On The Needles Report

Have you noticed that my “Friday on the Needles Report” to link up to Judy is  hardly ever posted on Friday? :-)   I’m too lazy Friday nights usually to take photos and turn on the computer — that’s me, my jammies, a cozy quilt in my cozy chair knitting time.  Can’t be messing with the computer.

But…I have been busy knitting as you might guess …… along with planning more projects I need to knit.


My KISS Cowl a Tucked Hood is nearly ready to come off the needles.   I changed up the color placement a bit and used leftovers from the colored outside tucks to make the inner tuck area, and then finish up using my main speckled yarn for the innermost layer.  The wider stripes of color  will mostly not show – except where it sort of drapes open when wearing.  Those colors stay tucked inside but – when the really cold winds blow and you are not wearing a hat (not that I’m speaking about me) – you can pull that up over your head as a hood (yes you probably figured that out from the name of the pattern) and those wide stripes will show.  If I ever get lost in a blizzard, I’ll just pull it over my head and those bright stripes should allow me to be spotted!  I should finish this today.


This second fingerless mitt for the Indie Gift-A-Long 2016 on Ravelry should be completed today too.  I think I just have to bind off and stitch the side seam.


This I cast on one night this week because I knew I was going to be finish the other cowls I’m working on soon and I needed a no-mind bus knitting project.  This pattern is KISS Cowl – where the work is all done by a long color change yarn.  I’ve had this Regia yarn in my stash for quite a while.  I originally bought it to make socks but when I got it decided it would not make good socks (just my own personal opinion – many people do make socks from it).  It will make a pretty cowl tho with its shifting from dark to lighter shades of blue.


This yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in the Coos Bay colorway (yep another I pulled out of the stash and does it look nice with my table topper below it) :-)   Laura Aylor does a KAL project pre-Christmas so knitters can carve out a little knitting time for themselves each day to relax and regroup.   The Coos Bay is what I will be using for that project and you can find the info on it at the link above and in her Ravelry group.

I’m also going to be starting a test knit of a cowl pattern for Laura as well next week and here is my yarn all picked out for that.


Then — yes more projects — stop shaking your head at me…….. LOL

In January I’ll be doing a KAL for the Betwixt Blanket Cape.  I love the look of it (but I also like the style of blanket it is made after).   I kept looking at the pattern ever since it was released — I had no appropriate yarn in the right amounts — I had so many projects on the needles — BUT I just kept going back to it.  It looks like a great project to toss on -whether in the house  snuggled up to keep warm  – or spring or all – or when the temps hit the single digits next week – it would be great  wrap over my coat too!  Anyway, I could no longer ignore it when I got an email from an online shop that they suggested yarn in the pattern was on sale  — had to order some.  So mine will be in these two colors.tekaposeal


Tekapo and Seal.      Okay – enough talking about knitting – time to go do some.  First I have to go see if my old pair of boots are in the laundry room still (I hope) since many inches of snow are supposed to be headed this way this weekend and of course my “good” boots are sitting at the office.  Dang!   I did go out and fill the birdfeeder, and went to the end of the complex to grab my mail.  Out of the wind its cold but that’s to be expected – but in the wind  brrrrrr – it’s been terribly windy the past three days.



Sandwiched and turned

The reversible table topper is nearly done.   I have the stitched together with thin batting in between and just need to hand stitch the turning opening closed.  I was worried they wouldn’t line up nicely but it turned out well. Just need to add a bit of quilting and I will have all my Christmas gifts completed.

Here’s the front and backside after stitching around the outside edges and flipping them right sides out.


Finally …. a third

20161204_4  Between laundry and some closet rearranging, I managed to get the third set I had cut sewn.    I’m going to use the 2nd one and third one I made and put them together so it’s a reversible table topper. Both sides contain the same blocks (using same fabrics) with the exception of the center  hexagons and one pair of blocks — there are two rust/orange blocks in the one above and in the 2nd version I made there are two more purple blocks.

And a second one…

The second topper top is now done.

20161204_8  I’ve got pieces for one more cut and then I think I will try putting two of them together so that it is a reversible table topper.

And then there was snow….


I though it looked more white outside than normal through the bit I could see through the closed blinds this morning and yep – there it is.  I knew it was a bad sign when I saw that the automatic “snow” that goes across the blog screen had turned on.   Of course I’m not really complaining – it’s Dec. 4 and this is the first snow – it’s held off a lot longer this year that in past ones.  I think I’ve only had the heat on two days to take the damp chill out so far.  I guess it might be time to pull the winter sweaters out of storage.

Check it out – I’ve already got the table topper blocks set together and those Y-intersections cooperated nicely.


Just need to see what kind of thin batting scraps I have and figure out what backing I want to use.  This would be a great little project to have an extra one or two finished for that emergency gift giving so I think I may pull fabrics for a second one.

