All Bundled Up Finished

All Bundled up

All Bundled Up – S12-11-22 – F2-1-23

I think I’m going to call this done.   This is the Sunday Stitch I’ve been working on  – started in December – and I powered thru  all that boring fill in all this week.   There is supposed to be some snowflakes stitched in the background.   As of right now I plan to leave them off.  I have some metal snowflakes I may add, depending on how I decide to finish this.  I’m really hoping the green frame I have in the stash will work for this.  It’s either going to work or it may be just a tad too small.  I think I changed up most of the colors – substituting similar and changed color placement in the flowers and took a few other liberties, rather on purpose or inadvertently but he’s a jaunty snowman.with his cardinal sidekick.    Now I’m going to have to pick out a new Sunday Stitch for next weekend.