3-30-23 Stitching Progress

First – Primrose  Bunny is coming along nicely – she has a head.  I changed the colors to a bit darker than charted.

Sort of a milk chocolate / dark chocolate bunny.   

And I was able to get back to my red sampler since my spools of thread arrived  yesterday.

Here’s a reminder of the chart and then where I am right now.  I still need to chart the name I’ll be replacing Hilda’s with – which is my grandmother Hilda.

So I’ve got to finish that largest alphabet and add the numbers  9 and zero.  Then it will just be the name and bottom border.

This is the chart I want to start next and I think there may be a few of us stitching along together on this (or, well, starting it around the same time and working on it as we please) 🙂    I emailed Judy telling her I planned to pull threads because I need to start all the things and I’ve wanted to work on this one ever since I got it last year.  She said she has the chart and said she has another friend who had talked to her about starting this one soon, too.  I have seen someone who is currently stitching it on Instagram and it is so pretty close up – the stitcher’s work is beautiful.

I may leave the words/scripture reference off since the reference is over one.  I’ll wait and decide later because I could just backstitch the over 1 part since the words  “Rejoice evermore” are not over one.  Also there are some satin stitch triangle borders which I will replace with something else.  There are also satin stitches on the large birds’ wings and I will just do regular cross stitch and then get a point need to add the satin stitch over the top in those areas because the satin stitch on the wings gives a great texture look to them and I won’t have to worry about not getting good satin stitch coverage on the aida with  x’s stitched underneath them.

This chart seems a fitting companion piece to Winter Rose Manor.  Similar theme – big house, basket of flowers on the roof, little octagon with flower motif  inside.  I am going to start at the bottom of it and work my way up because I’m undecided as to whether I like that top section  with the big tulips or not.   And since I’m not fond of berry bowls, I may end up just stitching the lower half of the chart.


7 comments on “3-30-23 Stitching Progress

  1. The Bunny is coming along so nicely!
    Love “Rejoice Evermore”. But I’m only half a border into Winter Rose Manor, so it will be awhile for me. Thank you for pointing out how the two patterns have similar themes.
    Ironically I just started the octagon for Winter Rose this afternoon. Interesting that both pieces have that same octagon.
    Rejoice Evermore definitely on my 2023 list!!

  2. I’m not sure what you would replace it with but I agree about removing that section. I like the tulips but something is off. Would it work to move that section to the bottom?

    • I just don’t like that section at all so will leave it off and not replace it with anything. What I loved the most was that house section so I’ll just stitch that and adjust the border around it. I pulled flosses last night and just have 2 or maybe three to find a substitute for but actually I should look to see where those colors are used. If they are not in the bottom section I might not need them at all.

  3. I just love Rejoice Evermore! I was going to start it for NYE 12×12 but for some reason I didn’t even though it is fully kitted. I believe you’re talking about Carol Mundle on IG who is stitching this now. Her progress is just beautiful!

  4. Love Hilda. You’re making me want to start stitching one of those redwork samplers or, maybe I should just finish one I have started!

    I’ll probably start on Rejoice Evermore around the 15th of the month. I have the floss pulled, just need to decide on a fabric.

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