click on the quilt images there they will enlarge.

My numbers above will take a step backwards next week though.


These fabrics should be arriving on Monday.  They will be joining some fabrics I’ve pulled from the stash and will be used for my PatchKats quilt.

Remember – the PatchKats project starts the weekend after next on National Quilting Day so gather your fabrics.  All info (yardage) can be found by clicking the image of the PatchKats quilt in the right sidebar of my blog.


A Sewing Day

Another Saturday spent sewing with a friend.  She made great progress on one of her tree skirts – half her blocks are done – and I finished the last rows and got the border on my Moda Challenge quilt – Diamond Formation.  I was going to get the backing stitched and maybe layer it tonight but  we shall see. I need a break from that sewing room chair and table.  But I hope to get this layered tomorrow if I don’t get back to it tonight.


I also dug out all the single socks from the SSB (single sock box) — don’t you have a SSB at your house?  The SSB still holds the yarn that is needed to complete these socks but the socks are hanging up on the wall to (1) remind me to finish them – you know how it goes “out of sight, out of mind” and (2) just cause I like looking at them even if some of the smaller ones never get finished.  A couple actually do have notes pinned to them as to needle size and one of the patterns I wasn’t sure of was actually stuck I the bottom of the SSB so there’s hope to get some of these finished off.


Friday’s On the Needles Report – 3/6/15

Gosh I can’t believe the first week of March is nearly done.  I’m looking forward to the second week of March tho since just maybe we’ll get above the teens in temperatures.  It’s be bright and sunny all week which is nice, just too cold to  actually melt anything.  So I’m thinking there will still be plenty of time to get some wear out of my Wiggle Wrap.

DSCN4122  It’s still not blocked but eventually I’ll get around to that.

So off the needles this week – my Wiggle Wrap.  It’s got a whopping 2,600 yards of fingering weight yarn in it which brings my total knit so far this year to 4,936 yards.  (a mere 1,380 yards have been purchased so far, and all of that for my Loopy Academy projects so it’s already back off the needles and used up.) I still have one project to buy for yet for this semester of Loopy Academy but I haven’t been able to decide which slip stitch project I want to do.

In the running are:

Slip-Zag  – tho I would not make it as long as in the original pattern – probably about half that length is more wearable for me.

From Russia With Wool

Slip It Good

But then how many cowls does one person really need.  I think great nice Eleanor may need a hoodie for spring since I came across this cute one.



You can see all the finished projects for this year by clicking the yarn stash button in the right sidebar. If you click on the photos there, they’ll enlarge.

Since I finished this project, I pulled back out my purple CF Deep Winter KAL sweater.  I’ve got the back and one front done and I’m just about ready to start the armhole shaping on the second front.

It’s finished! and more PatchKats

As for the finish – I finally finished my Wiggle Wrap last night.  I haven’t taken a final photo yet and it needs blocking, but that was a whole lot of knitting!  I haven’t looked it up yet but I think with the yarn I used, I knit close to 2400 yards of fingering weight yarn into it.  Now that’s going to help my stash busting tally!  I started the Wiggle Wrap nearly a year ago (during the winter of unrelenting cold — tho the last couple weeks  have been very reminiscent of that time) planning ahead to this winter. But it got set aside for Camp projects and a sweater or two. Yes, I was supposed to have this done so I could wear it to ward off the cold.  It’s nice and wide and long so I can wrap it over my head and around my shoulders over my coat on those coldest days.  There will still be time to wear it I think but if Mother Nature wants to make it too warm outside for me to be able to wear it this year — I’m okay with that too. :-)  It’s also bright enough that if I should get stuck in a snowbank, someone should be able to see me and pull me out.  It was an enjoyable, easy knit, but I’m glad it’s finished.

Now on to more PatchKats — I was just adding in random fabric styles and colors and quickly swapping them out in EQ so here’s a few more ideas (there are some fabrics I would swap out for something that shows up a bit more, etc. but it’s just to give you an idea since I was doing a quick swap and replace) – 30’s fabrics, black/gray/red more modern prints, batiks on black, batiks on light background – just more possibilities.

morekat1 morekat2 morekat3 morekat4 morekat5  Remember the yardage requirements and general info are on the PatchKats project page.  It’s the big button on the right of the page that shows the quilt cover.  Click on that image to get to the information on the project page.  If you are reading thru email subscription, please go to the blog to access the project page.

My fabric order for my PatchKat quilt was placed this morning and my Box of Fun is headed out in the mail to be today so I should have my fabrics on Monday.  I’m mixing some fabrics I had previously purchased, and then added to them with some additional fabrics.  I had a background fabric here I wanted to use but needed more of it and it’s currently out of stock so I think the background around my Kats will be one fabric and the background in the border will be another fabric — both from the same fabric manufacturer so the colors should be very similar – just different tone on tone prints.  Will have to wait and see once I get all the fabrics if it will work out as I plan.

