Stashbusting Report and finishes

First to the numbers — 70 yards used YTD; of those 70 yards, 38 yards were purchased YTD.  The purchased YTD tally grew by 8.5 yards this week because my fabrics for Camp Loopy project 2 came in.  That yardage will be added to the used column by the end of July.

Yesterday was a day of finishing a couple projects that have been languishing a while.
After finishing my Camp Loopy Safari Fabric project, I tackled the two projects that have been laying over the end of the couch  months waiting for me to finish them.

All that was left on the baby quilt was to hand stitch down about half the binding  Done!

Cloud Nine Baby quilt - 6-20-15

Cloud Nine Baby quilt – 6-20-15


The other project I finished off was one of my Camp Loopy projects from last summer – the Charley Harper fabric wallhanging.  All it needed was to have a hanging sleeve added to the back (not my favorite thing to do) so it’s been sitting there half sewn on for months.

Finally, it’s done, it didn’t take long, and it is now hanging nice and straight on the wall.    I had been thinking about recovering the cushions on the chair in front of it just for a new look but the color goes perfectly with that wallhanging so I think I’ll scrap that idea and just see if I have any scraps left of the fabrics in the wallhanging to make a pillow for that chair.

Camp Loopy 2014 project - finally added hanging sleeve 6-20-15

Camp Loopy 2014 project – finally added hanging sleeve 6-20-15











First Trek of the Safari is Finished

DSCN4408  My Project for Camp Loopy Fabric Safari for June is done and I actually just finished hanging it on the bedroom wall!   No more trekking through the bush for me; I can sit back at “camp” around the fire and sip cocktails or eat s’mores or both for the next week and a half. ;-)

This ended up being about 70 x 45 when done and the back is all pieced from leftover fabrics used on the front and one or two pieces of prints that didn’t make it on the front.

Back at it….

You know how I get when I have a quilt design in progress — I keep going back and tweaking on it rather than doing the many other things I should be doing.  (Tho my new vacuum arrived so I did get everything vacuumed while testing it out – it definitely has suction as evidenced by how fast it sucked up that loose end of a cake of yarn and started gobbling it up.  NOT the way I would suggest you test out a new vacuum but cut out all the yarn it had wound around the roller and all is well.)

But…..I actually now have a finished design idea…I think.

I originally put the houses along the bottom since one of the fabrics I like had the planes, hot air balloons etc flying over group of houses.  The houses I used may look familiar to those of your who did the past CTS BOM – I just popped in the same building/house blocks from there.  But, when I looked at it later, (note to self –turn off the computer screen so you are not so easily distracted by the design sitting there every time you walk within sight of it)  I was thinking I really just like the airplane blocks better.  Razed the houses and now there’s more planes. This one is a keeper I think.



I did it again…

I’ve puttered away most of my morning but it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much.  In fact, I actually have done a bit of cleaning, baked some biscuits, rescued the outdoor chair cushions which I think are finally dry before too many drips of today’s rain hit them, but then I opened up EQ and that’s where most of my morning went.

There’s a new group of fabrics at The Loopy Ewe that I just love called Little Flyers and that I think would be perfect to make a quilt for a little boy out of.  I don’t have anyone in mind for it but I donate most of my quilts and its sometimes hard to find fabrics that are more little boy oriented.  I love the colors in this prints so I was playing around in EQ a bit trying to see what I could come up with to use those fabrics in.  Here’s  what I have so far.




I think I like it but will let it sit and think about it a while.  I’ve got several other things to make first.


Then I was just playing with some other random blocks and came up with this wallhanging —

openweave2 I could see this in a large wall hanging size being the focal point of a wall – big and bold and bright with some fun quilting on it.  But time to stop the EQ playing.  I’ve got things I need to get done and places to go.  :-)

On the Needles – June 19, 2015

First and most importantly – happy birthday DAD!  and happy birthday to my friend Jennifer! – both of their birthdays are today.

As to what’s on the needles… here’s the progress on my Therapy shawl – a Laura Aylor design.  She’s doing a summer shawl KAL through the end of July and you can choose one of a list of several of her shawl patterns to make.

DSCN4403  My first color – the sort of mauvey pink  – is also contained in my variegated so in some places the little stripes sort of blend.  I really like the section of mesh after the first stripes.  There’s more mesh coming up after I complete the solid section of the second color I’m working on right now.  It has little picots at the outside edge of the shawl but they are sort of hard to see right now and should show up more after block.  It’s one of those good “tv watching” (or bus riding) patterns since you can easily memorize each section.  There’s a darker blue that eventually gets added in at the other end of the shawl — and all of the yarn came out of the stash.

