Fourth Project for 5 x 5

The project I picked for my fourth 5 x 5 project was Rejoice Evermore.  Here’s where I left off when I last worked on it.


And here’s how far I am today (Friday) but truthfully this has not gotten as much stitching on this week as it should have.  It’s been a crazy week and  I have a day off today and all day Wednesday I kept thinking it was Thursday so when I got home on Wednesday night, I pulled out my Thursday Three things Sampler to work on so that took one night away from Rejoice.  Then, I decided to keep stitching on Three Things last night, when it was actually Thursday.  But I still made  good progress on Rejoice Evermore in just the two nights I worked on it.  Here is the progress as of now:


Finished the red of the house, filled in all the window curtains and “dark” space in the windows, outlined roof and added chimneys and got that pot on the roof partially done.

And here’s where I left off on Thursday – Three Things Sampler stitching last week

5-21-23 progress

and after two nights


I finished the rest of the alphabet/numbers row and then moved down and got the house all outlined, roof tiles half completed.  I stitched the door and then ripped it back out again.  Here’s a close up of the house.


I’m using the called for DMC but the house colors don’t look like the cover image.  The coral-ish color looks more draft tan on the photo (I kind of like this better because I thought the house looked rather dull in color).  The tiles and windows – the color looks more gray but the DMC is definitely a more blue-gray .  The outline around the door that I did in the blue/gray was supposed to be in “tan” but the DMC color they called tan was definitely more gold to me and it when it was stitched the panels and outline all sort of blended together so I redid it with the blue which makes it stand out more.    I may end up changing the actual color of the house but will wait and see.

I may continue to work on this one for a bit yet today before putting it away and going back to Rejoice Evermore.  It’s nice to have a day off work after all the OT I’ve been putting in and how busy it has been but I woke up this morning  with a headache and stiff back (rats!) but headache is nearly gone.    So I’ve  been slowly doing some laundry, sit and stitch a bit, get up and do some other small task, stitch a bit – but it’s a vacation day so I don’t want to do too many chores. 🙂

My plans for the fifth project for 5 x 5 has already been decided and I will likely skip the Sunday Stitching project (or only work on it for part of the day) and then pull out the next 5 x 5.   I haven’t decided if I’ll work on this the whole of next week or if I’ll start my  Cross Stitch Camp project on June 1.  Anyway since it’s Memorial Day Weekend, my next 5 x 5 will be a patriotic stitch I started last year.  A series of similar sized charts for pillows/pin keeps from SubRosaDesigns (Etsy) that I will be stitching all as one project. I don’t know if I’ll use all of them , bits and pieces from some of them – but I really like all the designs.  I can’t even remember when I left off on this one but I don’t think I was very far.  Okay – enough rambling – I need to put the coffee on and decide what’s next on my agenda.


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  1. You sure got a lot done this week. I really like all those little patriotic charts!

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