2011 – A Year of Wallhangings

Snowy Night – that’s December (and the final) Year of Wallhangings design.

It’s a simply tree – put your embellisment talents to use.  Add buttons, charms for ornaments, beads,  featherstitch or machine embroider garland, or use metallic threads to add tinsel – make it to reflect your own tastes and talents!    And be sure to send a photo to share (under 300KB in size) so others can see how you finished yours.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Year of Wallhangings series.  I won’t be doing it again next near, but I have a couple other fun ideas I’m contemplating so stay tuned.



I will be posting a new wallhanging pattern each month of 2011, on the third Saturday of that month.  The design will depict something to reflect that particular month, whether a seasonal theme, holiday,etc.  .

You will find links to the pdf file on this page above my signature each month when the new pattern is available.  Click on the word “HERE” below that is all in caps – it is the link to the pattern.  The prior pattern will be removed when the new file is posted.  While I try extremely hard to make all patterns error free – I am human.  If you find an error – please let me know so a correction can be made.  Any corrections will be noted on the Errata Page when I become aware of it.

Please respect copyright.  If you wish to share these pattern, please provide a link to this page so the recipient can print their own personal copy of the pattern.  None of my patterns/design images should be used or distributed in any other manner.  Please don’t email me asking for a prior pattern  – once they are gone that’s it – sadly you have missed it since they are a limited time offering; the prior month’s pattern comes down when the new one goes up.  Please do not ask someone else to email you the pattern – that is a violation of copyright.   If a new design is not immediately available the day it is due to be posted, please be patient.  It just means I’ve gotten busy so it has been delayed but will be posted as soon as I can get to it.









216 comments on “2011 – A Year of Wallhangings

  1. Denise: I can’t find the cat wallhanging that you did for the wallhanging of the month. I just need the name of it to put it on the label along with your name.
    Thanks, Carol

  2. Denise,
    Thanks for a wonderful year of patterns. It was like a present every month, and I really appreciate your generous sharing of your great talent.

  3. Great Design Denise, I have been wanting to do a small Christmas Tree Wallhanging for the past few years, but never seem to have the time to start it ….your design may just get me going before next year.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great Christmas.

    • You’re welcome Betty. Hope you enjoy making it. Lots of different embellishment possibilities so it could be fairly plain or simply glittering.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful wall hanging patterns that you have shared with us. It’s been such a delight to make them, and I am looking forward to displaying them for years to come. I, as many others, will be looking forward to your “surprises” for the upcoming year.

  5. Thank you Denise for all your wonderful patterns throughout the year. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season from our home to your home.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Thank you so much for a wonderful year and for sharing your wonderful talents with us…its been great fun waiting to see what you come up with and you have out done yourself….you are truly talented…thanks again and Have a very Merry Christmas….blessings

  7. Wow 2011 is almost over. What a year. You have been so generous with all your designs,both with the YOW and Granny’s Hankies. I like you are way behind, but the patterns are saved and on my “get to” list.
    Thank you so much Denise and have a wonderful holiday. Look forward to your “surprises” next year. ;)

  8. Don’t think that I will have time to do this one this year but I can see me doing it for next year. Thanks for sharing. it’s a great wall hanging and you should pat yourself on your back for all the wall hangings you have done this year. :)

  9. Denise,
    I just discovered your site and love the turkey so now I am signed up for emails. Can’t wait to see what you do for next year. Thanks

  10. Denise ~ I just wanted to thank you for Pinfeathers. He’s super cute.
    I should probably stop stalking and say thank you for the other awesome patterns as well. I hadn’t scrolled all the way down to the bottom to realize that all posts were done on the same page here. I had seen the top one that was done back in Dec 2010 so I never looked further down. I’m sorry but now I know.

  11. Thank you sew very much…he is just adorable….thanks for sharing your talents with us each month…its been great fun seeing what you think of next…blessings and have a great Thanksgiving..

