Three Things – progress 1-12-23

You may not see as many blog posts from me for a while – at least not the daily ones like there have been since before Christmas when I started the FCAs.  But never fear, it will only be because I’m working on a couple big projects and you really don’t need to see how much I accomplish on them every single day.  But here’s my progress at the moment on Three Things that I’ve been stitching on the last two nights.   I finished the second row of alphabet.


That area in the middle has some berry bowls but I don’t really like stitching berry bowls so I’ll put something else in there later on.  I also added a second border line under the second row of letters  – that one wasn’t charted (only the one above it was) but it’s fun to stitch and it’s in my favorite DMC green.  I was going to leave out that next border that I’m working on  – reminds me of oak leaves and vines – becase in the chart cover it looked orange and yellow but when I looked at the acutal floss it is two shades of gold – and I love gold – so decided to try it and I like it.  My colors aren’t showing up as vibrant in real life because – same old story of nighttime indoor photo – but those colors are really pretty together.


But need to fix a stitch or two on that border before continuing on.