2 comments on “Just Flutterin 58 x 67

  1. I have tried and tried to download this pattern — to no avail!!! I’m wondering if you have a digital one I can get from you! I couldn’t find All A Flutter on Hoffman’s page, nor did I see an archive area. I realize this pattern was in the Spring 2011 — but it’s gorgeous and in 2014 decided we want to make this one. My sis and I are cutting out quilts like crazy and then when I go home we’ll sew like crazy women! However, this cute, beautiful quilt is one we want to try. Can you help us? please let me know. Email is JJParker14@att.net THANKS!

    • I did notice that Hoffman Fabrics did remove some of the older patterns from their website, so if it’s no longer listed there, it’s no longer available for download.

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