FKAL – that means “flash knit along” and there’s just enough time to do the ESK FKAL for Escarpment Cowl (a free pattern) which needs to be finished by June 1,  before Camp Loopy starts  on June 1 and I need to concentrate on those Camp projects.

This cowl is super easy.  I actually pulled fabric from my stash for it – yes I know you are amazed at that! 🙂

The FKAL schedule is start May 25 and finish by Noon EST on June 1.   So as soon as it hit May 25 in the EST zone, I cast on and knit until the week hours of the morning while watching a new series on Prime I had been waiting for and playing that binge watching game of … I’ll just watch one more episode,  okay one more episode,  just one more episode…  Then when I finally did go to bed I still woke up at 5 whatever AM like normal, even though I took off work for a nice 4-day holiday weekend.   So what’s a person to do who is on vacation and wakes up that early but make the coffee and then go prop up in bed to knit for another 3-4 hours.  The only thing better would have been someone to

bring me my coffee refills so I didn’t have to go get them myself and someone to make me some fresh muffins or something else for breakfast. 🙂


Now it’s off to the sewing room to continue my cleaning.  I finally got around to toting home from work a large box I had delivered there because it had to be signed for which contains some Ikea pegboard system stuff which I’m anxious to get up on the wall in the sewing room so I can organize all the stuff to go on it.


All that Eu Privacy Policy stuff

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I’ve seen many blogs that have you accept the privacy policy re cookies.  Well hells bells I have no idea how to do that thru my blog set up in  so I’m going to deal with it the simplest way I know how.

The new policy goes in effect May 25 so between now and then I will be removing the “subscribers.”  Subscribers are the people who get my blog posts sent directly to their email.     You of course can (and I hope will) resubscribe and by doing so, that means you accept the privacy policy, etc.  Note that above the “sign yourself up” button on the top left of the blog (which is where you subscribe) I have added a blurb about agreeing to this as seen below.


I’m not sure if wordpress automatically generates an email to you when I remove the subscribers or not, but this is a heads up that if you normally receive blogs posts in your email, you will need to resubscribe in order to continue to do so.  Sorry about that but it only takes a minute to do.  If you don’t want cookies tracking, you can modify your own internet browser settings to turn them off.

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The Sewing Room clean-up

Yesterday afternoon and this morning have been spent trying to get control of the chaos that is my sewing room.  My only problem is when I’m doing a major cleanup/reorganization it seems to spread over the whole apartment.  For instance, There is this three-drawer storage chest in my sewing room – that’s what kicked off the latest project.

20180520_1It’s full of knit items – scarves, shawls, cowls, mittens –  and I still have a bunch more I need to pack away until next winter and they are not going to fit into this. (Plus I really wanted this to use for sewing stuff (a drawer for rulers and templates and tools, may be one for scraps , etc.)  Then I remembered a very large suitcase (too big for the airlines these days – not that I’ve flown anywhere in years) that I use for storage off off-season clothes.   That suitcase was on my list of things to clean out because I knew here were clothes in it I haven’t worn in years that I needed to get ride of.  And here was another large plastic storage tub of clothes I wanted to get rid of as well.  So now there were three things involved in my relocation/packing away of the knit cowls/scarves/mittens, etc.  The suitcase first got pulled out and sorted through; the plastic tub from a different closet pulled out, sorted, items from that I wanted to keep now fit into the suitcase, and one plastic tub now emptied to put the knit stuff in for storage which will leave this cabinet empty as well.

Many baskets and containers of “stuff” cleaned off the sewing table as well.  All those little bits and bobs that get tossed into them as I’m working on a project (or allegedly cleaning) that really don’t belong there.  So little by little I’m making headway.  And in my cleaning I found a block drawing I’ve been looking for so that was a bonus and as I was moving quilt tops hanging in the closet I came across two I had totally forgotten were in there waiting to be quilted.  I haven’t decided if I can part with one of them but the other is perfect for a wedding quilt  and I have several of those I  need to make so just have to quilt it.

As I was digging through one of the containers I came across these cute little blocks


I think there’re from when I was working on one of my cupcake block quilts and I was planning to use them as sashing centers (or maybe I did since I know a couple cupcake quilts were donated but I still have more large cupcake blocks in the closet).  The cupcakes themselves are about 1-1/2″ — the background square of these measures 2-1/2″.  I set these aside (so they don’t get lost) and may need to make a little mug rug out of them.   Those cupcakes have now made me hungry – must be time for a lunch break.

And on the knitting front – finished off this sock last night.  So need to csst on the second one tonight.


