2012 – Christmas Town Sampler – A collaboration among friends (CTS)



   Updated January 1, 2013 — my Christmas Town Sampler blocks are no longer available.

142 comments on “2012 – Christmas Town Sampler – A collaboration among friends (CTS)

  1. I am collecting the clues for the 2013 Mystery & while waiting decided to double check my CTS file against your postings. I found the spreadsheet & added it to my file. From that I see the only thing I haven’t gotten (& now can’t find) is the finishing instructions that were posted in Nov. from what it said on the spreadsheet. Do you think I will be able to know how to put it all together from the picture? Any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • You may be able to figure it out but you missed all the border and sashing measurements. The files remained up for download for nearly two full months but they are no longer available.

  2. I finished putting my blocks together, (Stayed up until 1:30 this morning) and I love it!! I’ll send a picture when I get one made. Thank you so much for this Blog Hop Mystery.

  3. Denise, I have finished my CSQ (NOT QUILTED) and would like to make it bigger for my king sise bed, do you have any ideas for a bigger, more border to add to the sides and bottom? This has been so much fun. Thanks for all you do.

  4. I am attaching my final border, and I want to say thanks to all of you ladies for such a fabulous quilt. I am so pleased with this project, and will proudly display it for years to come. I’ll be watching for the next project that you share.

  5. Denise, Susan, Judy and Sheryl,
    Thank you for such a neat project. I loved the six month format and the ideas that you each contributed. I would probably not do this if presented with the pattern up front, but month by month, by the third month you are hooked and have to finish it. Besides I get to use all those Christmas fabrics I just had to have and could not figure anywhere else to use them, lol. I am working on getting all the village attached–of course I made a problem for myself–I am using a four by four blocks for the center.


  6. Denise, Susan, Judy, Sheryl,
    just want to say Thanks to you for taking time to design such a beautiful quilt, and for sharing it with everyone else. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

  7. Once again you have come up with a wonderful quilt. The border really brings it all together. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am amazed at how much you get accomplished with a full time job as well.
    Hope you ladies join together again in the future. You are all amazing.

  8. Thank you,thank you for sharing wih all your fans. I will try to get the borders cut out tonight and start putting it together. Every one of the patterns were great and we appreciate your generosity.Sheryl,Susan and Judy really designed some great blocks. I was partial to the kitties as I love cats.Hope to be able to send some pics. Happy Holidays to all.

  9. This has been so much fun. Each month I eagerly looked for each block. I forced myself to learn or improve some techniques. I’m sorry it is over, but thank you so much for taking your time and energy to create such a fun quilt. I guess this is not the time to ask will you do it again next year!
    Happy Holidays to all!

  10. Feel better, Denise! There’s some nasty “bugs” going around right now.
    Thanks to all of you for creating this CTS! It is beautiful.

  11. Thank you, Denise, Judy, Sheryl, and Susan for creating and sharing this great Christmas Town Sampler. I look for it to become a family treasure!

  12. Vielen Dank für Eure Mühe!!! Leider bin ich noch nicht zum Nähen gekommen, aber bis Weihnachten haben wir ja noch ein paar Wochen. ;-) Wo kann man denn die fertigen Werke bewundern? Ist eine Galerie o.ä. vorgesehen? LG Hexe

  13. I want to thank you, too, Denise for this fab project! You all are so clever! Thanks for all your hard work and for including your friends. It makes it all the sweeter and will make a truly unique quilt!

  14. Thans s much for all these great patterns! Ive been on a house block kick latley and these are great. The whole Christmas quilt is a great project and I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into it. Thank you!!!

  15. Hi Denise,
    Will you please, please check the link to the Sept block? I am still unsuccessful in downloading it, although I can open the August block w/o problems. I have tried the Sept block no less than 20 times and get the message that the file is either corrupted, or damaged. I would appreciate, you re- checking it.

