3-19-23 Sunday Stitch

Finally decided last night to pick a new PS Santa’s 12 Days of Christmas chart to start on.  I was looking at the two I had stitched already – five golden rings and seven swans – I decided to pick another odd numbered day so went with three french hens.   Part of the reason for choosing an odd numbered day is I’m not sure the fabric I’m stitching them on is large enough to stitch all 12 on.  So I’ll stitch the odd numbered ones first and then reassess the fabric issue. to see if there is enough to stitch all of them on or if I will stitch all the even numbered days on a different fabric.


Here’s my start from last night.  I did use the wrong color red for his hat but not a big deal.  Especially since  DMC 815 and 902 are very similar.  The red of the clothes in the above photo is a much brighter orangey red than the 815 called for which is what I used  below.  I will have to see when I get to the cuffs on the overalls if there is much difference between the 902 and 815 when I stitch the darker cuffs because when holding the two floss skeins next to each other the difference is very subtle.   I will have to choose a brighter red to use on those chickens tho.  I love their little coop.