3-23-23 stitching update

Since I’ve never cross stitched with the Au Ver A Soi 1003 silks that come on a spool, I didn’t give a thought as to how much thread I might need for the little red sampler I started last weekend.   Last night I was happily stitching along thinking it’s so relaxing to just stitch a one-color project and not have to worry about thread color changes – relaxing until you realize you have already used A LOT of thread.  As in I think I’ve likely used about half the spool but am NOT halfway thru the project, and that particular color was part of a special kit.   Oops!


Here’s how far I was last night when I stopped.  Of course, the reason I’m going thru thread so fast is I am using two strands to stitch this but that coverage is so pretty.  I’m definitely not half done since the width and length of the section I have stitched is only the left half of the design and the right half will use about as much thread.

20230320_5 Plus I’m not all the way to the bottom of the design yet.  I’m working on that border line below the largest alphabet so only about 2/3rds done with the length.   Luckily, I was able to find a place that had the color in stock and have ordered two more spools, which hopefully will be plenty.

I have been wanting to do a green one-color project as well (you know I love green) and found a pretty shade of it so ordered some of that as well.  Hopefully by the time I need it, the new supply of thread will have arrived and, if not, well I might have one or two other things I could stitch on in the meantime. 🙂