A Snowy Saturday – 1-28-23

It’s snowing – my computer weather bar tells me “heavy snow soon”. I don’t remember what the last forecast was as to how many inches we might bet today but I think it was supposed to snow off and on all day and we could get 3″ – 6″. It’s a pretty snow to look out at but its 17 (feels like 10 with wind chill) so I’m glad I only have to look out at it and not go out in in! Brrr. I just cranked the heat up a notch.

Last night was of course my usual Friday nite, stay up really late, stitching and I finished the second of  the seven little stockings I want to stitch and got a small start on the third one.  This is Twas the Night (for obvious reasons).


Flora McSample 2013 Twas The Night Stocking – S1-25-23 / F1-27-23

I just cannot get a good photo of this fabric – is more tan over all with pretty mottling.   The kit embellishments for this chart were the red beads around the edge of the wreath and the cute little angel charm to hang in the center. Here’s a close up of the charm.


I have one more to do from this particular chart but decided I wanted to start one from one of the other charts so just have a few top of stocking border lines stitched so nothing exciting to show yet.  I’ve been asked where I got the charts and thought they might be hard to find (they were when I was looking for them) and I didn’t know if they would be restocked anywhere since they were from 2013-2017, but I got a notice from 123Stitch yesterday that at least two of them that were out of stock were restocked so if you are looking for them, you may want to look there.

Don’t know what I’ll stitch on later today – I may put the stockings aside for a bit and pull out Cardinal Points. But first, I’ve been hungry for quiche again and I think some banana bread to go with it might be tasty so I may have to get busy in the kitchen.

As I was adding the latest stocking finish photos to my 2023 finishes page, I realized that in addition to things I have stitched on but not yet finished, in January I had started and finished the stitching on these five projects.  A very good stitching month indeed; I did decide that I will finish the crow sampler in some other way rather than that frame it is shown with.


The Home chart re-adoption has ended and I have commented on that original post and emailed the lucky recipient Sherry (we have several Sherry’s that are blog readers so check your email to see if you got an email from me).  Carol, I will pass along the mailing address once I receive it.  Thanks again for re-homing the chart.


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  1. Hi, Denise. I believe that I’m the Sherry that you were referring to. I think I already deleted your email so if I’m mistaken don’t worry about it. All your finishes are so cute! I hope you don’t get much snow. Stay in and stitch and try to stay warm.

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