  12. Hello Denise,
    I just love your patterns I am going to make some for the children of ronald mcdonald house, but I am having trouble downloading this one could you please send it to me.This is the 1st time this has happened with your patterns.
    Regards sandra from new zealand

    • Sandra – they will make great kids quilts. Keep trying to download – the link is working but may be a wordpress glitch when you tried. I don’t email them out individually – simply would take too much time with all the requests I get to do that.

  13. I just did your kitty quilt, but made it 4 inches longer. It turned out beautiful. I want to hand quilt it, because one side of the kitten has no leaves how would you quilt it. This quilt is going in fundraiser, and a label with the pattern and your name will be going on. Have you thought of doing a wallhanging with a small dog.

    • Be sure to share a photo when it’s done if you can – I’d love to see it. As to the quilting – I seldom hand quilt anymore but am thinking you might do something like a cross hatch or may straight lines through the background. Have I thought about doing a small dog wallhaning – sure, :-) and have made several mostly sporting the minischnauzer I had. But none of them have ever been available on the blog.

  14. You design some really neat quilts for kids I just love them.I make quilts up for Ronald Mcdonald house in New Zealand would it be alright if i used some of the patterns to make up as I am sure it will put a smile on some of the kids faces.I am quiet happy to put that it is your design.Thanks for all the neat ideas & keep the good work up.
    sandra collins NZ

  15. Love this little kitty wallhanging very cute so if i wanted to make it a bed size quilt would i design in stripes around the quilt like bare paws for one row and then what ??????Not a designer as you can tell. how do you see what you want to do???? full of questions your fan Kathy

    • Kathy – I couldn’t really tell you how I decide what to do. Since the Kitty was playing with leaves, I used a leaf sort of block for the borders. So I would tend to include other fall type things like other leaf designs, a border of vines with pumpkins or sunflowers, or other block designs in fall prints etc. That’s one of the things I love about EQ — it’s so easy to try lots of different ideas until you come up with the one you like.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing The Kitten with the falling leaves. I just found this on the internet.
    I will make if for my son. He has a cat that does all kinds of tricks. rolls over, gives you 5, turns the light switch off and many other things.

  17. I just love this one it is the perfect fall wallhanging. I have to get it printed and started and finished. I think your are very creative Denise. I hope to be able to work on it next weekend and then have it on my wall.
    Congrats with your EQ Boutique I think that is just fantastic!! and well deserved. You have a great sense of pattern making and what is also wonderful is you actually make quilts from your designs. I follow your blog regularly but don`t post often you have a great following.

  18. Hi Denise….I am also known as Starquilter…just letting youknow as I see my comment is awaiting moderaation…
    As always.

  19. Denise….all the months have been great! Augustis so cute too! Don’t know how you keep dreaming them up….the arrival of Fall should make it easier as it is such a grand time of year…

    • Thanks Bonnie. I think I might have to go shopping for some similar colored “salt water taffy” colors to make this one.

  20. June is great. My husbands birthday is June 1st. Of course the cake will have to be chocolate with chocolate icing as well. And the pink balloon will be changed to another color. Thanks Denise. Maybe I can make it when he isn’t around and surprise him with it next year.

  21. This will be perfect for my June wallhanging! My b’day is June so I might as well celebrate all month! And useful for everyone else, too. Thanks, Denise!

  22. June-how abut an old fashioned small schoolhouse with kids leaving down a flight of stairs, and throwing their books and papers up in the air!!

  23. Denise, I was just looking at May’s quilt again and thinking, “How does she come up with such cute stuff?!” Then I read re: June. Kind of nice to know you are ‘human’ after all! Beginning to think there was a big red “S” on your t-shirt… :?}

  24. I just recently found this site and downloaded the May Wallhanging/Daisy patterns; do you have previous ones and if so where would I find them? Thank you so much.