A bit more Roundup tweaking

My fabrics for my Camp Loopy quilt have arrived.


After seeing them in person I decided the paisley and the horseshoe fabric would look better switched around.  The pink tone on tone looks really good with the burgundy tone one tone and the paisley but I originally had that pink tone on tone with the horseshoe print in the center – not good in person.  But luckily I have the yardage to switch those around.  These pink colors are really growing on me and of course I don’t know that I ever saw a paisley I didn’t like.

So I re-colored my EQ drawing so that when I go to make it I don’t forget about the fabric swap and then I also decided that since I bought extra of the paisley, I’d make the project a bit larger and add another border of the paisley which brightened up the overall look rather than ending with the black/cream print.  So here’s the new plan.


So the final size will be 45 x 55 or thereabouts – I can’t remember exactly.    I’ve gotten emails asking if I will be posting this pattern to the blog.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it since it’s such a simple design – I’m still thinking on it but if I do,  it would be the “quicky instructions” format I’ve used on some projects in the past where I give you the info to make cut and sew one of each block style in the quilt, along with sashing and border measurements (not the detailed instructions like if it were being published).  It would not have the cowgirl pattern for the center since that’s not my design to share (but you could easily find something like it in clip art on line).  It would be this original version with more stars in the center.





Socks – a bit of backtracking

I was moving along nicely on this sock and then realized – darn I had gotten off on the pattern that creates the groove down the sides of the sock.  I was debating whether to rip back or not – it’s a sock, it will be in my shoe – no one will know but me and just as I decided to leave it I spied the reason I had gotten off in the pattern.  A dropped stitch about a dozen rows back.  Drat – so decided to rip it back and I think I’m almost back to where I was.


The pictures above are both the same sock – just the two different sides.  It will be interesting to see if they pool the same.  Front of the sock is red and gray, back is gray and gold and then foot starts to mix it all up again but now it’s starting to pool differently.

There was also a bit of stash enhancement.

It’s Camp Loopy Time!

You know – that time of year where in three months I try to finish more knitting and sewing projects than I may have completed in the past year….

You can read all the rules and get info on the first June Camp projects, you get a discount on your camping supplies and it’s all just good fun!  Info is on The Loopy Ewe Blog.  And the rules have changed this year so you don’t necessarily need to make projects that increase in yardage each month.

I had decided I wasn’t going to do the yarn camp this year – just the sewing camp since my sewing room has been very neglected the past few or more months.

But then the Camp Care package – a special purchase in advance of camp that is just an additional camper perk – arrived and the yarn is lovely so I will do at least the first month of yarn camp even if I don’t do the next two (and with the new rules you can do that).



Inside the Camp Care package was this lovely hank called Night Wrangler, a new camp bag (we’re going by wagon train / western themed camp this year) and a scissors fob.

I spent last night trying to come up with a potential western themed quilt design in EQ8.  Then I went looking for potential fabrics.  Found some I liked and then waited to see if they would fit Camp requirements and they did.


These have been ordered.  The paisley (I love paisley) and the pink horseshoes are from a Riley Black Rodeo Rider line which seems very appropriate.  Here’s the design I came up with which I’m calling All Star Cowgirl Roundup.


The center applique is a bit fuzzy looking because it’s just an image pasted over top of an area where there were blocks.   It’s actually an image of a block I have in another quilt top that was made by a friend at a quilt retreat in Texas for our Texas themed block swap.  If I can’t find the clip art, then I’ll just trace her block to get the pattern and add a border around it to get to the size I need.

Here is the block in the Texas retreat quilt (which still needs to be quilted) and I think I even know where in the closet it is if I need to trace the block.   Now to wait until Camp officially opens on June 1.   Are you doing Camp Loopy?  It’s loads of fun!

texas hill country






May 6, 2018

May seems to have snuck up on me.  Or it could be the fact that I haven’t adjusted to winter coat/6″ of snow falling one week and the same time next week, no coat, 70s, very humid and I think I saw a mosquito!

With massive amounts of rain and temps soaring into the 70s and humid, overnight – literally – leaves and blossoms popped out on trees.  We have green grass and the tulips are starting to open on the Capitol grounds across from where I work.  Another sure sign of spring – the food carts are back out on the Capitol Square although I’m sad the Chinese food cart that was right outside our office has not returned.  Great food, inexpensive and so handy.  Makes for a nice change of pace with all the different cart options.

This weekend I’m just spent puttering – a bit of cleaning and laundry, then I lose interest, go do something else – boring – so I’ve accomplished a very little bit of several things but it doesn’t really seem like I’ve done much.