I’ve been knitting on this taking a bit of a break from my red sweater but that is still progressing too.  I’ve gotten past the bind of for the front scoop neckline and am working on the  shoulder sections so should be able to finish off the right side of it tonight and cast on  the left front — or maybe a sleeve first to break up the monotony of one sleeve right after the other.

My fabrics arrived earlier this week for  my July project for Camp Loopy Fabric Safari and I’m really excited to get to that project but will try to patiently wait – or not so patiently wait……

DSCN4405The pastel fabrics on the left are a little washed out from the flash – the top two have light pinks, blues and yellows in them – lighter shades of those colors in the fabric with the black cross hatches on it at the top of the right stack.  That one at the top of the right stack (top in the photo but bottom layer of that stack) is my absolutely favorite. It has all kinds of great colors in it.

And the special treat in the BOF, the goodie for finishing Freshman Year of Loopy Academy — an Academy book bag knitting project bag.  The bag’s look is like old comfy jeans – double stitched  seams and frayed edges.  I really like the way they attached the handles with hook hardware and grommets  — I may have to try that on a bag myself.

Check out what everyone else has on their needles at the

Stashbusting and stuff – 6/14/15

ETA – this is also my design wall Monday post since the project below is the only thing on the design wall. :-)


First – the stashbusting report (you can see the full tally of things I’m tracking and photos by clicking the Fabric Stashbusting button in the right sidebar) but the nitty gritty is this:


  • Fabric purchased year to date”             29.50 yards
  • Fabric used year to date:                         70.00  yards
  • Net stash used:                                             40.50  yards

Not bad for me.  I’ve actually gotten some sewing time in lately  – more than I have in a long time – so finally getting some items I can add in to the tallys.

DSCN4390Here’s what I was working on yesterday.  the quilting in the gold outer borders was finished.  This is my Camp Loopy Safari June project.  All I have left to do is hand stitch down the binding to the back.

When I was nearly finished with the quilting, I spied the Loopy Safari postcard sitting across the room and decided for fun I’d quilt that image into one section of my border.  He would have looked better down in one of the lower corners of the gold border but I already had those quilted – the lower right corner has my first name quilted into it.


So I quilted Loopy up on one of the side sections.

First I traced the postcard image on to tracing paper.


Then I pinned that in place and stitched through the tracing paper.  He turned out rather cute on the quilt.



Last night I cast on Therapy (the pattern is on sale for another day or so).    My Color 1 and Color 2 are a bit blendy where they start the first striping section but I rather like the look of it. Now I’m in to the first mesh section.  I really like the way this pattern is written – there are regular written directions but there is also just a line by line short written version which has stitch counts each row.  Super simple to follow and mark off as you finish each row.


So today’s plan – hmmm – laundry is going, I’ve been out for breakfast with a friend, stopped at the grocery store so the cupboard is stocked, and after I tidy up yesterday’s mess in the sewing room, a bit of quilt binding and knitting and watching movies I think.  It’s very humid outside, dark clouds keep rolling over but so far this a.m. no rain.

Saturday – June 13

Where has June gone – I can’t believe it’s already the 13th.  One of these days I just know we’ll get some sunny, lovely, warm (not hot and humid – I said “warm”) days to enjoy but so far those are few and far between.   Today it’s gloomy and looks like rain again.

First things first….

DSCN4372This month’s installment of PatchKats is now available for download.  When you finish with this month’s sewing, you’ll have seven completed black Kats  – and you’ll be caught up to me.  Here’s my seven black Kats up on the design wall.  I had been sewing ahead on this one but with Camp Loopy starting, I’ve been sewing on that project instead.  Hopefully I’ll get Camp Loopy’s June project finished today and then I’ll have until July 1 before I can start the second Camp project and maybe get some sewing done on the PatchKats while waiting.

ETA — and yes, I know this month’s instructions are a week early – they were done and it just fit into my plans better to get them out there this Sat. rather than next. If you want to wait until next Saturday to retrieve them – that’s totally up to you. :-)  May instructions are still available until next Saturday also.