Sunday sewing

Well – the blocks I was working on yesterday I love so much I think I’m going to have to keep that project for myself and not give it as a gift. :-)   But that is okay because I have found a replacement project for the gift.  I had picked up the Winter 2016 issue of Quilts and More as I was headed to a doctor’s appointment in case I had to sit and wait a while.  I never got around to looking at it until last night and spied this lovely tumbling blocks table topper.


I love tumbling blocks designs.  This one was made from a package of precut hexagons but it has instructions /template to use 10″ squares so I have will pull some squares from Hoffman Bali Crackers (10″ squares) stash and get to work on this topper today which will finish about 20″.

I forgot I had actually done some online shopping the weekend after Christmas for some quilting goodies – some for gifts and some gifts for me which arrived yesterday.

The Fat Quarter Shop has some great Flash Sales on their website.  That’s where I got this tin set.  I love these Moda tins – so bright and colorful and very useful sizes for all the little knitting and sewing bits that need a home around here.  Of course some will be used as gifts and I found some cute little things to fill a couple of them with.


The box that looks like a crayon sized box —

20161204_5 That will go in one of the tins – they are band aids with sewing things printed on them like the five strips printed on the box.  Now how fun are those to include in a package for a quilting friend!    I also fell in love with the little Moda mini charms packet – that will go in another little tin as a gift.  The two fabric bags — the smallest one I think cost 22 cents on flash sale.  It’s nothing fancy but a cute little zipper bag nonetheless.  The Create fabric zippered bag was free for placing a flash sale order.  So time to refill the coffee cup and go search for the fabrics I want to use for the table topper.


On the needles/ off the needles / got more needles???

Knitting, knitting and more knitting going on (and a bit of sewing too).  Let’s see, I nearly have my second fingerless mitt done for the Indie Gift-A-Long on Ravelry.   Then I plan to unsew one part of the first one and redo the  bind off at the top edge on that.  It was a bit too tight and I made it a bit too long – don’t like where it ends on my fingers – so will correct that too to match the second one which I’m making shorter.

This is my DaVinci Cowl Villa Borghese Park off the needles.  I love the way this one pooled.the

The photos show both the inside and outside.  It gets buttons down the garter stitch section – which is hard to see in the photos but its the edge where the yellow in the first picture and the green in the second run vertically just right of center in the photo.


The cowl is on the blocking boards at the moment and and as I thought this yarn would – it blocked out a bit longer than in the photos above so is a bit larger cowl which is fine.  I just need to figure out what buttons I want to use on it.


This is the Desert Arrows Vest – also a GAL project.  I have so many stitches on those shorter needles its all scrunched up so you can really see the lovely lace pattern.  The yarn is Cascade Cherub DK.  I’ve read many reviews where people complained about it being splitty yarn – I haven’t hand any problems with that at all.  It is however full of static – every time I pull more yarn off of the ball it floats about sticking to my hand and my sleeve.  It’s definitely soft and it’s knitting up really pretty in this matter.  But I need to try to tame the static.

20161130_1This is the yarn I’m using to make the KISS Cowl a Tucked Hood.    I started it Wednesday night and am halfway through the third tuck.  in the photo below.


I’ve got it laying kind of weird in the photo but  the underside of each tuck is a  solid color and just the one row of color shows on the right side.  It’s going to be a fun and bright cowl.

Now as for the quilting — I’ve been working with this lovely batiks today.


I’m making a smaller wallhanging for one of my bosses for Christmas using these fabrics and using one of the patterns that is going to be published in the upcoming year.  I’ve shrunk the quilt block itself by 50% and I’m only making 9 blocks but its a bit slow going.  It’s a paperpieced pattern and we all know I don’t exactly love making those but sometimes to get those pointy points you need to paperpiece.  But why did making only two blocks make this much mess.


I think that’s what I hate most peeling paper off and all those scraps and threads.  But on the bright side only seven more blocks to go!  (of course each of those blocks has  16 pieces of fabric in them!). The design is actually based on a marble floor design I saw in an old church in Germany but I’ll have to wait to show you this project until the pattern is published.

And I can report another great tasting treat from the Air Fryer.   My favorite eggrolls – they turned out so crispy and didn’t ooze the insides like they do in the oven when I try to get them extra crispy.


My flash and the lighting in my kitchen isn’t helping because they looked much more evenly browned in real life but they were cooked to perfection in very short time.  I had the grocery store deliver more egg rolls in my order today so I have some in the freezer.  Quick and easy to toss in when I don’t really feel like cooking.

Now confession time — I love fish sticks.  There are good fish sticks and bad fish sticks but my mom laughed one day when I told her the perfect comfort food was fish sticks and mac ‘n cheese (Kraft boxed of course).   I usually don’t buy fish sticks but try to eat a more healthy type of fish but some days you just need the fish sticks!   And when you have a new air fryer you need to see how well it can make said fish sticks.  So yes, the grocery guy delivered those too.   I do actually eat healthier food that fish sticks and egg rolls — like that salad I’ll be having with my fish sticks rather than the mac ‘n cheese – but how boring to talk about salad.🙂







More knitting planning

First – I found a photo of another favorite fall quilting project.  I think this one is a top that needs to be quilted.  I’m going to have to check the closet when I clean it out because I think it’s hanging there needing the final border added.


