Ripping is not fun

Well, that “cup” was a large motif but who would have thought it would have taken me until about 11PM or a bit later to finally get all those stitches ripped out.  I have thread “fluff” all over around my chair and on my quilt.  Definitely need to get that vacuum out to capture all that fluff.   But I did finally manage to start putting in stitches late last night instead of wielding the seam ripper.   I did nick a thread or two of the actual aida threads but luckily (unlike linen) there are several interwoven threads that make up a square in aida fabric so all is well and the area where it happened will be covered with stitches and not visible.

And the other think not fun – I completed the whole blog post below and accidently hit some combination of keystroke that made it disappear.  Sheesh! So here it goes again.

Now for some fun stuff I got in the mail last night.   The Bluebird chart – exclusive to Keepsakes for their 25th anniversary in business (they have all kinds of stuff planned to celebrate the anniversary and this was the first exclusive chart – they do have a second exclusive now that I saw on someone’s flosstube)   Anyway, I got this to stitch and give as a gift and it arrived, along with some fabric choices to go with it.


They had suggested fabrics and I couldn’t tell from the photos which I really wanted.  Since they were only fat eighths, I just ordered three of them to choose from which are shown with the project bag below.  The project bag is from the Hometown Needleworks bag club.   I love how  fast I receive things from them since they are only a state away and ship the same or next day and only sell things that are in stock at the time you order  (as opposed to how slow I have gotten things from other shops, which have things for sale on their websites which they do NOT necessarily have in stock –  which you will see at the end of the blog post).

This is the February bag (she doesn’t do monthly themes like hearts for Valentine’s Day – but more generalized like a red bag for February).  I love these bags as I’ve said before when showing you other ones I’ve received because they are large and have a waterproof lining, for those of us who are spill prone. 🙂  And I like the double zipper pulls.  This one came with an extra bonus, the small notions pouch.


The fabrics for the Bluebird chart – the bottom one is the one Keepsakes stitched their own shop model on (but not the called for in the chart).  All fabrics are Atomic Ranch fabrics – hand dyed, Zwiegart-based, 18ct.  Bottom color is called Frieze and has light blue and pinkish colors in it.  I wasn’t sure if I would like that or not because in hand dyed fabrics the individual pieces may vary with coloring from the one piece that is shown on the website so I ordered the other two colors that were also suggested.  The lighter color is Vanilla Creme and other is Weathered Stone.  All are very nice.

Now as for the fabrics below, two of them I ordered in November and when I got the other part of my order it indicated they were backordered.  I just received them – three months!  The shop I got them from did apologize for their inventory error and did let me know that they didn’t expect them back in stock until Feb or March and gave me the option to cancel them.  I wasn’t happy they weren’t in stock but at least they communicated with me.    The other two I ordered in September!! and they just arrived today.  But, unlike the first shop, my only notice that the fabrics were not really in stock was when the rest of my ordered arrived and the fabrics were listed as backordered.  No indication of when they might be back in stock, no response to my email about 2 months ago asking about them, nothing.  I figured I’d never see them but since I hadn’t been charged for them yet it was okay (except I really really wanted these two colors).   So that shop has been struck from where I will purchase from since customer service seems nonexistent and even when I have ordered only charts, it has taken a month to get them.   But the fabrics finally also arrived this week, a mere five months after ordering 😦

Left to right -Fiber on A Whim 20 ct in Spicy Mustard and 20ct Muted Sedona (are those colors gorgeous – I also especially wanted them because they were 20 count which is hard to find).   The other two are PTP 18 ct Vellum (for a sampler I’ve been waiting to start on that required a bit larger piece than the sizes I normally buy) and the other is 16 ct Mirage (for some piece – which I can’t remember what chart I wanted it for right now that is charted on black but I don’t like stitching on black so this was what I planned to stitch it on).


Okay – I never made my popcorn for dinner last night and have been thinking about it ever since so popcorn, stitching and tv this afternoon is on the agenda.    The Firestick I use for my tv has various free week trials you  for all kinds of tv subscription services, so last night I turned one on so I can watch the newer Dr. Who’s that I haven’t seen yet or maybe just rewatch some of my favorite Doctors and some of those episodes I missed.

I lead such an exciting life, don’t I.   🙂