Yesterday I was trying to decide what shawl project I wanted to work on since I wanted something I could work on that was not in fact a sweater and I finally decided on Therapy, a Laura Aylor design.   I needed three colors.  I knew I had some off white Tosh Lite that would go with just about anything and then I found the two Tosh sock to go with it.  I had been saving those to use in a project together since I think the light purple one will look good with the variegated.   Before starting to wind yarn for this tho I may go back and see if I have anything in the darkest blue in the variegated or a very dark gray to use instead of the off white and see if I find a combination I like better.

DSCN4371Today’s plan – a bit of brunch, need to get dressed, and then on to finishing the quilting on my Camp Loopy project.

On the Needles – Friday – June 12

Yep – it’s the sweater that refuses to be photographed as it’s true color! :-)      I’ve gotten this far on one of the fronts.  I’m not sure if I’ll add any of the lace that is on the back yoke onto the front.  If I do it would  be in sort of the front yoke area but I think it would drive me crazy trying to do the neck and armhole shaping and still maintain the lace pattern.


I am thinking I might need a project other than sweaters to work on — okay  — or maybe I saw a project I just love and realize I have yarn in the stash that just might be perfect for it — yep – actually in the stash.  And it might make a great gift for someone so those are all my excuses for needing to cast on a new project even tho I have several sweaters in various stages of “not done-ness”. ;-)

I really like the combination of mohair and other yarn in  Non Troppo  and while I have several colors of mohair I don’t think I have enough of any of them but I might be able to combine two of them – need to think on that one.  I also love the simplicity of A New Slant  and also Laura Aylor’s Therapy.  I think Therapy will win because I believe I actually know what storage container the yarn is in that I would want to use for that.  And since I need to wind more yarn for my red sweater tonight – why not wind a bit more while I’ at it.

I am hoping to get at least one sweater blocked this weekend so I can start the seaming on it and get it finished off.  That is if I don’t just twiddle the day away like today.

Although I haven’t gotten yet to the machine quilting I planned to do today, I did look at a bunch of patterns on Ravelry, check out the various TLE ravelry forums to see what is being planned for the next Camp Loopy project.  Although I am not doing the knitting Camp, I do check out the photos in those groups from time to time – it’s a great way to see patterns I may not have found on my own.

My fabric Camp Loopy package is off in the mail to me today and will include the “reward” for finish Freshman Year of Loopy Academy.  I won’t say what it is yet  – I’ve seen it in a spoilers thread – but will post a photo when it arrives.

Well since it’s been rainy all day and I never did make it out to the grocery store – I think I’ll give up on that plan for today and let my friendly pizza guy bring me dinner.    Enough rambling – time to order dinner.




Camp Loopy Fabric Safari – Project 2

Today the announcement for the July project for Camp Loopy Safari – the fabric version – was announced so the shopping and planning could commence.

The challenge for July is to pick six different half yard cuts of fabric (you could use more but that’s the minimum) and somewhere on your project there must be a bit of applique or embroidery.

Here’s the fabrics I chose:

camp2  I know I’ve said this before but I love the Project Planner feature that was added to TLE website.  You can add fabric (or yarn) and see them side by side and then with a click – it turns into a shopping list so you can edit how much of each one, and another click, it dumps those fabrics with the yardage you listed directly into the shopping cart.

I’ve been coveting the fabric that is in the bottom row middle for a while — these are all batiks and I can’t say I’ve ever met a batik I didn’t love — but I especially love that one.   I recalled a pattern I had wanted to make and so found the others to go with them.  It will be another large wallhanging and look similar to this pattern from the Robert Kaufman website called Asymetrical Diamond.  All just simple HSTs.





The yellow/goldish batik will be my background (used where the white is in the quilt image), the three batiks with black in them will make up where the darker shades of blue/purple are and the three lightest batiks will be where the lighter shades of blue/purple are in the quilt.  The bright pink will be the binding and as for my bit of applique (because you know I will be doing applique rather than embroidery) :-) I’m thinking I’ll add a pink heart in the diamond area where the blocks meet to make sort of the center – the asymmetrical center.  Either that or one of the prints is butterfly wings so I may applique a few little butterflies flitting across it.


So my order is placed and my plan is in place.  Now I just have to finish off the June project and then wait for July to start this one.  But, at the last minute, I decided to  give myself a three-day weekend, so I should have my final border area quilted in no time tomorrow and get the binding on and hopefully have a totally finished project done before the end of the weekend.