Sunday – 1-15-23

After straightening all the floss yesterday, I did get a start on Winter Birds.  Much easier to find substitutes for the called for flosses when all the not currently being used flosses were back where they belonged.   I didn’t take a photo of it tho since I was mostly working on branches in the background and a lot of confetti stitching.

I did get a couple emails asking about the peg board/hanger the floss is hanging on so thought I would just answer those here.  It’s plastic peg board from IKEA I got probably four or five years ago.  I have two other sections up on the other side of the closet door that holds quilty things.  Very handy indeed.  The other question was what type of hanger the floss on is.  That is a tie hanger.  It has little metal arms that slip out on each side so it could hold a whole lot of ties/belts/scarves, etc. and it can hold a lot of floss.  I could actually put twice as much on it since the metal arms on the side against the wall are folded in flat since I didn’t use them.

all bundled up

Since today is Sunday – I’ll pull out a Sunday Stitching project to work on later.  I think I will work on All Bundled Up today.  This is where I left off the last time I worked on it.

Haven’t decided if I will finish the hat and work on the cardinal on top or if I will do some of the snow fill in.

all bundled up


3 comments on “Sunday – 1-15-23

  1. Such a sweet chart, you’ll have it done in no time. Your header is adorable! Is that one of your quilts?

  2. while I always like your birds, red or otherwise; I adore the Cat with Hat and shawl, I have not seen it before this.

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