2013 -Strictly For The Birds

  • strictlybirdsbutton THIS PROJECTS WERE COMPLETED IN 2013 AND THE


February 17, 2013 Project

Too Tired To Give A Hoot - April 7, 2013

Too Tired To Give A Hoot – April 7, 2013

Heads Or Tails? June 23, 2013 - This pattern is no longer available

Heads Or Tails? June 23, 2013 – This pattern is no longer available


BIRDBATH – 30″ X 30″
August 10, 2013


SONGBIRDS – 40″ X 25″
October 2013

240 comments on “2013 -Strictly For The Birds

  1. The pattern “Songbirds” is under the 2013 Strictly for the birds. It doesn’t indicate not available, but is not listed in the free patterns on the side bar. Is this because it’s not available free? I was going to make it up for a friend of mine who is a musician.

    • It’s not currently available. Normally once a project is over the pattern is no longer available at all but I’ve been bringing some of the patterns back out of retirement and adding them to the free pdf pattern listing as I have time. Eventually all the Strictly for the Birds patterns will be added back in to the free pdfs listing.

    • All projects on my blog are only available for a limited time because that’s how I choose to do them for many reasons, one of which is some of them then go on after the free run to be sold at EQ Boutique.

  2. I just signed up to follow you via email. Awww I missed these lovely birds. I love birds and I have just got into paper piecing. It is so much fun. I look forward to following you. Thank you

  3. Denise, thank you for these great patterns! I’ve just selected fabrics for “Birdbath” which I want to make for my guest bathroom. I think it’ll be a wonderful addition, I hope in time for any holiday visitors.

  4. Thank you for the free pattern. The birds are lovely and this is like getting a bonus pattern this month. Thanks for the clef. I wish I had found your site before today, I missed a few good patterns. But I will be following along from now on.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by bonus pattern. The clef pattern does go with the current bird pattern so make sure you download both pdfs if you want them- it just didn’t get attached to that pdf.

  5. Thanks so much for the songbird pattern and all the others in this series. I can’t pick a favorite but then I don’t have to either. I think I will make this latest for my bil and sil who have just moved into an empty nest condo and decorated on room with songbirds. This will be perfect!

  6. Thank you for your birdie patterns this year. They are all so durn cute! I have “Strictly for the Birds” mouse pad right here beside me, too!

  7. Denise, Thank you so much for sharing all the bird patterns. My favorites are “Too Tired to Give a Hoot” and “Songbirds,” as I have played the piano for years..I haven’t had a chance to make any yet, but plan to start these 2 by the end of the year. You are such a generous person with all the patterns you share.

    A question – I do not see a pattern for the treble clef sign for the music in “Songbirds.” Are you giving a pattern for that or did I just miss it? I’m sure I can find one in my stack of music and figure out how to re-size it to fit the music staff for this quilt.

    Thanks again!

  8. Thanks for the songbirds, Denise!! I’m a church organist, and my daughter is an orchestra teacher! Can’t wait to make this one up as a little wall quilt for her! Thanks again!!!

  9. I was wondering where can I get this pattern “Too Tired To Give A Hoot”. I collect owls and I love this one and would like to get this pattern. Did not find your site till it was no longer for download. Thanks

  10. I can see what my daughter is going to get for Christmas! Printed it and will go look at the stash. Thank you for another fantastic pattern. It is so kind of you to share.

  11. These are great patterns and I was looking forward to doing all of them. Then my husband died suddenly on July 1 and everything went hazy for a while. I did get ‘tweet life, and hoot, and was back on track for birdbath, and am looking forward to song birds next month, and I’ll figure out something for tails. Depending on how many we end up with and the size I make them, I think these will make a great wall hanging for my mother-in-law who really loves her birds at the feeder.


  12. I do recall from before that the earlier patterns for 2013 are no longer available. Thank you for the cute bathtub bird. I have a mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are really “for the birds,” and are constantly feeding them. This will be a great bathroom addition to their homes.

  13. I love Owls. I would like to have the Too Tired To Give A Hoot – April 7, 2013 pattern but I cannot get it to download and was wondering how to get the pattern. Thank you

  14. As always, love, love, love your designs! I know the giveaway is over, but have to share that I am going to make 2 of the bird baths, one for my Mom and one for me. I am thinking I will make one cap from some fabric I have that has tiny birds on it, and the other cap from fabric that has lil insects like worms on it…kind of my way of paying tribute to the old saying “the early bird gets the worm”…right after taking a bath..lol. Thanks again for sharing your creativity with all of us.