    Also, would you share the dimensions of this block, so I can draft it, if necessary. Thanks so very much. Cathy

  16. Hi Denise, THank-you for all your blocks. This block pdf I am unable to open, however. Would you please send me a pdf via email? I would so appreciate it! Thanks again. Cathy vJ

  17. I am having trouble opening adobe right now, and will try again later. This project looks like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to muck out an area and jump in. Thanks to all four of you for a wonderful BOM

  18. Whoo Hoo and we begin! I really love the houses border! I haven’t made it to the other sites but next on my list!

    I really want to keep up with this BOM! It’s a challenge as I am “Queen of Unfinished Projects!” One of my friends sent it to me as I have tons of blocks for quilts and no quilts! lol Well I have completed a couple for the grandkids but that is 2 out of 14! So-o-o-o! Pray for me!


  19. Dear Denise! Thank you so much for all your hard work! Will there be someplace to post pictures as we go along? Love that kind of inspiration …and a small kick in the pants to keep going! HA! I bet there are already Manor houses floating around sewing rooms all over the coutnry. I have been waiting with bated breath! Off to dive in the stash…

  20. Thanks for the Awesome idea!! My girlfriend and I are doing this!! So excited to finally have the first installment!
    Cheers Deb

  21. Thank you, Denise! Just printed The Manor Houses. Guess you know how I’ll be spending my day! It’s going to be Christmas in July here where the temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees. But I’ll be chillin’ out making houses. Thanks, again, for all your effort. LOVE IT!

  22. I just got my fabric today – background is a medium blue with snowflakes and a strong dark blue Kona solid. I’m ready!

  23. I am anxiously awaiting the beginning on this BOM! Just love the idea of starting now and having it for Christmas. Makes me wonder who will get this quilt, will I keep it or pass it on to one of my kids or grandkids. I never keep for myself so it will be a stuggle within myself to keep it! lol

  24. So we get the “mystery” patterns each month, but where do we get the patterns for the border houses, etc.? Looks like fun and am anxious to tackle it.

  25. got my fabric and ready to roll. Very excited about this pattern. I just finished my Garnnies Hankie and I did it in reds and pinks and turned out very pretty. Thanks again for sharing your talent and also thanks to the others who are designing the blocks for us. I also just finished the Garden Party from Sheryl Till .I can’t wait to quilt it.

  26. I’ve been so looking forward to getting started on this quilt. I don’t have a Christmas themed quilt. So far I just love the border. If the rest is as great, it’s going to turn out to be a fantastic quilt. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Thanks to all of you for putting this together!!!!!

  27. I am really looking forward to starting this quilt. I love the fact that it will be bed sized. I need a holiday quilt for my bed. Thank you to all of the designers for sharing their talent.

    I did several of the 2011 wallhangings. I use them in my office, changing them on a monthly basis. My coworkers are very impressed!

  28. I just want to make sure I understand. Every month, there will be three blocks given. We will have to go to the other blogs and collect the blocks within the proper time frame (I’m assuming 30 days). Then, in November, you will provide the finishing directions on this blog.

    If I understand correctly, there will be no block each month on your site. The blocks will be on the other three blogs and you provide the borders and finishing instructions.

    Can you clarify this?

    Thank you,

    Mel Meister

    • Per the instruction page: Each month, starting in July, you will need to visit EACH of our blogs to collect our latest block revealed for that month. Instructions will be in pdf format download only. The final instructions to set everything all together will be posted on my blog in November. One of the house/building blocks will be given each month so you need to go to all four blogs to collect everything. All blocks will be left up until a month or so after the project is completed.

  29. I use google calendar on my email and phone. I can put it on the calendar and set up a reminder to email me and chime on my phone for the 1st saturday of the month starting in July. If the blocks are not posted I can set another reminder for daily until the blocks are posted. I live by google calendar. I can’t wait!!

  30. Do we need to make the backgrounds for the inside blocks the same fabric in the background for the houses? Do they need to be the same to pull the quilt together.

    • No – this is set up to be a scrap happy quilt so it’s up to you how many backgrounds you use. I just listed yardage for those who want to use all the same background (I personally don’t do totally scrapy). It’s a “sampler” style quilt so pretty much anything goes.

