Changing this up

I decided to leave Three Things Sampler where it was in the last photo (but I’ll be back at it soon) and picked up my PS 12 Days Santas.  The cute little dog and those rings were calling to me.

And I hadn’t noticed that he has a wee little pear hanging on his coat belt until I stitched it.   I need to get a better close up because he has a wonderful face.   I do need to give him some arms tho because his hands are floating in the air juggling those rings!  It’s pretty much all fill in on his coat, had and sleeves.  I’m totally enjoying this stitch and glad I decided to do all 12 of the charts and finish them separately.

Today’s FCA is a chart by The Scarlett House; you know the drill. 🙂  – UPDATED 1–5-23 AT 4:50PM – THIS FCA HAS CLOSED.  ALL RECIPIENTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED THIS WEEKEND