3-8-23 Progress report


Here’s where I am at the moment.  The border vine that continues past the kids on the left – that will be the top edge where it starts to move to the right.   I was really hoping I could put the corner/top border about where the border ends on the right side but after counting it out, the down slant area would end up below the hat area of the man on the right.  Dang, I should have moved that couple down a bit.  There will be some more words across the top and then I’ll have to figure out some other motifs to put into a few spaces.  I also changed the beard on the gentleman on the upper right.  He was supposed to have a very long beard (sort of like the man on the bottom row) and as I stitched my way down the beard, when I got to the spot show above, I thought hey, he looks really good (and much younger) with a shorter, well-trimmed beard so I left it.