  15. These patterns are terrific. I love them. I missed one of them, will you be selling them later on?
    I don’t mean to bother you, I definitely understand how this full time job thing and commute makes getting to a computer afterwards something you don’t want to do.

    I just want you to know that I do love your blog. I’m not a great knitter but I love what you do with needles of all sorts.


  16. Hi Denise: I would very much like to make your design of Heads or Tails. I can’t seem to print out the paper piece patterns. I have tried every way I can think of to print these copies, but they are not there. Is there anyway you could load them again so we can enjoy making this design? Thanks, Jackie Foster

    • Jackie – sorry I don’t know why you think you can’t print the pattern. The link is active, it is working just fine, the pattern is all one pdf file, so I’m not sure what or where you are trying to print from.

  17. Once again I will put my current project on hold to get busy on the birds. Thank you for your lovely design. I have birds all over my home. Candleholders, soap dispensers etc. This will make a nice addition to my bathroom. I was wondering if it would be OK to use this pattern for our mini quilt auction? Monies raised go for grants to continue the teaching of quilting. Schools have used the grants in teaching everything from math to history. It’s just a way to insure that we will have a next generation of quilters.

    • Peggy – yes – if you look at the paragraph below my photo on the blog – it explains my donation/sale rules. Pattern cannot be shared by a limited # of finished projects can be sold or donated.

  18. Thank you so much, Denise. I love these birds….so cute marching along. Kind of look like our quails here in Arizona.

    • Yes they do look like quail – we have them here too tho not in as much abundance. I think my parents will miss having them to feed right outside their door when they move back to the Midwest.

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  20. Just love all of your Birds patterns. Anxiously waiting for Heads or Tails. Thanks you for sharing your work. And it’s nice to know you read all of your comments and reply when there is a question or problem.

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  22. Yes, I already did that with the Hoot file and think I am all set (I checked and it looks like what I expected the file to look once I went back to my folder to make sure it was there). Wish I’d realized that’s what I had to do a couple of months ago!

    Thanks so much for the suggestions!

  23. Thanks so much for the reply. When I go to my folder to retrieve the file, I click on the file and it takes me to what seems to be a link to Box on the internet. There’s a download button in that window which says 331.3KB, but when I click on it, nothing happens. There’s another box that says File Options, but when I click on that, nothing happens. Maybe I needed to download the file again from Box while it was still available before saving it to my computer. That’s what I did just now with Too Tired, and it seemed to work. I just missed that step (didn’t understand that I needed to do it) when I first downloaded the patterns. Bummer, but think I’m smarter now. BTW, I did do a search of the files on my computer, but I just get the link to Box that I mentioned above.


    • Hmm… it’s not really saving the pdf file, just saving the link path. Instead of clicking the download and telling it to “save” to your computer, I think I would click download, then when it gives the “save” “open” options, I would open it up. Once the file opens, “save as” to save it with a new name to your computer.

      Since it appears only to be saving the link back to box, when I inactivate the links, you lose your connection to that file. So, if you just “downloaded” and then “saved” the Hoot file, I would open that file back up and then “save as” and give it a different file name. Otherwise I think when that link is deactivated, you may lose that file too

  24. Denise –

    I enjoy your blog posts and have been a follower since the beginning of the year. I just went to access the Livin’ the Tweet Life file that I had downloaded and saved, but it is not in my folder. I must not understand how Box works, and it has cost me access to your great pattern. So that I don’t lose out on Too Tired to Give a Hoot (which I had also downloaded and saved and which is also not in my folder – fortunately it is still available), I need to figure out how to save the patterns properly. I guess I must need to either print the pattern when I download it and save the hardcopy, or I need to create an account with Box in order to store the files there virtually. I have done that, but my concern is that the patterns will not be there when I try to access them again.

    I am sorry to appear high-maintenance, but I am heartbroken at losing the Livin’ the Tweet Life pattern and don’t want to have the frustration of having this happen again. I had planned to use some Moda Indigo Crossing fabric for the project, but that will have to wait for another project now.

    Thanks for any insight or explanation you can provide. I did read through every comment on this page looking for help with no success.

    Krseitz at earthlink dot net

    • Karen – I’m afraid I cannot help you. If you saved it to your computer then it should be there. Box just gives you a download link – it’s a means to download the file. It can’t do anything else to your computer or change that file or delete it. It’s a pdf file so once you download it to your computer only you control the pattern. Did you change the name of the file when you saved it? Did you use the “search programs and files” on your computer to search for all .pdf files? Is the folder somehow restricting what types of files you see in it – only word or jpg so that pdfs are hidden.

