Snow Globes

While looking for some fabrics to add to my Gift Tags quilt, I pulled out another winter wall hanging that I want to finish – the Snow Globes.

I had one block that needed the snow globe base appliqued and one snow globe to applique.  I quickly finished those off – why did I procrastinate so long on that I wonder?  Anyway  here’s the blocks so far.


I may still go back and replace the center poinsettia block with a different bird block but have to see if I have any background fabric left – I may not in which case I”ll leave it.

My favorites are the cardinals on this pretty blueish background.



Winter Weave Along with Miss Babs

The Miss Babs Ravelry group is having a weave along starting February 1.  You can make whatever you like, as long as at least one yarn used is Miss Babs.

I’m planning to use the Miss Babs yarn I got from her December Gratitude Sale.  I’m calling my project Chocolate Covered Cherries – and you will see why from the colors of the yarn.


From left to right they are Kaweah base (100% superwash merino) in Muslin color and then in Petrified Forest Color (I love the petrified forest) and then the next two are on Kunlun base (70 merino/15 cashmere / 15 silk).   My plan is to weave some yardage and then turn it into a bag (if I can bring myself to cut into it).    My plan right now is to warp the loom with the muslin and alternate in a few stripes of petrified forest and then weave alternating pink lemonade and candy apple, throwing in a few sections of petrified forest too.

But before any of that can happen I need to get my current scarf finished.

Design Wall Monday – 1-16-2017 and an Ice Day

The blocks the Gift Tags quilt are on the design wall.  These are the blocks I made yesterday.

20170115_1   I have a few more  cut and ready to sew and then I’ll need to see how many more blocks I need.  I’m working with Fat Quarters rather than yardage so I will need to add in some fabrics from the stash to get enough blocks for the size I want.  These fabrics all have silver metallic glitz in them but I think I may add in some gold glitz fabrics too.

I may be able to get all the blocks sewn later today since today is now an “ice day” similar to “snow day” for me.  With it being MLK day – some of the bus routes don’t run today and they run other routes on a Saturday schedule (clearly they think not enough people work this day to warrant all the routes).  This means my normal limited stop route doesn’t run and I have to catch a different “Saturday schedule” route.  So I got up 45 minute earlier than normal, slipped and slided and oh so slowly shuffled to the bus stop.  I don’t know what time it started, but at 6:30 this a.m. when I was out, there was already a coating of ice on the sidewalks and roads but I managed to get to the bus stop.   Then the dang bus driver DROVE RIGHT BY ME!!!   Many bad words were said as I waived my big bright colored umbrella and yelled for him to stop….. he did not…..(insert many colorful words here!).  I think the fact that he was driving too fast for conditions, and nearly slid past the corner when he was supposed to turn onto my road, might have distracted him from noticing the woman waiving her bright colored umbrella and yelling for him to stop. Bad bus driver!!  So I slowly shuffled and slid my way back to the apt since the next bus wouldn’t come for an hour due to the Saturday schedule running on a Monday.    I called the office to let them know I was delayed and emailed the bus company a message 🙂  and put on some coffee.

An hour later I checked the bus tracker to see where my bus was – it was running 25 minutes behind schedule at that point.  I got bundled up again, pulled my umbrella out of the bathtub (when I came back in after my first time out – it wouldn’t close because of all the frozen sleet and rain on it).  I made it as far as the first set of steps and even holding on to the railing my feet were sliding back off the steps.  I had thrown salt on those steps when I came back in after my first attempt to get to work, and it had simply frozen over top of the salt.  That was when I decided to slide my way back to my door and stay home. It’s treacherous trying to walk outside.

So now that I’ve changed back to my hanging around the house clothes, I can’t decide what to do with myself.   Had I known last night I’d be home today, I would have started some bread last night so it would be ready to bake this a.m.  I much prefer to be home on days when I have it preplanned.  I may need to go find a different recipe that doesn’t need to sit overnight .



On the Loom – 1-15-17

Yesterday I warped up the loom with some new yarn.


The yarn is “Judy’s Favorite Quilt”  (friend Judy’s (Patchwork Times) Loopy Legend colorway from a few years ago).  You can see the unwound hank.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to weave up – striped/plaid/ or a mishmash of colors.   I was going to try lining up he colors when warping so it would color pool but I didn’t have the patience for that so just warped it up and because of the length of the individual colored sections, it appears to be striping  more or less.  I need to get this one off the loom by February 1 when I plan to participate in a Miss Babs Weave Along.  I’ve got my yarn all picked out for that one.