And – sharing with you another of the GAL items I plan to knit — a vest for my favorite sister (as well as my only sister). :-)  I love the Desert Arrows Vest and had been contemplating trying to make it using CustomFit to get the size I want for myself.  But it will be much easier to alter if I make it per the pattern first and I think it would look very cute on my sister.

I’ll be using this Cascade Cherub yarn in this pretty dark teal color.


Now to go refill my coffee cup and go tackle this


All the stuff that was on the bookshelf I removed from the sewing room piled on the table and chair (and floor).  Time to reorganize, clean out the closet and move some furniture around in there.


Another knitting finish

Yes the needles are flying here.  I did some cleaning and rearranging furniture while awaiting my new chair.  Part of the rearranging was to bring an old big bookshelf out of the sewing room and back into the living room so I could put the TV on top of it — raising the tv height so hopefully when reclining in said new chair, my line of sight would be through the correct part of my trifocals.  I think it worked.

However, that means everything off that bookcase is now piled on top of my sewing room table — and in the meantime I  decided that room needed a total overhaul.  I want more storage room IN the closet in that room so I need to pull a wooden shelving unit out of the closet and put it along a wall in the sewing room.  All this means much unloading of shelves, moving furniture about and finding everything a new home.  But that will be tomorrow’s project…. or next weekend’s.  🙂

So as for the knitting finish – I just cast off my third DaVinci Cowl.  Another one I love.  This whole pooling yarn thing is so addictive.


Goes perfect with my brown jacket.  Yep this one I keep for me.   I’ve got some yarn picked out from the stash to try another of Mary-Ann Lammers’ pooling designs.

This is Mary-Ann’s  design – DaVinci Cowl III Spanish Steps  (photo used with permission)

davinci-cowl-iii-spanish-steps and there’s a companion design that uses the same color yarn since you have plenty to make both with just one hank of each color (perfect for making one for yourself and one to give away).  I like the lacy edging on this one and the tassels.

And I also have some yarn plans to her  KISS Cowl A Tucked Hood.  Love the look of this pattern.


(Photo used with permission)

I like that its a cowl but you can also pull it up as a hood if needed (and you know where I live it can often be needed).  I plan to use this Madelinetosh speckled for the main yarn and then make the tucks different colors using this yarn.

project planner.JPG

Yes – I need another pair of hands to get all this stuff done but I don’t really have any deadlines.  The other projects I’m knitting for the Indie Gift Along have a deadline if you want to win prizes but I’m just joining in for fun (though I did win a random trivia question today and got to choose a free pattern!).

Oh and I tried out my air fryer for dinner tonight.  I popped my Cornish hen into it after marinating it and 20 minutes or so later — check this out.


The skin was really crispy and the meat juicy.   Delicious.





One Mitt done…..

My first fingerless mitt is done — in bulky yarn they knit up very quickly but bulky yarn is also hard on my hands to knit with when doing twisted stitches so I switched to a different project last night after finishing this mitt and casting on the second one.  Will finish the other mitt up soon.


These mitts are seamed – but I prefer that since I can get the thumb opening exactly where I want it and for some reason, other than socks, I don’t like knitting smaller items on double pointed needles – especially larger sized double points.  These are a bit snug on me (but not unwearable) so if I made them again for my big hand size, I’d probably had an extra stitch or two in stockinette stitch on each side.  The pattern says to cast of tightly at the top — that makes it a bit too tight for my hand so normal tension cast off would be better.

It’s very difficult to take a picture of your own hand.🙂


Really simple stitch pattern with faux cables.  If you’re looking for a quick holiday gift – these are definitely quick and easy.

I cast on – but didn’t do much else – my kid’s sweater for the GAL.  The pattern is  Lupine Seed Cardigan – a cute, swingy little girl’s sweater.  Yes, you know I’m not fond of futzing with  cables but I do really like that seed stitch cable mix that goes down the back of the sweater and there’s just a bit of cabling on the stand up collar so I think I can handle it. 🙂


The yarn is Cascade 220 superwash in Brambleberry.   I used a needle size one size smaller than the pattern calls for.  The pattern doesn’t have a size 1-2 (which is what I would ideally like); it goes form 12 mos. to 2-3 yrs so I used a slightly smaller needle to get a slightly smaller sweater.

It’s new recliner delivery day — so I need to get off the computer and move furniture around to make room for it.   So this evening I can be knitting in comfort with my feet up  in this chair – wider than average; seats taller than average (finally a chair for a tall person) — finally something comfortable (my old furniture hasn’t been comfortable in ages).

chairYes – I’m so excited to be getting a new chair. LOL