Saturday Stitching – 1-7-23


I made really good progress last night on Seven Swans A Swimming.  It looks like Santa feeding the swans has one big green foot but that’s the outline of grass next to the pond the geese are swimming in.  I’ll just be stitching these randomly on one big piece of fabric and then cutting them all apart to finish.  I think for the swans I’ll be using one of the blue shades to stitch in the number and border backstitch line.  I was going to do them all with the lighter green number/backstitch like in the other one, but I think I will just change it up as I go along.  I’ll pick this one back up for my Sunday Stitching but will be starting a different project today as soon as I kit it up.

The mailman dumped a couple packages outside my door a short time ago.  More fabric, a few charts, some trims  🙂


I got a couple of colors of skinny rick rack, some eyelash chenille, and the fun vintage metallic tinsel chenille in the photo (LadyDotCreates).  I wish I would have had the tinsel trim earlier because I think it would have looked so pretty around the santa and reindeer stitches I finished on the wooden snowflakes. I may need to restitch that chart for myself and use this on it.

L-R –The red fabric is actually brighter cherry-ish red, 18 count Merry from Hometown Needleworks;  and then all except the last two are Seraphim fabrics – 16ct Winter Woolens, 18ct. Haunted, 18 ct. Antique Lace; and then the last two are Fortnight Fabrics – 18 ct. Heirloom (more gray that it is showing in photo) and 18 ct. Timeless.  All have very pretty light/dark mottling in them but it’s not translating well to the photo, but I was not going to take them all out of the packaging. 🙂   There is one little package of various charms to finish smalls that is sitting out in my mailbox (at the other end of the apartment complex) but it’s a PJ-all-day day here so I’m not wandering out to retrieve it. So except for two packages, all the last minute (before 2023 no buy started) shopping has arrived.   There’s a couple more pieces of fabric coming from a new dyer who just started selling her fabrics last month and those are dyed to order so I think those will be shipping this week.  And then there’s one other order that who knows when it will arrive.  I placed an order with a cross stitch shop that the one and only time I had ordered from them took forever to ship.  It was 2020 and of course we all know things were a mess but even given that fact, it was a very long time before I got my order and my emails asking if they actually had the items went unanswered.  A couple months later it finally arrived without any shipping notification.  I swore I would never order from them again, but I had been searching for a set of three charts that go together by Lizzie Kate that I absolutely fell in love with, which are pretty much impossible to find unless someone still has older stock of them since they are charts from 2013-2015.  But they had them, allegedly in stock – tho only time will tell if they really did have them in stock.  But since they showed all three on their website, I placed an order along with a couple other things. So hopefully at some point that order will arrive.

Among the charts that arrived today, this is the one I want to kit up and start now. It’s really small.  If I do it on 18 count it will be 5.5″ x 4.25″.   The description said it has some over one (charted for linen) but I couldn’t see where from the chart image but figured I could change whatever it was.  It’s the little pumpkin between the two squirrels but there is an alternate pumpkin charted as well for stitching on aida.


I think from looking at the color names (WDW floss), I likely have most of them so once I pull them I will see if one of the smaller fabric cuts I previously showed will work since I don’t need a very large piece.