Village and In HIS Image – 2-18-22

The construction crew is going gangbusters putting up buildings in my Hometown Holidays village. I think I mentioned before that I am going to sort of personalize several buildings with the names of the owners/stores from the Village of Montfort where I grew up.   For instance, not that the building looks anything like the one from our village, but the firehouse chart had a number “22” stitched at the peak of the roof to denote the number of the firehouse.  We had (and it still has) a volunteer fire department.  So instead of the “22”, I added the letters MVFD for Montfort Volunteer Fire Department.  


  So the Church and Fire Department are done and I started on the Sweet Shop.  Here’s what that will look like.


Friend Judy and some of her other stitchy friends have started In HIS Image earlier this week.  I started this chart as my birthday start last July but didn’t get a lot done because I think I was busy with Summer Crossstich Camp stitching.


I picked it up and added just a few stitches on New Year’s Even when I was doing the 12 x 12 thing but only an hour of stitching so not huge progress.  Here’s where I left off on NYE.


When I started it, I only pulled the colors as I was using them so this afternoon I’m going to pull all the rest of the colors for the chart so I can stitch along.  I think I’ll probably alternate between this one, Hometown Holidays and I want to get back to Three Things so will switch it up between them as I get itchy to work on something different.