  25. Can’t wait for the June Birds! They are so cute. A BIG “Thank you” for all of your designs that you share with us!! The Owl reminds me of myself in the morning.

  26. I just wanted to let you know I am patiently waiting for the June 9th pattern to be released as that is my birthday and I am looking at it as a special gift from you just for me. I plan to make it into a pretty tote bag or purse for everyday use. I think blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. Thanks so much for all your free patterns, you are a precious Jewel in the quilt world.

  27. Ok where did April go? I have been waiting for “Too Tired”. Checked this morning thinking he should be out soon. Yeah right…I am a month late. So happy I could still get him. He is my fav. Guess hubby being back in the hospital thru me off. Thanks Denise. Mr .Qwl is me. Too tired to give a hoot! lol

  28. i just wanted to say I love owls and the “Too Tired” hits the spot. Thanks! Now to find just the right fabrics so I can make him for my craft room . . . .

  29. Just found your link through Pinterest. Is the pattern Livin’ The Tweet Life available for purchase? Have you done any cardinals?

    • No it is not available for purchase. All the birds released so far are pictured on that page. I haven’t decided which of the others will be posted – there are what I consider cardinals among them but time will tell which ones get posted to the blog. ;-)

  30. Your bird wall hangings are so clever. Great ideas…I was on another blog and saw your link. I want to do wall hangings for my spare bedrooms. These would be great.

  31. I started working on Hoot today: I have traced the parts and begun choosing fabric. My current plan is to hang him on my bedroom door and hope to add the words, too. Thanks.

  32. Love appliqué and love Hoot more. Hope he is as much of a pleasure to make as the last tweet.. In South Africa we have a material called schwe schwe, Hoot is made for this. So across the miles, we join with smiles. Thanks for the great pattern.

  33. I adore the owl! But I’d really like to make them (all of the birds) smaller and possibly into a quilt. Is there anyway to do this besides taking it to a printer?

    • You could easily make just the bird blocks (without the borders) to set them together into sampler style quilt.

  34. Thanks for the pattern. You must of named this owl after me. Not sure when I will get to sew him up as I am too tired to give a hoot about anything right now too.

  35. Well, I finally got the pattern, but it took all afternoon figure it out on the computer. My husband is better that this than I am and yet I finally “got” it. Thank you.

  36. I have all the pieces cut out for “Living the Tweet Life” but have not been able to set aside the time to get him together. I’ve got to get busy so I can finish him and this owl too. Thanks for these cute bird patterns.

    • Nothing fancy – stitched in the ditch around the border designs, stitched part of a feather design in his back feathers, meandered the rest of him.

  37. Loved the first bird project. I posted it to the flickr group. I used your colors, but some fabric that I had dyed. So much fun. I’m still trying to figure out all the uploading and downloading, but we have to keep the minds active!
    Thanks for taking the time to share your creative work.

    • I just discovered your blog,, I absolutely love the birds… I just
      printed off the Feb project and I am soooooo looking forward to
      the April Owl..my sil collects Owls , I will make for her 75th birthday
      You are so sweet and kind to do this for us advid quilters.. thank you

  38. I love it! I love it! Denise, I love your creative mind. It helps those of us who need a book and pattern! Thanks again.

  39. I am so chuffed, made mine and it’s beautiful. My 1st ever attempt. A success because of your wonderful pattern and instructions. Now for the quilting, I am a hand quilter, so it takes a bit longer. Thanks again, can’t wait for Hoot

  40. Denise, thank you so much for Strictly for the Birds pattern. I plan to make the wall hangings for our sun room that is decorated with birdhouses. Gotta love those birds. Pat, Minnesota

  41. After reading the directions, I’m intrigued by your method of quarter square triangles. I’ve never tried them this way and am anxious to get to that step. Thanks for yet another great pattern.

    • Thanks – I also did a blog post today with photos of how you lay out the rulers in case the written instructions are confusting.

  42. Thank you for so generously sharing your bird pattern – we live in a bird migration pathway and find them very interesting to watch, so hopefully I will get this project underway shortly.

    • You can check the main blog page to see when the last blog post was. And no I haven’t posted the last few days. I don’t always have anything to say (imagine that) but mostly since I work on a computer all day, coming home to turn on and sit at another one is not always top of my list. The dates for the next three free patterns coming up on the blog are listed on their pages so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing them if you’ve made note of the dates.