  25. I’m having problems with the May file. When I try to open it, I get a message that the file is corrupted.
    Please help! Thanks

    • AllI can say Sherry is keep trying. I just retested both links and they were working and the files have been downloaded over 2,000 times. Sometimes Box.net has some issues so you may have to try another day.

  26. Hi Denise. I am new to your website. In the Bloomin’ Butterflies you mention the Stitch, Press, Flip and Trim method, What is this and where can I find the instructions?

    • Zelda – it’s when you take a square with a diagonal line on the back, put it right sides together on another piece, stitch on the drawn line, press to set seam flip the corner open and press and trim away the two layers underneath. It’s used in many patterns when you are making flying geese blocks for example.

  27. Hi Denise, I love the May block and really appreciate being able to print off these patterns for free. I have one question and I even feel a bit embarrassed to ask because these are free and you have taken a lot of time to create these. I thought that somewhere when I was reading about these patterns that they were going to be 30 X 30 with the inside square being 16 inches, I think. I thought that we could set them into a quilt without the borders? The lion and lamb was 30 by 33 but I was able to reduce the size. I probably will be able to figure how large to cut the white background and add the borders to make it end up to be 16 X 16. I think I answered my own question. I don’t know if any other quilters were planning to do the same. Thank you again for the beautiful designs. I love applique because I get a little bored doing the same block over and over. Thanks again.

    • You’re right Jean – that was the original plan but I found it very constricting so when I posted the March block I also posted the change that some months the center design may be different sizes but at the end of the year, if any of the center blocks weren’t 16″ square, I would provide a substitute block for those who want blocks all the same size to set them all together. When I updated the page last month, I must have deleted that language. In any event, if you are doing the blocks so you have only a 16″ block to set together and don’t want to wait until the end of the year for the substitute pattern , you simply omit the borders and all applique that shows up in the borders (the yellow butterfly on the left, bee and dragonfly) and use the rest of the center design on a 16″ background square. You’d need to overlap the flower pots a bit more (like have the dirt spilling out in front of the blue pot to make sure that the flower petals don’t run off the right side of the center block or reduce the design slightly on a copy machine — or wait until the end to get the 16″ square block pattern.

  28. Would it be possible to email me the downloads for Jan, Feb, Mar?
    I would be greatly appreciat it? I just got out of the hospital, & just found your site! Thank you in advance! Mary

    • Sorry – as the project pages for time limited files, and the main blog page states, files are not available after they have been removed, via eamil or otherwise.

  29. gracias por los patrones, me incorpore tarde al proyecto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y no pude bajar los PDF de enero y febrero! alguien me los podria enviar a mi correo?
    muchisimas gracias y buen dia

    • No, once the patterns are removed they are no longer available and it violates copyright to request others to email them to you.

  30. Whew! I have the March all but done! Lion’s head is pinned in place with all parts accounted for. It went together well and, if I do say so myself, looks great! lol

  31. Has it been another month already. Geez. I am really enjoing making this series of wallhangings. I didn’t have enough of any of the fabrics required for this one so I made a quick run to Hancock. I guess the days of $4.99/yd. fabric are long gone. Everything I purchased was at least $7.99 today. My total ran about $30.00 which makes the wallhanging about $1.00 per square inch. And I was weak and bought a new gadget. They were pushing the Fiskars scissors sharpener so I got that as well. Would you believe I couldn’t find anything close to grass fabric. I ended up with screaming lime green fabric. It will be bright.

    Thanks Denise I love your patterns, beautiful, creative and best yet easy to follow the pattern.

  32. Received the penguin fabric for the back of Percy. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Denise for your generosity. :)

    Thank you also for March YOW. Now to find just the right fabric for the border. And I know i have some sky fabric somewhere hiding in my stash.

    • Thanks Cheryl – I’m planning to make my lion’s mane 3-D so it stands out from the quilt which should be cute.

  33. I like this one a lot . The Lion is so cute and the little lambs so Easter looking perhaps I can get this one done before Easter.

