A fun mail day

I love getting fun stuff in the mail.  First, at work my latest Box of Fun arrived.

20140421_5 The orange yellow is the Kauni I had but I needed another ball of it to make the Wiggle Wrap  rav_link the size I wanted so that’s what the blue/purple one is – it’s just wound in the reverse color scheme of the orange/yellow one.  And the Black/gray ones are the second yarn for that wrap – the colors alternate bright and dark. Can’t wait to get started on that one.


That package also contained the Broody Bantams – which will become some warm cozy scarf I think.  Oh Lordy, more yarn to add to the very poorly named “Knit from the Stash” report. ;-)   But, I nearly have a sweater finished – couple rows on one button band and then the buttonhole side of the band.  I dug through my button bin but nothing good in there to use so I’ll have to do some button shopping.




And then when I got home there was a package of this


Advance copies of the next Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine.


My day of the blog tour is next Monday -the first day of the tour.  So don’t forget to stop back and see what’s going on that day – and maybe win one of these issues for yourself. :-)

One last Sunday quilting session photo

20140420_1 20140420_3 Whew – it was a long day of quilting but I accomplished a lot.   Just the border to do on the quilt and I have most of the quilting done on this tale runner – just have to decide what final quilting to add to it.  I used a bright variegated King Tut thread to go with all those easter egg looking colors.

Did the quilting elves make you dinner?

I knew I couldn’t count on them so I started dinner earlier – baked potato, Paula Deen’s pineapple casserole (which I revamped to remove as many points as I could but it just wouldn’t be right without that buttery cracker crumb topping on it) and smoked pork chop (since I didn’t want to buy ham and it tastes the same).   Yum might add in some fresh asparagus too.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for that to cook, I managed to get the rest of the center of the quilt done.  Just the wide border remains, which will probably get a big feather design in it but I’m going to wait and start work on that another day.  But the center went much quicker than I expected with not nearly the amount of wrestling with the quilt with this new machine as with my old one.  Those extra inches of space and the extended bed make things so much easier!

I tried taking a photo outside to see if I could get the stitching to show up better but although it’s gotten overcast (looks like it could rain) which usually means the stitching shows up a bit more, it didn’t help a lot but here are the photos anyway.

20140420_7 20140420_9

But the colors in the photos are true.    I’m also going to have to go on the search for the binding  that I  believe I made back when I made the quilt top – tho I think I actually might just know where it is.


In the meantime, I pulled out a little springy  colored wallhanging I spied hanging on a hanger in the closet.  I think the leftover batting and backing I trimmed of the quilt is just the right side for the table runner so going to get that layered and maybe start a bit of quilting on that.20140420_12

2:00 coffee break

Much quilting progress has been made.  It so nice to actually feel like I’m accomplishing something again and so nice to be able to work in my sewing room without winter’s cold penetrating the room.

I’ve got maybe about half of the quilt center quilted.  I decided to do one sort of larger flower-ish design which basically fills all the space between the larger plaid squares where I did the free motion spiral flower.  I can’t get it to show up real well in the photos in the light I’ve got right now in the sewing room but here’s the back and front of the quilt.  So a cup of coffee and a little treat and I’ll get back at it.

20140420_3 20140420_5 20140420_13

The little things

20140420_1Remember how it’s the little things that I get excited about — like those grapefruit spoons I had found. LOL

Well I have been fighting a losing battle with my ironing board for a while now.  The latch on the bottom that holds it to the highest height is giving out.  Every once in a while it slips and as I’m ironing the board goes ka chunk ka chunk ka chunk down to the lower levels until it catches – or ends up lowered to the floor.  This is not healthy for an iron whether it is hot or not (tho would be a good excuse to replace this once since I picked up the wrong style Rowenta and don’t like this one nearly as much as the other style I usually buy).  But, so far no damage to the iron – it just scares the heck out of me.  But an ironing board is not one of those things I remember to buy when I’m out shopping with friends but this morning, after having breakfast with a friend and stopping at a store or two, I actually remembered to buy a new ironing board. Yes there it is in all it’s shrink-wrapped glory.  Black – even the legs – which seems a bit unusual.

It actually “feels” like a spring day outside today.  It’s not necessarily sunny but it is much warmer than it has been and I’ve actually got the door cracked open as well as my sewing room window to finally let some fresh air in – as long as it doesn’t get windy since the window is right next to all those quilt pieces I put I order not long ago ont hat design wall.

20140420_2 All four winter caps – the April blocks for Knitter’s Gifts, are now done except for the squaring up.  So I’m actually caught up on this project tho I can’t say the same for Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society — I need to print a couple patterns and decide on fabrics.

Picked up a new movie while I was out shopping so I think some movie watching and some machine quilting will be how I spend my afternoon.


Off to a good start….

