A few days ago it was below zero for several days and frigid.  Now it’s just that damp cold because it has been raining most of the day. Such crazy weather.

Here’s the Cardinal Points progress so far.


updated 2-11-23 1:15 PM — FCA is closed.

FCA bonanza going on- four separate charts to be FCA’d.  Read the FCA rules at the top of the blog if you don’t know how this works and are interested.  First this Home chart just keeps boomeranging from stitcher to stitcher.  I stitched it, FCA’d it to Carol who stitched it and then Carol contacted me to see if I wanted to FCA it again so she could send it on.. Sherry, was the next lucky recipient who started it and finished it in just a few days.  Here is Sherry’s lovely stitch. She said she stitched it on 16 ct. and changed up a few of the colors.  So pretty. So now, she wants to pass it on so its up for FCA again and could be winging it’s way to your house next.


These three charts are also up for FCA.   So follow the rules for whichever or all you are interested in.  I will use the RNG for each of the four charts and each chart will go to a different adopter.