In HIS Image progress – 3-2-23

inshisminage  I’ve been stitching (and ripping)  on this project for about a week and a half now and really like how it’s turning out.   I’m changing colors, moving things around, leaving some things out and adding some other things in.  So here’s the chart again for reference so you can see it for comparison.   The church and two houses aren’t completely stitched but I’ll leave those for a day when I feel like just doing fill in work becuase that church is going to take a while to fill in.

So the first photo is the same as last time I showed it – when I decided I wanted to rip that big berry bowl back out and leave it out of my version.


One berry bowl ripped out, moved things around, and here is where it is as of today.


I slid that church down and used three colors to create the steeple shingles, added three gold bells to the steeple and found a perfect speckled floss to make the stained-glass windows, which you can see better in the close up below.  Rather than just having the word Love on it, I decided I’d add a few more words so you can see “Hope” stitched in there.  The word “Faith” will be stitched above the weeping tree, and there will be some others added in elsewhere.  Oh the tree needs a lighter color added around most of the leaves but I just wanted to get some general placement ideas so I can figure out how I want to do the next “row” of stuff above this one.  I will likely put the couple to the left of the tree in that space as charted.


Here’s a close up of the church. (Excuse the fuzzies on it, I didn’t notice that when I took the photo)