Saturday 3-11-23

Are you bored with seeing this chart yet?  Well, it’s all I’m stitch on at the moment since I still can’t make a decision on what small to start.

Here’s where I was before I started stitching on it last night.


I corrected that upper left corner so now it all meets up perfectly. I got a whole lot of berries (or flowers? ) in the border added and more leaves and then the leaves and stems that the berries go on.  I also ripped out the red ones in the lower right corner and restitched them.


I’ll be glad when I get the border finished.  It’s such putzy work starting and stopping.  But its a bit too far for me to carry across the back, plus I need to go see (when I get off the computer) if I have another skein of that gold color I’m using.   I’m running low so carrying would waste too much of that.  I think I am good tho because that is Ye Old Gold and its one of my favorite golds so I think at some point I bought several of them.  I’d like to get all the border done before I go back to working on the rest of the stuff on the inside.

And this lovely bag arrived in today’s mail.  It’s my March Bag of the Month from Hometown Needleworks and I love this peachy color.   The little scissors, and the point protector and the fob came along with the bag.  I’m not much for fobs on my scissors so I think I will switch it to a zipper pull.

march bag