Winter Cross Stitch Camp 2023

I’ll be joining in Winter Cross Stitch Camp with ColoradoCrossstitcher (Sheri).  You can find the parameters of the Camp challenge at her website for her shop at this link.  No need to buy anything – the challenges she does are always broad enough that so many things fit into them which makes it fun and I knew as soon as she announced it what I would stitch and it would all be from stash.  But go to the link for details and suggestions on various types of series because it does not need to be a series of charts like I’m picking from.  And you will also find the ashtags to use on Instagram.  She also talks about it in her latest flosstube.

It starts tomorrow and the theme is “series.”   As you know I’ve been stitching the Lizzie Kate stockings.  I have two of them done and one more started.    Here’s a peak at the charts.  It was getting dark outside so I had to snap a quick shot of them to post my start tomorrow on Instagram because it will be too dark by the time I get home.

On the top chart on the left  – 2013 stockings – I have already stitched the top one (Twas the Night) and the middle one (Noel).   I also have a small start on the chart pack just under it, the middle stocking where you can see two deer.   I will stop working on that one for the time being and start a new one for Winter Camp – the bottom one on the 2013 chart called ABC Christmas which looks like a sampler with the alphabet letters scattered around on it and some motifs.

So here’s where I am tonight showing the two finishes and that third start and tomorrow when I get home I may get started on the ABC Christmas. They stitch up really quick and have till the end of the month to get it stitched so I may just continue to work on my Sunday Stitch, All Bundled Up, and its snowman of never-ceasing white fill in.  I’ve been working on filling in the snowman since Sunday and at this point I really just want to get that all done.

Or I may need to start on the stocking tomorrow night to save my sanity and get a break from the rows and rows of white on that snowman.