In HIS Image – progress as of 2-22-23

inshisminage I’ve made some good progress on this chart since I picked it up 3 or 4 days ago (and there was that one ripping back incident that slowed me down due to a color I didn’t like and needed to change).   I pulled all the flosses (since I had only pulled the 2 or 3 I had been previously using for the border) and pulled some additional colors because I want to change up some of the colors and not have so much red.  It will be an experiment and we will see if I love the overall look once I’ve changed things around.

I’m also going to change/leave out some of the motifs.  I’m not fond of those red butterflies/moths so will be deleting those.  Here’s what I’ve changed and what I’ve stitched so far.

close up house

This is the house in the lower right corner of the chart. I changed it to two shades of teal (I had done one of the side sections in a 3rd darker teal but after stitching it decided I didn’t like it and it was too dark so that was where the ripping came in).  There is an inconsistency (or at least I see it as one) in the chart that bugged me so if you are stitching this you may want to check it out to see if it will bug you too 🙂   In the chart there is an extra vertical row of stitching between the centermost two windows above the door and the windows immediately to the right of them.  Instead of the 4 stitches between windows as all the others are, that area has 5 stiches.  Which also makes the door off center with the two windows above it (the windows are charted one stitch to the left of center of the door as charted).  To resolve that I put 4 stitches between each of the windows and made my door one stitch narrower and so it’s all centered in my photo above. Those changes make my center house section one stitch less in width overall than the chart but not a big deal.

Other changes – check the border sections carefully; the top and bottom border do not have the same number of stitches in the flat area, that the flower or berry or whatever you want to call it attaches to, as the side borders do.  Not an error in the chart – just a heads up that it is not easily spotted if you are zooming right along on the border and don’t check the chart carefully enough.  (Luckily I figured that out quickly and didn’t have to rip much – top and bottom border have 11 stitches/sides have 12).  There’s a leaf on the left border that is not in the correct position on the vine, and a couple leaves missing from the chart that show up in the cover image border.

Here’s the section I’m working on now (I’ll go back and fill in that house later).  This photo makes me laugh – it looks like that woman is holding a really large cup of coffee but if you look at the chart it is going to be a berry bowl.  I’m going to incorporate some of the colors from that teal house in other places so changed the color of the rim of the bowl.


The top center of that tree was also where one of those big butterflies or moths was so I just winged it (no pun intended) and filled in the area where the butterfly would have been to bring down the branches of the tree to connect.  I think that turned out rather well if I do say so myself.  After stitching in the woman’s eye (which is one stitch) it looked too big and like she was from one of those horror movies where the people have big black eyes.  Ripped that out.  I’m going to put a skin tone stitch in place of it and then put a very small french knot in for the eye.

That’s my progress as of last night.