  43. I love your birds and can hardly wait to receive your patterns. Mmmmm……………I may just have a quilt design using your birds in mind!!!!! :-) Patricia

  44. Hi Denise, just found your blog through the button on daschies with moxie. I’m a legal secretary – wonder what’s up with those of us in the legal field being partial to the bird(s)? Anyway, I will become a follower and look forward to seeing the avian projects you share with us this year.

  45. Hi Denise

    I just wanted to apologise most sincerely for making the mistake of posting the beautiful bird design that you had on your header on my Pinterest board. I honestly didn’t spot your notices about not posting, and am REALLY sorry. I have of course taken down the post.

    • Thank you! I don’t care if images of quilts I’ve already made available for free are pinned. And the button images for free projects are fine too. It’s the quilt designs I’m still working on or haven’t decided what to do with yet that I don’t want pinned because if I choose to try to get them published, publishers don’t want designs that have been pinned all over the web.

  46. Denise, your talent never ceases to amaze me!! Keep up the great work. You are an angel for sharing with us. Thanks a bunch!! This “bird” project is awesome!

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  48. Hello Denise, A friend just sent me the message of your beautiful offer of bird patterns this year! I’m so excited and wanted to say thank you for you generosity–I think your designs and your site are beautiful. I collect birds and houses for our home and will very much enjoy your patterns. Thank you, again. Kathy Byrd

  49. I love love birds and yours look so real–can’t wait to start!!!
    Have fun deciding which ones to share with us–
    thanks and have a great week-
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  50. I do havae a question do you have the code for your button so I can put it on my blog? I am not very computer savy and do not know how do that without the code-thank you

  51. Oh MY GOSH _ this sounds wonderful – Your patterns are just perfect & I soooo love birds –
    I am just learning to quilt & offering free patterns is so kind of you
    Thank you ;)

    • I assume the “sign me up” is just a figure of speech since there is no sign up. ;-) You can sign yourself up to subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss any project announcements if you like.

  52. Linda G

    I am working on my Christmas Town Sampler, I can’t wait until I can finish it, Judy S and I couldn’t wait to get started on it. She finished hers I hope that is one ufo I can get finished. It is hard when you have a full time job. But I am looking forward to doing the birds,I am glad that you are sharing, that is so nice of you.Am looking forward to Feb.17 2013 when you start the birds.

    • Linda – yep I know all to well how limited time is when you work a full time job. I leave the apartment at 7 a.m and get home about 6 p.m. and then have to try to fit in all my fun stuff “the knitting and sewing and quilt designing” around the usual chores like laundry and cooking a meal for myself now and then. LOL

  53. Thank you for your generosity! I have loved all of the bird quilts that you have posted. Never dreamed that I would be able to make my own.

  54. I absolutely love your birds. Love your header, the booted birds are adorable. I’m glad the birds will be mostly NOT paper pieced, not my favorite method. I have bird/birdhouse fabric for borders that I have been waiting to use, this is the perfect project. The red bird you posted looks to me like a cardinal struttin’ his stuff. But I can’t think of a clever name. Can’t wait to make him myself. Thanks for offering these patterns. What a nice springy thing to start in the winter.

  55. Love this pattern. I am new to your blog so will be following along and enjoying. Thank you for your generosity. Sorry, I do not have a blog.

  56. working to finish up some UFO’s in the sewing room, so when the cute birds come out I can get busy putting them together. Thanks for sharing! quilting in michigan

  57. Can’t wait for this project to start. I have seen some of your postings for them and I think they are so very cute!! Thank you for sharing you love of designing and quilting with all of us.

  58. When I saw these Birds I wanted them immediately. I can’t wait to work this project! Thank you so much in advance!

  59. Your birds are SOOOO cute! Absolutely love them… Now I just need to remember to NOT miss any of your posts – those of us that are old and forgetful HAVE to sign up for your blog, and then remember to click on the email when it comes!!! Thanks for offering these patterns for free. You really ARE a sweetie. I promise not to whine if I miss a post…at least I’ll try my best not to.

  60. Over the top EXCITED!!!!! I love anything with birds to begin with and your birdies are by far the coolest ones I’ve seen. You are VERY generous to offer them for free. Thank you so much!!

  61. I am so excited. Our guild challenge for the summer is to make something with chickens. I am not really into chickens but I think your birds will do quite nicely with just a little alteration. And if I call them chickens who is to argue. LOL. Thanks I love it.

  62. I love your birdies! When I opened your blog & saw you banner my first thought was, I hope you have the pattern for it posted only to discover your 2013 project is “For The Birds”! I am in heaven.

