I decided it was time to do some serious machine quilting of the many many quilt tops that have patiently waiting to be finished. I had a stack that I had pulled out, many of which are slated to be finished for charity purposes, a few I will keep, and perhaps a few I will sell.  So they’ve all ended up in this crate so they are visible when I’m in the sewing room to nag at me to finish them.

I issued a challenge to myself to complete them all by my birthday next year, July 28, 2012.  Course when I first posted about the challenge to myself there was also a guessing game involved where comments were left trying to guess how many would end up in the crate — I stuffed a few more in there after this photo was taken.  I have no idea how many are in there, and the person who guess correctly (or closest to the correct number without going over) will have to patiently wait, now that the guessing is over, until they are finished to win their prize for the guessing correctly.

So as I finish quilting the tops in this crate, I’ll be posting photos here of the completed quilts.  Time will tell just how many I managed to stack in that crate! :-)

Denise — who still has two storage tubs of other tops to be quilted in addition to these! YIKES!

13 comments on “QUILTS FROM THE CRATE

  1. Thanx so much for changing the color and it did answer my question. I am amazed how beautiful you quilting is, it’s such an art in it self! I have a Bernina and I need to learn how to free motion quilt. I start my day with a cup of coffee and reading your blog, it gives me inspiration for the day! Happy quilting and thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. Denise, I can’t read the bio on you the green blends in too much with the tan, do you quilt on a long arm or do you use the same machine you piece with. Been reading post blogs and it all has been sooooo interesting. I don’t knit but your pictures make me wish that I did! Thanks so much for sharing your designs and such wonderful pictures of your work.

    • I fixed the font color — that was left over from a prior blog layout that didn’t have the tan background. No – I do not have a long arm.

  3. I took the plunge and bought a LA because the LAer I was using would not do more than one a month for me. It appeared at my house in the middle of “Chemo”, so I am just now getting to use it. Love it and am having fun finishing my baby quilts with different patterns for practice. The fly in the ointment is that every “rock” that I turn over in my sewing room reveals another finished top and I have usually included the back. I am not even staying even with the board at getting my quilts finished. LOL I have several of the wall hangings from last year, the penguin, the heart one, etc. I have the BOM, but the chemo made me so sick that it will have to be this year. Thank you for your creativity.

  4. You go girl!!! I am just as bad!!! I just made the backs for 16 quilts that have been wailing, some for over 10 years. My hope was to at least get the tops & backs all ready by the end of may, 2012. Got that far!!!! LOL

  5. hi denise I am trying to control myself not to start another quilt till the one i am working on is finished . i have decided to keep an exercise book with all the pattern names in and which cd i have copied them too. although i must admit i have a couple lined up to be cut out at the moment . just trying to finish off my xmas gifts so far i have finished two quilts last week… another on my table a memory wall hanging for my son to be finished today hopefully….. quilty hugs helen aus.

    • If you’ve managed to finish one before starting another, you have way more self control than me. :-) I won’t even think about all the tops waiting to be quilted and there’s currently at least four different tops in various stages up on my design wall (or spilling over on to the table).

  6. Good Job posting you will finish the tops, I have one left to put the blocks together. I have new quilts in my head and will be cutting today.(2) The reason I am doing that is my new Elna 7300 arrives this coming week and I want to be ready to sew. Hugs patticake

  7. Hello Denise, How can I get a copy of your doggie quilt patterns. I would love to create that quilt. I’m a dog lover and thought that would be a good addition to my collection.

  8. I am so happy to find out that someone else has a stockpile of quilt tops. I blame my pile on Eleanor Burns. I learned to quilt from her Quilt in a Day books and they showed you how to make the top and then told you to quilt as desired. Well, I desired to make another top!

  9. Ok, Denise, ignore my post on the other page LOL I just now found this page, and read that even YOU don’t know!! LOL You go, girl!!! Git ’em done!!

    Gerda in Alberta

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