Blocks and Biscotti

Some of my Warm Wishes Gift Tag quilt blocks are now finished.  20170115_120170115_3

I wasn’t sure how many I’d get from each FQ – I should have changed the block size just a bit and I could have gotten another two or three blocks from each FQ but I wasn’t thinking ahead.  I had planned to mix some stash fabrics in with the FQ pack anyway.  Now I need to go cut the rest of the FQs and once those blocks are sewn – see how many total more blocks I need.   Absolutely super simply sewing for this project and a great way to show off larger print fabrics.



And my Coconut Biscotti — yum — they turned out great.  When I saw the recipe on the King Arthur website I knew I had to try some of the coconut flour since I absolutely love coconut in anything.

I had just a few chocolate chips to melt so just put a line of chocolate (messy line down the tops)because I didn’t want to cover up all that big, super sparkly sugar on the top of the biscotti.

Stash Report 1-15-17

Third stash report of the year and I’ve already run amok! LOL  But I NEEDED those yarns for Find Your Fade which I previously showed so I’m okay with that.  They will not loiter long in the stash.  I wanted to get a shawl off the needles last night but just couldn’t stay awake for do those last couple rows and I should also have a large cowl off the needles to report next week too which will nudge my numbers in the proper direction again but for the moment the stash reports are as follows:

  • Yarn used Year to Date:  1,360 yards
  • Yarn purchased Year to Date:  3,473 yards
  • Fabric used Year to Date:  6.5 yards
  • Fabric added Year to Date:  0 yards

I plan to get to some sewing today on my Gift Tags quilt but first need to go get some biscotti mixed up – there’s a recipe I’ve been wanting to try and finally have all the ingredients I need for it.




Fading In and Fading Out and What’s on the Needles

I previously posted about the Finding Your Fade shawl pattern (on Ravelry) I want to make.  The pattern is written for seven different yarns.  The premise is to pick your first hank of yarn, pick the second one pulling out colors from the first, third pulling out colors from the second, etc. through all seven hanks.  (For quilters that don’t knit – you may be familiar with the Blooming Nine patch quilt pattern which basically uses the same idea to pick your fabrics and it ends up looking like a lovely wash of colors.)

Anyway – back to knitting – here are the yarns I ordered for Finding Your Fade.


Now the only problem with ordering on line and not picking out in person is with hand dyed yarns – they can differ a lot from hank to hank as to how much a specific shade really shows up in the yarn.  So I this case, the fourth from the left does not have as much of the burgundy/reddish color as the example image that was posted for that yarn – it’s just the nature of hand dyed yarn and I totally didn’t think to add a note to my order asking them to give me the hank of that color with the most reddish tones of the ones in their stock because they would have done that.   Also the 2nd and 4th from the left are very similar so I might want to remove one of those.

Hmm …. I decided to mull it over and look in the stash today to see if there might be a better transition color in there.  There wasn’t but after breakfast out with a friend this morning, we stopped at Wisconsin Craft Market (which has really expanded their yarn selections) and I found one that I thought would help.


I removed the 2nd from the left in the first photo and the center hank in the photo above is the one I just bought.  I switched the two green ones around also.  I think I will like this  combination a lot.

But before starting on that, I have two items I’d really like to get off the needles first.



My ESK KAL shawl.  This is the same photo I posted last — it’s nearing completion but all squished up on smaller needles so a new photo wouldn’t really look like much.

And last weekend I cast on another of Mary-Ann Lammers color stacking/pooling cowl patterns — DaVinci Cowl III Spanish Steps. It starts out with a simple lace edging and then goes into alternating pooling sections and contrast eyelet sections.  Very fun and relaxing knit.

My version, which I’m calling the “Leaning Spanish Steps,” for reasons that will become obvious, uses this yarn


This hand dye is a bit more blurred/blendy and inconsistently dyed – which causes the colors not too stack on top off each other as cleanly but you can still get some really great pooling.  I’m not complaining – I love this yarn and knew I might get a bit different effect with it before starting but wanted to see what would happen.


Here it is wound and you need a solid looking accent color which is this gorgeous red.  For once these photos are spot on as far as the colors go.


