A snowy friday

We got about 8″ of wet snow  between late yesterday afternoon and this morning.  Pretty but annoying.  🙂


These photos were taken early this morning.  The temps were warm enough that it had already started falling off the trees and the holes in the chain link fence had been filled in last night with snow but is of course now empty.  It’s been gray day all day but the guys who shovel came thru early this afternoon and wherever they shoveled what remained behind is already melted so could have been worse.

More progress on In HIS Image.  That upper left corner, I was off due to a counting error, so just have to finish filling in that area that I ripped back.   I got the words “Made in the image of God” added – those were charted but inside a flower wreath on the chart.  Also, I decided I wanted to switch the berries in the border to a gold color and not the reddish color they were charted as.


I like it so much better and I had planned to take out that red single border line because I didn’t like it, but now with the gold in the berries (or flowers or whatever they are) I like that red border so it will stay.  I still need to rip out those couple of red berries.  I sort of wish I had changed the font to something larger for the top line of text, but I used the charted text and am not going to take that out.  Plus, once that inner red border is in place that will fill up some of the area above those words.  Once I get the borders finished, I’ll decide where I need to add in some motifs or other words.   The other change I made was to the top couple – he was supposed to have a very long beard, but I think he looks much more handsome with my shorter version.