A ripping good Friday night

On my agenda for tonight – rip, rip, rip those cross stitches out.  I should have gone with my first instinct which was to leave the large berry bowl off the lower part of this chart.  I don’t particularly care for berry bowls, large or gigantic, but after stitching in the “bowl” for this one, I decided I just don’t want to keep it.  So that’s what I’ll be ripping on.   I showed a photo when it looked like the woman was holding a gigantic teacup.   Here it is after last night’s stitching (and before I start the ripping).


Now it looks like the people are taking their giant sugar bowl over to the neighbor’s house to ask for a cup of sugar. 🙂   But the entire bowl will be ripped out and replaced with something else (I’m not telling what at this point – Judy and I are both making changes to that area so she wants me to surprise her with what changes I make in that area).  But I will say that those two people will be staying where they are.  The rectangles on the far left are the start of the outline of the house in that corner which will also stay as charted.

So I’ve gathered my ripping tools, will get comfy in my pjs and get started.  I’d like to have that whole bottom area stitched by the end of this weekend but not so sure I’ll get it all done.    I think dinner might be a big bowl of popcorn later since I’m not really hungry now and I haven’t had popcorn in ages.