Friday nite stitching – 1-20-23


So here is where I was when I posted my progress on this project on Wednesday.  House done – started the pot of flowers; I still am undecided if I’ll go back and stitch in the windows but I probably will.

So in addition to changing up the colors, I clearly decided to change up part of the design as well since I didn’t stitch the pot as charted.  There should be a double row of zig zags – one above the one I did but I got carried away filling in the black and by the time I noticed it decided I could just make a design change so continued the way I had started.  So it looks like I have one row of zigs and little flowers on top of each point.


I also added more colors to pot which were supposed to be back and maybe a brownish color – drab.  I like my Spring looking pot.  The color around the crows I picked was Sockeye.  The called for was a very carrot orange but to me the chart looked more coral/pinkish so this is exactly what I was looking for.  I think I should be able to get the rest of the motifs done tonight and start on the borders.