March 25, 2023 and 8″ of snow?

Yesterday was nearly 50 outside.  We basically had no snow left except in parking lots where it had been plowed into piles.  This was no snow outside my door and this is what I woke up to this morning.  We were supposed to get 3″-6″ but looking at the snow on top of the retaining wall (and my bird feeder which is empty and I’m out of seed) I think we got more like 8″.

And it’s really wet and heavy by the look of it and has started falling/melting off the trees – pretty but please Mother Nature, no more snow for this winter since it’s actually SPRING now! 🙂   It could always be worse and this probably won’t stick around for long so I am glad it happened on the weekend and I don’t have to go out in it.

I stitched as far as I can on the little red sampler last night because I’ve used up the whole 50-meter spool and have to wait for the other two spools I ordered to arrive.  They were shipped yesterday so at least are on their way.  Here’s how far I got.


The bottom three rows are complete across the whole piece so that’s how wide it will be.   I was working on the numbers above those 3 rows and thought I might just get to the end of that row with just the 9 and a 0 to go but no luck.  So the other half of the rows above the numbers to go and then the name at the bottom and a pretty border goes under the name.  Good thing I ordered two spools instead of one because I think I will need to use at least part of that third one.  I was thinking last night when I finished off the spool about how many times I had to thread the needle with new thread for what I have stitched here so far.  When I use two strands I pull out probably just under a yard length of thread to double it and use the loop start method.  That means so far I have had to thread my needle at least 54 times.  Yes, that’s your bit of trivia for today. 🙂    

After running out of thread, I switched back to the Three French Hens Prairie Schooler Santa and stitched a bit on that.


Stitched more on the chicken coop.