Building a Village


Construction is booming in my little village.  The church is finished along with its creche.   The dog from the fire station is keeping an eye on things as the fire station gets built  (the builders are simultaneously putting up Christmas decorations as they build).  Although it doesn’t look real dog-like in this photo as his color is a bit washed out – hmmm someone should have made sure the light was over both halves of the photo but you just always know that my photos are hit or miss as to quality and it’s a dark raining evening. 🙂  But it looks like a dog in person – with a little french knot nose even.   I do love all the different trees.  Totally enjoying stitching on this – I should have started it sooner!  The hard part is deciding what building should go next to what.

Just an update on the FCAs.  All of them are in the mail as of yesterday – both the sort of “kit” items and the more recent charts that were adopted.   Going forward, I think I will save up future charts I finish and do them all in a batch several times a year rather than doing FCAs more often for one chart.   They still will be adopted out one chart per person (not the whole batch to one person) but do them all in one blog post so I can get the mailing all done with at the same time as well.   Also,I’ve gotten a good number of emails from blog readers offering to send me their charts they have finished with so I can put them up for FCA on my blog.  That’s very kind; I thank them for the offer but I really don’t enjoy doing the FCAs enough that I want to do more of them.  I started the FCAs so I can pass on the charts I finish with or decide I won’t stitch (after first dibs by a stitchy friend on them) because the alternative is to throw them away and I just can’t do that. Also, I won’t be “re-offering” any future FCAs for charts that originally were adopted by someone and they finished with.  I was happy to do it up to this point but have now decided that I adopt them out once and I’m done with them.

But watch those mailboxes FCA recipients because your mailings should be arriving in the next few days.