8 comments on “More Eq6

  1. Hmmm….where I have seen jars before??? Love your idea for them and the mixed sizes! The Halloween quilt is adorable and I like the blocks you’ve used for 4×9…specially the ribbon stars top right. Good work!

    • I like the ribbon stars too -would make a great patriotic quilt on thier own. The other three designs, while I’d never want to make a whole quilt with those patterns (some are too putzy) I may be able to make just 9 blocks of the design. 🙂 There’s still enough to see the secondary designs they make. I have no idea who colored that quilt using pink shades – certainly couldn’t have been me. LOL

  2. Thank you for the EQ files. I downloaded the Four by Nine and have been playing with the blocks, each in their own quilt and colourings. I love your fabric choices! Just right up my alley.

  3. Jars from the Orient (EQ6) and the 2 Baxter quilts are no longer avaialbe for free EQ6 download and I can’t find them in the store (EQ boutique, at least). will they be availalbe one of these days (Child’s Play too, please, I just love that one!)

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