Sharing EQ Tutorial

I’ve had several people ask me how I post my EQ files to share.  So here’s how I do it. 

Many blog formats won’t accept a direct upload of an EQ file – WordPress which I use for one – so you have to save the EQ file to another source on the web.  I use    No affiliation – there are probably other free services that will let you upload a pj6 file but this the one I use.  It’s a free file storage service and really easy to use.  You just set up an account for yourself and then are able to upload our EQ design file to it.

Before I upload a file, I make sure to delete all used blocks and fabrics and also any other quilt designs/versions I may have originally saved within that file so it is only the blocks and quilt design I want to share.  If I have multiple designs within one file I don’t want to share, I make a copy of the EQ file and in the copy deleted everything extra so it’s just that one quilt design, the blocks it needs, and the fabrics I use – in that way I preserve my original file.  

Deleting all  the unused fabrics, designs, blocks, etc. also makes your file size smaller, making it easier for people to download (especially people like me who are still on dial-up). 🙂

Once you have your file ready to upload, create a folder in for your EQ files.  Open that folder and click on the upload files button.  Browse to find the EQ file on your computer you want to add.  Once you’ve selected it, Upload.  Once it’s uploaded, you click on the “share” button for that file in  It will give you the path name you need to post to your blog.  Highlight and copy that path name.  Then go back to your blog. 

I set up a separate Page on my blog that contains my EQ files to share (or you could post the link directly to a blog entry).  I post the image of the design and type in the name of it.  Highlight the name of the quilt, click on the Link icon in your blog toolbar to create a link, paste in the path name you got from and save.  Save or update your blog page. Now when someone clicks on the design name it will open a download page for the EQ file.

It’s really quite simple to do and a great way to share the EQ files with other EQ users.  I also put what version of EQ I used to create the quilt.  Anyone who has the same version as the version you created it in can download.  If they have a higher version, I believe they still can download it but if they are using a lower version, they will not be able to access it.  Also, be sure to fill in the Notecard of your EQ file before uploading with your name, name of the quilt or whatever other notes you want to include.  That way the person who downloads it will know where it came from.

One final note – remember if you download someone else’s EQ file, the copyright on that design belongs to them.  Please respect that.  If you wish to use it for some purpose other than your individual use, contact  them and get their permission. 🙂


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