8″ of snow

Rumor has it we got 8″ of snow between late Friday night and this morning.    The guys who do the snow removal for the apt bldg came thru and snowblowed the sidewalk a little bit ago.   I’m hoping they come back to shovel the cement slab outside my door but they have not been real good about doing that.  I can do it – I just am having a pj day so not dressed to do it.  It looks like they remembered to do the steps that go around the side of the building so that’s more important.


Yesterday I got the quiche made in time for dinner which was yummy (ham/broccoli/mushroom/onion quiche).  Cleared out the bananas in the freezer and made banana bread – which was a little disappointing.  I normally make banana bread using butter but I was out of it (or so I thought, I found some in the back of the freezer after I made the bread) so I found a recipe using oil.  I don’t use butter for much but there are a couple things I make that I use it in and banana bread is one of them.   Recipe I used is with oil is definitely not as good as my usual one (note to self – watch for butter sale and restock).  Too much oil in it compared to flour, etc I think.  I have some quiche heating up in the oven at the moment for lunch today which is smelling good.

Here’s what I stitched on last night – got all the words finished on Three Things.  Thre’s a little arrow that goes at the end of the second line.  So I’m happy with my changes o make it just four lines of text instead of eight and how my centering turned out.  I may make one little tweak to it but will wait to decide that later.


5 comments on “8″ of snow

  1. Looking really nice. I love the colors. Sorry about all the snow. We’re just getting a cold rain here in NC.

  2. I love that stitch work. Hope you don’t get snowed in or home bound unless you want too- lol- for me it’s just one good reason to be creative 🤣

  3. Ah. Snow..
    Cheers to the professional s who cope so well
    With it,
    And Actually I do miss it.
    I see cardinals but few robins.

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