The lace and eyelets won’t show well until I block it but check out that color pooling.  I love this!  I’m just past the halfway mark – it gets folded in half height-wise and the yarn switches placement on the inside (sort of like the lining) – it is mostly the solid red and the eyelet sections are the multicolor.  This one I’m definitely keeping for me.

I also pulled some yarn I want to use next on the loom.  The plan is to weave some cloth to make a bag of some sort – whether knitting project bag or tote bag or some type of purse — I haven’t decided yet but it will be for my TLE January Mixer project.

Too chilly to work in the sewing room today – the wind is blowing on that side of the building and dang its not warm sitting at this computer so off to go do a bit of knitting.  Can I knit fast enough to keep my knitting stash report in the black tomorrow – LOL – nope, undoubtedly not.




Fresh off the lo0m


I just took this off the loom.  Need to give it a soak and lay out to dry but that will wait for some other day.  One of these days when I have a chance to get outside in daylight (so probably not until next weekend) 🙂  I’ll see if I can get a better shot of the colors.

My next project to put on the loom will be to weave fabric for a bag  – haven’t decided how large it will be yet.  But it will be my January Monthly Mixer project for both fabric and yarn at The Loopy Ewe.   A new year of mixer challenges has started and the January challenge is to use yarn with three distinct colors in it; the fabric  mixer is to use three different colors of batiks or a single batik with  three distinct colors in it.  I plan to weave the yarn into fabric for a bag and use the batik for the lining/pockets.



Look at this loaf of bread or I suppose it would be a round of bread.  Whatever it is for my first try at baking bread in the dutch oven using a no knead bread that sits over night — it worked out well.


I do need to get a sharper knife to slash the tops with or get some razor blades. I was afraid I’d deflate it but didn’t.   Since it’s a no knead it’s a denser bread so it held up to my not so sharp knife.  The other thing I need to get is a new instant read thermometer.  My old one fell apart (shutting a drawer with it partially sticking out probably helped that along) and the only other thermometer I have is an old meat one that doesn’t go high enough in temp. So need to find a new one.



So here was lunch – no I didn’t eat half the loaf of bread – I cut it in half to make sure it was done all the way through.  It was and it was moist inside and crusty outside.   Along with a bowl of home made French onion soup with croutons and swiss cheese melting on top.

An excellent meal for a cold winter’s day.  And plenty of leftovers to take to lunch for work this week or to stick some in the freezer.

The bread recipe is No-Knead Oat Bread which was in a King Arthur Flour catalog I got in the mail but the recipe is also on their website.  I switched one thing – the recipe calls for a mix of  bread flour and whole wheat flour — I had no whole wheat here so I substituted Rye flour for the wheat (since I love rye more anyway) and it was delicious.

Stash Report – 1-8-17


My second finish for 2017. Got the binding sewn on last night after finishing the quilting yesterday.

The wine glass block is one of my designs that we used for a block swap many years ago.  If I remember right, all the blocks in this little wall hanging were ones I made.  I’ve made at least one other wall hanging using these swap blocks and I think have one more group made into another little wall hanging in the to-be-quilted pile.


You can see all my finished to date – both knitting and quilting by clicking their respective buttons in the blog right side bar.  I keep a running tally of all projects there and images of them when finished.



The numbers for the yarn and fabric stash status are currently as follows:

  • Fabric Used this week:  2.0 Yards
  • Fabric Used YTD:  6.5 yards
  • Yarn Used this week: 0
  • Yarn Used YTD:  260 yards

I thought I might be able to get my scarf finished and off the loom last night but worked on my ESK KAL project instead.


Next week the numbers will change in both knitting and yarn.  I needed to order some wide backing for a quilt and since I’m doing the ESK quarterly and other challenges this year, and I haven’t ordered any yarn from them in the past year, only right that I get a bit since I need to use their yarn for the challenge/projects.  I have most of the projects covered by what is already in the stash but needed to add a bit (and contribute to team Gumblebees). 🙂  And the stuff I bought won’t last long in the stash since it’s for projects I want to complete in the very near future.

Time to get busy – on today’s list of things to do, need to go finish getting the bread dough I made last night ready to go into the dutch oven to bake.  I got the recipe from a King Arthur Flour catalog and after mixing it up, it has to sit out at room temp at least 8 hours so about 1:30 a.m. I remembered I wanted to try it and mixed it up.  So time to shape it and get it in the dutch oven for a final rise.  It should go great with the pot of French onion soup I need to go get started on too.  And while all those things are happening, a bit of weaving to finish off my scarf.