  31. Will we be able to sign up so that we will get a notification by email that the next block is up and ready to print.

    • No – if you read the information page it states: “YOU are responsible to remember to come back each month to collect the patterns from all four blogs. We do NOT have a mailing list for this and we WILL NOT email patterns out individually to anyone under any circumstance.” The only way you can get any kind of automatic notification is if you are subscribed to our blogs in general which will give you an email for EVERY new post made to the blogs.

  32. HI Denise, I have read all that you have stated and I am excited to do this, BUT I feel I have to tell you that my computer is dying and I know I will not be able to do all that you stated I am looking at getting another computer ASAP and then do what I can to catch up. Sorry to have to tell you this now after all that you have done to get things ready and going, take care HUGS and Cheers Jeanne xox talk soon I hope.

    • I know the dying computer syndrome all too well since I had to replace my last one. Hopefully you’ll be able to collect all the blocks before they are permanently removed so you don’t miss out.

  33. Looking forward to this Christmas sampler. So far, I have downloaded todays instructions; downloaded pictures the 2 quilts and made a special folder. Now all I have to do is remember to blog the 4 sites on the correct day! Good luck and success to every one.

  34. When will we get directions for the houses, trees, etc. on the border? It looks like it will be lots of fun!

    • If you click on the image of the quilt in the sidebar it will take you to the info page about the project – when it starts, etc.

    • Glad to have you join. There is no email list for this BOM – you have to remember to come back each month once it starts to collect the patterns.

  35. …Okay, well, what’s that saying “You can’t blame a ‘gal’ for trying…”… :-). If you ever do decide to sell it, please sign this “gal” up!!

  36. I am so glad to get in on this quilt! I didn’t find Granny’s Hankie until it was a few months in, so sadly I missed out on it. I must say all of the pics you have posted turned out lovely! Denise, will you be offering Granny’s Hankie for sale in the future by chance? And, last but certainly not least, sending a big thank you to Denise and the other 3 ladies who are all being so kind to share their creativity and instructions for this 2012 BOM Christmas Town Sampler…Thank you all!!

  37. I love my Granny’s Hankies quilt. It is hanging in my dining room right now. Two of my grandkids have already asked for it, but I think I will keep this one. Can hardly wait for July, are you sure you can’t start early? LOL

  38. Everyone that has seen my Granny’s Hankies quilt has loved it. They think your designs are great. (So do I). I am going to show them this one and see if they will tke my challenge to do one along with me. I’ll let you know if they take the challenge.

    • You’re just going to have to wait and see! :-) And no, no year of wallhangings this year; it’s too much work and cuts into my own quilting time. :-)

  39. HI
    I think I’m in on this one. I made of one Sheryl’s before and love it. It’s still on my bed after all these years.

    Jackie in Sk, Canada

  40. Wow, ist das spannend. Was man sehen kann gefällt mir sehr. Jetzt muß ich nur noch mein Englisch auffrischen, daß ich auch verstehe was zu tun ist. ;-))) Liebe Grüße Hexe

  41. I’m still working on the Hankies – but since I will be officially retired on April Fools Day I should be ready to start your wonderful Christmas quilt. The thought of paper piecing is a little scarry but I hope I will be up for the challange. Thank for sharing your wonderful designs and your amazing talent. And your socks, well what can I say – other than I have been considering trying my hand at them.

    Can’t wait for Christmas in July.


    • Carolyn – there may not be paperpiecing — but it’s a possibility. We haven’t limited the design technique to strictly regular piecing so it just depends on what the other ladies come up with for the their block designs.

      • Well, we know for sure Susan will not be doing any paper piecing! Now, Sheryl does do paperpiecing. What ever is given it will be fun. will be watching for the first pattern.

  42. It is so nice to see four very talented quilters working together to present what I am sure will be a wonderful quilt. I love what I see already and hope I will actually be able to make this quilt.

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