  63. Christmas Town Sampler, I think is my favorite quilt ever…started it only but hope to finish it someday….love the birds! Don’t have a blog don’t know how……it’s amazing how smart one needs to be! But Thank You soooo much!

  64. Denise,
    I had such a great time working on the Christmas Town Sampler this past 6 months that I am definitely “in” on the Bird projects. I appreciate your talent and generousity in sharing it with us. Happy New Year!!

  65. Hi Denise,
    I really enjoy your funny little birds.
    I would love to begin immediately with the header (Christmas Birds) ;o)
    All good wishes for 2013 from Germany, servus,
    (translate with Google)

  66. Sounds like fun! I am selling my Quilt Shop Jan. 1 and hope to get back to fun quilting! Sounds like it’s just up my alley. Thanks!, BrendaLou in CA, moving to MN this Spring.

      • california to minnesota man what a climate change. Better get yousome longjohns to cuddle in while you are making the birds, I am also from California(Navy brat) but we came to La, when I was 14 so at 68 I feel like I am a born again Cajun, They are the friendliest and the most down to earth people on this planet, I love Louisiana,and their Cajun culture. That is a quilt brewing in my head for one of these days. Goodnight,time for my bedtime. Dana in Louisiana

  67. The birds look adorable! They look paper-pieced. Is that a correct assumption? Or are some of them pieced? I am not a paper-piecer-so I need to know. Thanks! Katie M.

    • No – they are basically not paperpieced. Depending on which ones I make available, there may be a small section that is paperpieced but basically they are all straight piecing that I’ve shown.

  68. I have hoping you would let us have some bird patterns. I’ve been reading and waiting–they are soooooooo cute. I love the Blue Jay on the button and the header is amazing. Thanks, Denise!

  69. Joining you on recommendation of Patchwork Times – I LOVE YOUR BANNER. i do not have a blog, but will be following you and your journey of bird designs.

  70. Love your birds. Looking forward to the sharing and fun involved in a project like this. I put your blog on my blog list. Ready to get going. I have never done any “birds” in my quilting. A new horizon for 2013

  71. WOOPEEEEEEEEE I love your birds. Thank you so much for your Christmas gift to us. I am new here and just found some of your designs. Oh boy. oh boy, do I love what you do!!!!

  72. I am so excited to learn about your birds (via Judy Laquidara’s blog) and can’t wait to start downloading your patterns. I’ve now got your blog on my “favorites list” so I can follow everything you say and do! I’m such a bird lover and have been toying with the idea of a bird quilt for years so this will certainly help me check something off my bucket list. Thanks!

  73. Bird, bird, liettle dird.. Please, sing a song for “justinquilt”…
    It a marvellous idea.
    Thanks a lot. MIP
    And I wish you a merry Christmas !!

  74. Those birds are cute! And – I am able to start at the beginning – a double bonus for sure!
    We received about 2 ft of snow, it melted down to about 1 ft, and its snowing again-the weather reports say to expect 4-7″. Too bad I have to go into the big city of Spokane tomorrow. Snow looks a lot better when I am cuddled up on a chair with a hot cuppa and watching it through the window, lol. Enjoy your long weekend! Merry Christmas.

  75. The birds are so darn cute! Looking forward to seeing them. I could see you doing birds for all seasons with as cute as they are. LOL. Looking forward to 2013 and working on more of your wonderful patterns. All the best! – Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Ossineke, MI

  76. Love all your birds! Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it. Hope Madison has dug out from all the snow, it certainly got a lot of coverage on the Chicago stations.

    • The finally dug me out late yesterday but left a lot of ice behind. I’m going to have to venture out to see if they dug out the salt containers that got buried. Massive snowbanks abound.

  77. Oh Denise I am sew excited to receive some of your wonderful birds designs. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with all of us. I am getting in touch with my very helpful blog friend to teach me how to link your button to my blog. I will also be letting my quilt guild know about your fun projects. Looking forward to sewing along with you in 2013.

  78. Denise, I love your birds. They make me smile when I see them. I am looking forward to making some for gifts. They’re sure to make others smile too.

    • Thanks Judy – I think they will be some fun projects. Some super quick and easy and some a bit more involved but every one can pick and choose which ones they like.

  79. Such a lovely project for 2013. Thank you very much! I will try to keep up with this one, also, as I have had a lot of positive comments on the YOW project. These birds are cute. Love the bath one.

  80. Denise, Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into each and everyone of the patterns and projects. I am excited about this new group of projects and look forward to them very much. Your time and generosity is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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