20140419_8 20140419_9  Quilt is layered and all the peachy plaid large squares now have a spiral flower design in the middle of them.  They might show up a bit better on the tan backing fabric in the photos.

But time for a break, figure out what’s for dinner, and do a few chores while I contemplate the quilting design for the rest of it.


Next up to be quilted — and the giveaway winner

What’s next to get quilted??  There are several I really need/want to get quilted soon.  But there is a bit of priority to some so while I’m itching to do one of the more “fun” ones, this one is for a donation quilt that needs to get done first.

20140419_5 I have no idea how long ago I made this quilt top.  I do believe that somewhere in one of my hidey holes or baskets or bins I also already of the peachy/coral plaid fabric binding already made which hopefully I’ll be able to find back.

Just need to press the quilt top and then I can start pinning since the backing and batting are already all smoothed out on my table.  I think it’s just going to get an overall meander with maybe a flower design scattered here and there and need to decide what thread I’m going to use.  But before heading back to the ironing board…..


The winner of the Knitter’s Gifts BOM giveaway…..I had the random number generator pick a number between 1 and 50. It chose

april random number


So, counting each individual block in the Flickr group that is a part of this quilt — lucky number 8′s block belongs to

Nannylor’s red stocking with the peppermint candies border.   Congratulations!   My direct email address is under my photo – please email me privately your name and mailing address.


Lastly, here’s my fabric choices for my 4th winter cap block (not stitched I place yet)


Happy Saturday Morning!

The sun is shining and even tho it’s a bit chilly out, at least it is brightening up my sewing room.  Could it actually be the days of snow and ice are behind us for a few months? :-)

Despite the fact that I wasted most of yesterday afternoon looking at Ravelry patterns, I did actually get busy after dinner and knit thru the entire first hank of the handspun for my Quaker Yarn Stretcher.  By then it was 11:00 p.m. or so and I wasn’t in the mood to go pull out the yarn swift and winder to wind the other hank so instead got started on this month’s Knitter’s Gifts blocks.  After debating and changing my mind several times on fabric combinations, I managed to get everything cut and three of my four winter caps are completed; the pieces for the other one are ready and waiting.

There’s something about very simple blocks done in gorgeous batiks that just make me smile when I see them.  The simplicity of the block lets the color-drenched batiks really shine and I love that.

20140419_1 20140419_2 20140419_3 Ignore the fact that some of them look too close or not centered — that’s just the crop of the photo.

Final reminder about loading your photos of your finished Knitter’s Gifts blocks to the Flickr group.  Later today I’ll do the drawing for the giveaway and if you don’t have photos you won’t be eligible for this month’s drawing :-( and you know you want one of these totebags. LOLknitbag

More yarny stuff

20140418_1  I got sidetracked as I was writing my last on the Needles post — trying to decide what I want to use this yarn for — and never posted the photo.  Yes, it might have been a recent acquisition.  You can barely see inside it but this one is Kauni Effektgarn EQ  which is rainbow colored in long color changes.



I love the simplicity of the Wiggle Wrap and the pattern is a really simple knit so unless you have something to make it more interesting, I might get bored with it (you know I tend to jump from project to project anyway). But what will keep this one interesting is all those different colors appearing on the needles.  The yarn I bought is the same colored yarn as in the photo and if you look on Ravelry under the projects for that pattern you’ll see tons of great looking Wiggles. :-)  I was trying to decide what solid color I’d put with it and then decided  I really want the wider wrap (it’s in two sizes) and if I can make it even longer, that would be even better since I’m tall (in height and around) so I needed to get more of this EQ color (and The Loopy Ewe had not sold out of it yet so I got some) and decided to get the same type of yarn but in the color that goes from black to light gray so there will be movement in color both in background and in the brights.


And yes, I also got some bulky yarn on sale at Craftsy — I originally bought it to make a gift out of but I’m thinking I may need to keep it for myself.  Will have to wait and see if I can part with the project when it’s done.

20140418_5Although one of them looks different, it’s just wound inside out compared to the rest.


Good grief – it’s 5 p.m. – so much for my sewing this afternoon!  Or knitting for that matter.  No more Ravelry pattern browsing – need to go start picking up stitches around my cardi neckline.


Oh – and if you’re doing the Knitter’s Gifts BOM – I just added the pattern for tomorrow today.  Will I be able to catch up before next month?  Time will tell.  If you haven’t gotten the March pattern, do so now – it will disappear tomorrow. ;-)  If you haven’t loaded up any photos of your Knitter’s Gifts blocks so far – stop holding out on us.  We love to see all those fun blocks.  And, tomorrow there will be a giveaway drawing for one of the Knitter’s Gifts tote bags and if you don’t have your photos loaded, you can’t possibly be chosen. :-)  I’ll approve all photos that are awaiting moderation before I do the drawing tomorrow.