Ounce of Flounce


Two projects down – one more to go for Loopy Academy Second Semester.  This is my “Stripe Project”, Ounce of Flounce.  Pattern can be found on Ravelry.  I made a few adjustments, made it about half again as long in number of stitches cast on and put the stripes in at random rather than strictly following the pattern.  The neck edge ends with some ribbing but this yarn was so soft it wanted to curl so I added the ribbing but then after that did a few rows of stockinette stitch so the stockinette makes a little curled edge but it only curls as far as where the ribbing starts and the ribbing now lays flat.  I picked the variegated yarn hoping it would match my butterfly shawl pin and as you can see, it picks up the colors in the wings perfectly.

Now I just have to do some shopping for my final Academy project – the “slip stitch” item.

I haven’t added this yarn useage into my knit from the stash tally yet but I’m hoping I can also add in the yardage for my Wiggle Wrap by the end of the week.  I’ve been knitting away on that and it’s nearly done!  That one used a whole lot of yardage. :-)

PatchKats BOM Starts March 21, 2015


General information and Yardage requirements for this BOM project are now available.  Click the PatchKats button in the right sidebar to get to the link to download this information.

March 21, 2015, which is National Quilting Day, will be the start date for this project.


You can see the original quilt drawing/coloring in the download information but I randomly plugged in other types of fabrics to give you some other ideas of how it might look in other fabrics.


pkd pkc pkbluepurpplebatik pkb pka




On and Off the Needles – Friday recap

I just could not bring myself to turn on the computer when I got home.  But here’s my “Friday recap” —


I did finish the second pair of socks for my Mom earlier this week and sent them off in the mail to her yesterday.  Two pairs of socks finish so far this year – that might be possibly more socks than I finished all of last year.  I really need to get back to some of my socks.

My plan is to take down all the knitting swatches on this rack in my sewing room

DSCN4055– the rod is quite a bit longer than shown here — and pin up all the single socks that need to have mates made.  Not only will they look pretty hanging there on the wall but it will be a constant reminder that I need to finish the second sock for each one!

Some of them may never get finished — the size is not right; some of them I need to try to see if I can figure out what size needle I used because I was not good at writing it down – thinking I’d get back at that second sock quickly (yeah right!) ;-)   and some I need to see if I can remember what pattern I was using and find it back.  These are all very good reasons why I should start a Ravelry project page for each new project as I start it and make sure to put in that info — I’m generally very bad about putting in needle size  but am trying to remember to do that.  But will have to figure out which socks I want to finish once I pull them out.  The smaller size  ones I originally was going to give to finish for my sister but she can’t really wear wool anymore  — most of those are small because of the pattern I chose (cables so the sock doesn’t stretch as much or colorwork so it doesn’t stretch) so will have to decide if they will work for Mom or otherwise there will just be some lovely single socks hanging on my sewing room wall for decoration.  Heck, I hang quilts on the wall — why not socks! :-)

My project too and from work has been my Wiggle Wrap.  I’m so ready for this project to be done!  It’s now longer than I am tall — probably about 6-1/2 feet long.

DSCN4115The photo does not do it justice.  It’s going to be so lovely and warm but I shall continue on since I don’t want to waste any of the yarn and after that lighter blue comes the two colors I like the most out of all of them so another foot or so to knit.

And here’s my vest pieces —

DSCN4116all blocked and waiting for me to stitch the shoulder seams so I can pick up the front bands and knit them.  I’m hoping to get started on this later today.


Right now I need to go wind a ball of yarn for my Loopy Academy stripe project.  I think I should have this project done by next weekend.

As for the Yarn Stash progress– no yarn in this week so my tallies are:

Stash Yarn knit up to date:  1886

Yarn added to Stash to date:  1380


You can see photos of all projects completed so far this year on my yarn stash page

And check out all the other knitting reports at Judy’s.

Second Pair of Striping Socks Finished

DSCN4113  Finished kitchnering the toe shut when I got home tonight so my second pair of socks is now finished and I can get both pairs off in the mail to Mom.  She’ll have warm toes soon.  But two pairs of socks in ten days is pretty darn speedy knitting for me. But the thicker yarn and larger needles helped speed that along compared to the yarn/needles I usually use.

This brings my yarn used tally up to 1886 yards so far this year.  You can see all the yarny projects finished so far this year by clicking the yarn stash button in the sidebar.  All small projects but I’ve got some big ones I hope to finish soon.

Now I can get back to my striping project for Loopy Academy, which is about half done, and the sweaters in various stages of completion, and my wiggle wrap.   I still have one more Loopy Academy project for this semester to do, a slip stitch project, but I’m undecided on yarn so haven’t ordered anything for it yet.  I’m planning on making  From Russia With Wool.  I’ve made several projects using this designer’s patterns and love each one of them.


Today’s sewing

DSCN4111Instead of working on the quilt on my design wall, or layering the quilt I need to get quilted – I veered off in another direction.  I’ve been contemplating the PatchKats BOM and thinking about changing a few things in it and decided I wanted to see how a block looked sewn up, if I could get a Kat out of a FQ, etc.  So I decided I’d stitch up a Kat, but then as I was cutting it, decided a whole row of Kats is better than one Kat right?   So I stitched together a test row.  Other than forgetting to  reverse one Kat’s tail section and having to redo it, this is simple sewing.  It took longer to cut out the various fabrics than to stitch them up.