Sunday Stitchin – 2-12-23

I made some good progress on the Church from Hometown Holidays yesterday.   I forgot to post the photo of the bag I am housing all those charts in since there’s 20+ of them.   When I saw this one I new it was perfect – it’s a bit larger than the other vinyl from ones I have and the fabric coordinated with the theme of the stitches so I know at a glance what is in that bag.


So that photo was taken yesterday morning and here’s what I got stitched thru last night. The photo is a little bit dark but my camera battery died right after taking this photo and I was too lazy to go get batteries to take another one at the moment. 🙂


I don’t plan to stitch any of the snowflakes in the sky at this point.  I may add some when the entire piece is all done but will wait and see.   I really like the church design but decided to stitch it first because it will probably be the most boring one to stitch with all that white – or actually three shades of whiteish colors – which I have to try to keep track of to make sure I don’t get one of them in the wrong area. The snow is one color, the main front of the church another shade and the two side wings a third shade.  I’ll be glad to get this one finished and move on to some other more colorful buildings.