A start and a finish all in one day!

This will likely never be repeated again but my Sunday stitch was started on 2-5-23 (just after midnight so minutes into Sunday) and I stitched for a couple hours and then I was able to pick it back up later in the day and get it all done.  So here is Good Tidings which will be headed to the finishing box.   The middle of the star above the shepherd was charted for gold colored floss but I had some leftover gold  beads from the stockings I had stitched so added gold beads in the middle.



Good Tidings – S and F on 2-5-23

Now I’m going to have to find another new Sunday Stitch for this coming weekend.

After I finished this, I picked back up on Cardinal Points.  I have 1/4 of the border finished and have started on a cardinal but I’ll wait to show that progress when I have a bit more done.


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