2023 – Cross Stitching Finishes & Fully Finishes


A new page for a new year!  This is where you’ll find photos of my finished stitching projects and below those and my fully finished projects.  These are all “finished” in 2023 but may not necessarily have been started in 2023 because… well… WIPs.

If I happen across any great tools, finishing items, fabric dyers I love, I will post info on that here. If you are interested in that kind of stuff check my 2022 cross stitch page (found in the lower right sidebar on the blog) for great stuff I found prior to 2023.

My 2023 stitching projects (planned projects and I will add to this list as other stitches are started) are:

  • New Year’s Start – Three Things Sampler  (start along with Judy) – STARTED 1-1-23
  • Prairie Schooler, 12 Days of Christmas (start along with Judy – my goal is to finish one day’s chart every two months so I have at least half finished by end of year)
    • Five Golden Rings – STARTED 12-31-22 — FINISHED 1-5-23
    • Seven Swans a Swimming – STARTED 1-5-23 — FINISHED 1-10-23
    • Three French Hens – STARTED 3-18-23 —
  • Cardinal Points Sampler Christmas 2022 start —STARTED 12-23-22 — 
  • Hometown Holidays – I’d like to get started on this series of charts at some point this year. There are 22 charts.
  • Noel en Bleu and Noel en Rouge – sweater shaped ornaments I’ll be stitching on perforated paper for Christmas gifts this year (six different sweaters in total)
  • Crow’s Corner by the Scarlett House STARTED 1-7-23 — FINISHED 1-22-23
  • Woodland Yule – a christmas tree stitch
  • Several other ornament charts that are themed with certain recipients in mind for this Christmas.  My goal is to finish at least one ornament per month  (exclusive of the sweater ornaments or 12 Days ornaments)
    • (1) Good Tidings – Started and finished 2-5-23
  • Flora McSample Stockings by Lizzie Kate (want to do all 7 – three of seven finished so far)
    • 1-28-23 – two of seven finished  (Noel /Twas the Night )
    • Winter Cross Stitch Camp (start February 1/must be finished end of month 2023) – Flora McSample Stocking – ABC Sampler – STARTED 2-1-23 — FINISHED 2-4-23
  • Finish some of the WIPS I worked on for NYE
  • Continue my Sunday Stitches on the theme of Christmas Songs
    • All Bundled Up (Frosty) – started in 2022 – finished 2-1-23
    • Good Tidings – started 2-5-23 –