All tangled up

Well I wouldn’t say the sewing room is clean yet but I have been busy cleaning.   After getting rid of empty boxes and the rest of the yarn that needed to go back in their storage tubs, I decided to start cleaning out all of the various baskets and other containers that were holding works in progress that were piled up in a corner of my living room.

Let’s just say they were a mess.  Projects tangled up with other projects, projects I stopped working on because I didn’t care for them but didn’t get around to ripping back.  So I spent the afternoon untangling, organizing, discovering that that shawl I wanted to rip back was hoarding a good supply of my stitch markers, found needles and yarn I had been looking for.   And of course there were balls of leftovers from projects mixed in with it all so those were sorted out to the bag I toss the left overs in.


It doesn’t look like much by every one of those baskets was overflowing with a mess.  When I decided I had enough room to keep those wooden shelves in my sewing room (I was originally planning to get rid of them when I got the yarn cubbies), I decided they would be good to hold all those projects in the works that I had piled in the corner of the living room.  There’s still a bit more organizing to do but I managed to empty the larges basket completely and I have another large round basket that my temperature tracker yarns will all fit in.  And in addition to reclaiming a couple sets of needles, I ripped back six or seven projects that were never going to get finished and put the yarn back in the stash.   I still have a few more storage containers to check for other projects (most of those I think are to get ripped back) but I’ll work on organizing those this week.  I’ll be glad for them to be more orderly so I can figure out which projects to finish first.

Several loads of laundry have been done, my Cornish hen is nearly ready to come out of the oven for dinner…. it’s been a very productive day.