I do have what I’m making for dinner decided and will have leftovers for some lunches this week so that’s always a bonus.  Cleaned out a couple of the knitting project baskets that were once again a mess (knitting stuff and quilting stuff – I make such a mess of them).    I found a couple projects that I’m trying to decide – will I ever finish it or should I just rip it out.  One of those projects, which I did rip, was the Plaid is the New Fad.  I started it for a Loopy challenge last year and only got about this far


I think what I loved the most about this pattern is the colors the design picked – so bright and cheery – and even tho it’s not a hard pattern, I wasn’t enjoying knitting it, and when I saw some of the finished ones where the slipped stitch parts get longer, I didn’t like the look of them so I’m not wasting my lovely Wollmeise on something I don’t feel like making and wouldn’t like in the end.  Too many things to knit – can’t be wasting time on things I don’t love.

One of the other things I haven’t ripped back yet but think I will start over on is Stained Glass Cowl – yep that project started as a KAL in 2016 which is still not done.  20161018_4

I was going to work on it a bit last night and decided several things — this one bugs me. LOL for several reasons.  My colorwork is a bit all over the place as far as tension goes so some stitches disappear making it look like the pattern is off.  Some of that would come out with blocking but some of it is also due to I think I need to go down a needle size.  Then there’s two spots not visible in the photo (in addition to the one spot I can see in the image above) where I got off on the pattern.  Lastly, even though I had changed the size of my cast on at least once if not twice, this is still not a length I would like.  It’s not long enough to double loop (which I don’t like to wear) but it’s too long for the length I like my single loop cowls.    Okay plus I got this great Wollmeise multicolored yarn that I think would be really pretty in this pattern – which all means I’ll rip this one back and restart, with smaller needles as soon as I figure out what the proper number of pattern repeats will be for what I want.  I do love this pattern and eventually I will have a cowl out of this pattern to wear! 🙂

I did finish something last night tho.   This pair of socks.


The pattern is Peacock Socks (tho I switched the pattern at the top of the foot a bit) and yarn is DIC Smooshy in Below Horizon, one of their new colors.  One half of the hank definitely had more speckles than the other  – clearly evident between the two socks.  I’m hoping all of their new specky yarns are not dyed that way – for socks I don’t really care but in other projects not being more evenly distributed with color might be really annoying.

I also cast on a new pair of socks but they are not very far along so I’ll wait to show those.

The Rex fabrics for the dinosaur quilt design I previously showed have arrived and are just so darn cute.  But that project is on the back burner – I have several other things I need to make first.


And in my puttering yesterday I was playing a bit more in EQ with a few potential designs below.  Now I’ m off to actually start cleaning the sewing room which I’ve been meaning to get to for a couple weeks and have been avoiding!  Time to start…..

blueyellowredblacklimessun and surfsunny



Rex – revised

I did a bit of tweaking on the dinosaur quilt I want to make.   Made the block size smaller, added more blocks so I could get a total of three of the large stars (the ones with the dark blue pieced centers and large green star points) into the design rather than two which makes it look more balanced.  rex-revised

I also replaced the background fabric with a solid or tone on tone rather than the little palm tree print which appears in some of the four-patch blocks.  That change also made the green star points pop more and overall less busy look.  I haven’t compared the EQ8 yardage numbers to the yardage I actually bought but I think I should have enough once I find a background fabric in the stash.  Also, since I made the dino applique larger on this versionk, the fat quarter of that color I ordered won’t be large enough but I’m sure I can find something in the stash for that.

My Melodyy – Wolltraum Yarn

As I was looking a some projects on Ravelry a week or more ago, I came across several that were using this unusual yarn.  The yarn is called My Melodyy and it comes in lovely gradient colors that you can have caked light to dark or dark to light – your preference – and use multiple strands that are arranged to get the gradient look.  It’s also “multiple wrapped” yarn which means it’s not twisted and plied and the separate strands all lay  next to each other.

20180428_220180428_1I ordered two different colors in two different yardage amounts – both of them have one metallic strand in them to add a bit of glitz.  There’s a small charm tied on the end of the center pull strands.

Most of the projects I’ve seen using this yarn have been crocheted – don’t know if that means it’s difficult to knit with or since it’s a yarn I got from Sweden that crochet is more prevalent in certain areas or if the yarn company’s target audience is crocheters but I’m going to try knitting with it first and see what happens – once I decide what I want to make with it.   The yarn itself doesn’t really seem expensive to me but shipping can be, so this was my splurge and not a yarn I’ll likely use after I use these two cakes, but I couldn’t resist since it looked so interesting.

My plan for the bottom cake is to make an Allira Shawl by Ambah.