Sunday Stitch progress from yesterday

I nearly have my project I worked on for Sunday Stitch yesterday done so I think I will just go ahead and finish it off tonight.  It’s also part of the 12 Days of Christmas Judy and I are stitching one chart every two months on, so I’ll be ahead of my plans on that.

Here’s where I am on Seven Swans a Swimming.

seven swans

The only thing left is to fill the container Santa is holding with bird seed and then there’s some sprinkled in the air above the swans that he’s tossing to them, finish the grass and add the number and border backstitching.  I think I can get all of that done tonight.  I like that this Santa has a jaunty little hat that he can pull the earflaps down on.

And thank you to all the FCA recipients for getting me your mailing addresses so quickly.  All the charts were put in the mail today so they are on their way.  Enjoy.