  34. Thanks Denise for the up-dated pattern for Wacky. I have all my pieces cut except the applique heart shapes. What a lot of little pieces. Numbering them and putting them in baggies is definitely the way to go. Those 1″ squares could easily get lost.
    Will cut out the hearts tomorrow. Getting wacky and the Hankie block ready to take with me to Quiltfest March 8th. My wonderful husband booked us a hotel room for four days so i can shop till i drop. Didn’t want to lug my machine so am taking handwork with me to keep me entertained in the evenings.

  35. Whew…heard last night at our quilt guild meeting that the pattern for February had been published AND today it is missing. Where did it go??? L

  36. I love the February quilt. You amaze me Denise. Keep up the good work…wondering what March will hold!?! Thank you for sharing your talent.


  37. Denise, I had downloaded Percy when it first came out. I am new to your group and was really excited about having a project that was not huge with which to begin. Then when the correction came out for Percy, I downloaded. Now, however, the file will not open and says I have to have something called Box.Net. I am leary of this since I have neve heard of it before.

    Is this soemthing with your security system that I need to download? I didn’t know I had a problem until I was all set to start Percy and went back in to print out the cutting directions.

    I did download the February file with no problem.

    Is anyone else having this problem with Percy?

    Any help would be gratefully accepted.

    Maureen Heck
    Richmond, VA

    • Maureen – box.net is just the web based file storage where the files are loaded so people can download them – you can just add them to the blog, they have to be temporarily sored elsewhere. Something must have glitched if you downloaded the file and saved it to your computer. I suggest printing them right away to make sure they downloaded properly – it’s the nature of the web – sometimes things don’t always download properly.

  38. Welcome back and thank you for the pattern. Downloading it as i type. Have to check the yardage and see if i bought the right amounts already or if i have to go shopping for some more.

    Sure missed your posts but you sure got a lot done with no interruptions.

    • I’m glad to be back – it’s just annoying when technology isn’t working the way it is supposed to — especially when someone else caused the problem. ;-(

  39. Denise, thanks so very much for sharing your creations with us, so what if you are a little late. Better late than never is my motto. I will keep coming back for a look.

    Happy Quilting

  40. Joanne, any word of when the Feb. block might be posted? I don’t mean to be a pest, but I don’t want to miss out on it. Thanks.

    • Zelda, the link for the February block has NOT been posted yet. When Denise posts it you will find the link to it here on this page.

    • It is the right Saturday but no it has not been posted yet. Actually i have been concerned because Denise has not posted since Wednesday. She seldom misses a day. I emailed her asking if she was ok and to let me know if she is. I haven’t heard back yet so i just keep checking the site hoping to see a new entry

  41. Do not know if I will make every month, but I do plan on printing them all out so that I have the complete set. I especially cannot wait for the Feb. one to be on-line.

  42. Nothing like jumping the gun! I went out today (Friday) and bought the fabric for Wacky. The day before the pattern is released. Sure hope i bought enough yardage. If not i guess i will just have to go back to the quilt store. What a hardship hehehe.

  43. I had to share this one with you all. Hubby and I went out to eat for Valentines Day and we picked Panda Buffet. Well my fortune today was “Out of confusion comes new patterns” How is that for a fortune for a quilter? Ha!

  44. I started out with EQ6 and now have upgraded to EQ7 and I have created quite a few quilts, but I am impressed with Percy. I look forward to making him and the other quilts for the year. These will make great door prizes and fund raisers for my military Women Veterans Org. I enjoyed all your comments.

  45. Sooo Cute! I luv your choice of borders! Very much a part of the whole – not just an add-on…like to many borders tend to be! Very effective….The whole thing just “works” congrats and thanks so much for sharing!
    quilty hugs…..

  46. Pingback: Status for 2010 og nye BOM for 2011 | Patchworkstuen

  47. Thank you so much for sharing with us Denise. I’m shopping my stash for the fabric today. One nice thing about the size is that a lot of us probably have sufficient fabric in our stash to make each individual block.

