Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society – Sign up closed



If you like the blocks and wish to make them on your own, they are available for purchase at


If you signed up for this project — this is not the page you will find each month’s information on.  You need to go to the password protected page as instruction in the email where you obtained the password.  Thank you.

27 comments on “Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society – Sign up closed

  1. Just in the nick of time, literally just purchased and downloaded your Dog Pound Pals collection. It’s now installed and linked to my EQ7. Just sent you a private e-mail message to get my “question”. Can’t wait to participate in this quilt-along with everyone else. Your designs are simply adorable.

    • Have you signed up for this project? Could be you signed up with a difference email than your blog comment came from which is why I’m not seeing you on my list but you have to follow the sign up process for this one to play along if you haven’t already.

      • Hi,
        I did confirm but didn’t sign up to word press. I have done that now so hoping all is good. I have purchased the pattern and just need to sort out fabric and wait for the beginning, so looking forward to this project.
        In Oz

  2. Hi. I’m trying to open the site: and can’t get to it. Do you know if they are having trouble with their site? I want to sign up for the Dog Pound Pals project. Thanks!

  3. I have been trying unsuccessfully to purchase the patterns. Everytime I go to I am told the page doesn’t exist yet I have been there before. Do you know if their servers are down? I would really like to participate in this but cannot if I cannot get the patterns.
    KimQ in VA

  4. I have purchased the pound puppy designs and tried to email privately to sign up for the quilt but my email was returned as undeliverable. now what do I do?

    • You did find the button in the sidebar because you left this comment on the page that button takes you to. :-) If you still need to sign up, please read the page you left this comment on which tells you how to sign up after you have purchased the pattern.

  5. I bought the pattern! Thank you for the flash sale today! I sent an email to sign up, but I have to wait until I get home to download the pattern and get the answer to the secret question.

  6. I did it, I did it. I finally downloaded your “Dog Pound Pals” I was persistent. Emailed the support group at and they emailed me step by step directions. Thanks to both of you for your help. Now I am anxious to begin my grandsons quilt!

    • I’m sure they’ll be able to help – but if the download told you to temporarily turn off the firewall and you haven’t tried that, I’m pretty sure tech support will tell you the same thing. Hope you get it resolved quickly.

  7. I bought and charged your patterns now I am unable to print them. Denise your name and the word “dogs” are in my EQ library but it is empty. It says I should shut down my antivirius–no way says my husband. Anyone had this problem?

    • Well – I’m not an IT person and I don’t know anything technical about the software – I simply sell my patterns through EQ Boutique so don’t know that I can answer your question but — here’s what I can tell you.

      First – you don’t say what version of EQ you are running. Are you running EQ7 – if yes, then did you actually LINK the download into EQ7? You have to LINK them after you download if you want to be able to open them up in EQ7. Go back to the EQ Boutique site and click on SUPPORT and you will see a tab on “how to LINK the download to EQ7.”

      If you are using an older version of EQ, you cannot open the blocks though the EQ program.
      If you are using an older version (or even if you have EQ7 but haven’t linked the download), if the file downloaded properly you should have a new, separate icon on your desktop for EQ Boutique — click that to open the blocks.

      If none of that works — then regarding turning off your firewall/antivirus — you might need to just long enough to redownload the file — the paragraph below is copied from the Support FAQS on the EQ Boutique site :
      “”””I can’t seem to download the product and/or software. What should I do?
      Your antivirus software could possibly be blocking the download. You can try temporarily turning off your antivirus until the download goes through. It’s also possible your firewall could be an issue. Again, temporarily turn off your firewall until the download is finished. Remember to turn these features back on after the download is complete.””””

      (If I remember correctly when I was downloading one of the free files I had to turn my firewall off, download, and then turn it back on).

      Try all that stuff and if none of that works – on the Support tab there’s a link to get technical support direct from EQ Boutique – and they’ll get you straightened out I’m sure.

    • A lot of software involves shutting down your Anti-Virus but it only takes 10 min or less at the most and your protection allows it for 15 harm…it blocked part of the download!

  8. I had purchased the dog pound pattern earlier this year but that computer died and I lost everything. Will I be able to get a second copy for the new computer?

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