A Hop off the wagon for a second

Well, you know my goal for 2023 is not to buy any cross-stitch supplies.  Here it is, January 21, and I had to quickly jump off the wagon as it was still moving, order something, and then run to catch back up to the wagon and hop back as it was trundling down the road.  I was watching the latest flosstube  for Justkeepstitchin’ (Pam & Steph for those in the know) and they showed a chart they received from a designer (JBW) at a recent retreat they attended and it was just the absolutely perfect chart for a special gift. The chart is being sold exclusively at Keepsakes for a limited time and they have created an online shop (they are a brick and mortar shop  in Sharonville, Ohio, not a full online shop) to make available only things exclusive to their shop. You can get all the info from their Justkeepstitchin’ flosstube #284, skip ahead to probably about 50 minutes in (I don’t remember the exact minute) if you want to get all the scoop on the chart – where/how to get it and how long it’s available for sale, etc.  I don’t plan to hop off again anytime soon but I simply could not pass this up.



We have a repeat FCA today.  This chart was originally FCA’d previously by Carol P. and she has stitched it and asked if I wanted to do a FCA on the blog and then she will send the chart on to the next adopter.  Here is Carol’s finished stitch and it’s lovely.  Green – you know I love green – so even her frame is perfect.

Here’s the chart cover image so you know what to do if you are interested in this FCA. I will get the mailing address from the recipient and pass that on to Carol and she will mail out the chart.  Thanks Carol!



As for my stitching progress last night – 



Here’s the reminder of what the original chart looks like. Last night I finished the flowers and leaves in the pot and added the owl. Got the squirels done and changed the pumpkin one of them is holding to an apple.  Right border is done and I’m currently working on the top border – which you can’t tell for the image but there’s three rows – each one a different color, making up that border.  I’ll get all the borders done and then decide if I’m going to put those background larger x motifs in but I’m pretty sure I will leave them out.



10 comments on “A Hop off the wagon for a second

  1. Home is perfect, the alphabet, a house and a heart. Love it.

    I am liking the colors in your stitch and the basket is prettier in yours than in the original chart photo. Love the blue house!

  2. Keepsakes is my LNS and I was fortunate enough to receive that beautiful chart at Stitch Away. The same thing happens to me EVERY SINGLE time I vow to no new purchases. I can’t run all that well and oftentimes miss jumping back on that wagon. LOL!!!

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