    How did you know that I collect penquins?

    • Well then Percy is right up your alley. :-) And yes, the smaller wallhanging sizes do make it much eaiser to pull from the stash.

  48. Thank you so much for this BOM. I was going to take a class for
    a wallhangings of the month. This way is much better for me since I can’t get out of the house too easy.
    Happy New Year. Evita

  49. Many many thanks, from someone on a very limited income, for your incredible gracious generosity. Your time and work is much appreciated

  50. Just popping in to say hello and a big thank you for the lovely Percy, he is sooo cute. It is very generous of you to share your talent in this way. Are you putting up a Flickr site so that all can post their finished item?

  51. Thank you for sharing, so love the penguin. This is my first visit to your site, I now have it saved in my favorites and will visit often.

    Bedford, Nova Scotia

    • Hi Eva,
      I used to live in Fall River and Dartmouth before I moved to Tennessee 8-1/2 yrs ago. Nice to see someone on here from home. I miss NS. Especially the ocean.

  52. I would love to be included in the once a month projects. I’m not sure I know how to open the pattern, might need help.

    Sandra in Oklahoma

    • Sandy – all you will have to do is click on the link that is posted when the new wallhanging gets posted and the pattern will download so you can print it.

  53. I am a big penquin lover and I am challenging myself to learn how to applique; so Percy will be perfect. He is too cute.

  54. Another from Northern Ontario. This is a great idea for me to use for centres of quilt blocks – I’m going to try to incorporate this into my goals for the year! Thanks.

  55. This looks like fun. I just got Electric Quilt 7
    from Santa. I have not done to much yet.
    I have a question about the EQ6 files. Can
    I get them to open in EQ7? Anybody???
    I look forward to the new downloads.
    Thank You.

    • Sylvia – EQ6 files can be opened in EQ7. But if you didn’t have EQ6 version previously, I don’t know if it will let you open it directly from the download. Try saving the file to your computer first (rather than opening the download directly) and then open EQ7 and find the file on your computer and open it.

  56. So sorry–I actually read that like on 3rd weekend you would be changing it..Now I feel so silly…I will be looking forward to meetiing Percy. Thanks for the iniformation to help us that are in a hurry..LOL

  57. Ladies – I appreciate your enthusiasm but don’t drive me crazy. :-) You cannot find the link to the pattern because this page clearly states “Starting the 3rd weekend in January, I will be posting a new wallhanging pattern each month of 2011.” It is not yet the 3rd weekend in January so the pattern has not yet been posted – just a preview of what it will look like.

  58. I too cannot find the PDF file nor can I find the EQ6 file on this page or the page that referenced me. I can find your 2010 patterns but Percy is at the Rink. If you could point me in the right direction. I think Percy is a Class Act. Sorry to be a bother.

  59. Nope I still do not see any link to your pattern. do we need to subscribe to the RSS feed? whatever that is.?
    I got all your Crop Circles & never had a problem finding them. this one I cannot find.
    Can someone else who has been to the site link me to it?
    Maybe it is just user error on my part.

  60. I also have NOT found a link to Percy–he looks adorable & would love to make him.
    I have been all over your site & still not found the pdf (unless once I send this note it will pop up?)

  61. I too have looked the whole page over and cannot find a link to open for Percy the Penguin.
    Free EQ Downloads does not have him there.

  62. Love Percy, and would love to sign up to follow your blog. But I was unable to find the PDF. Can you help? Thanks so much.
    I’m a new user of EQ7, and so far am totally lost! I’ll keep working at it, though, until I know what I’m doing.

    • Please read the information on Percy’s page where you posted the comment. It’s all spelled out there. Glad you like him.

    • Great idea Bonnie except for one thing – you must have me confused with someone who has a clue how to create a blog badge. :-)

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