Sunday Stitches 11-27-22


It’s a Sunday Stitches Day so I’ll show you where I left off on the Sunday Stitch I started last weekend.

Here’s the chart again for what I’m working on.  I had previously stitched the little Joy bonus chart and am working on the larger chart, although that one is also pretty small.   I’m using a darker fabric and was liking the floss colors for the words but realized after I had finished stitching this far on it last Sunday, that if it were hung on a wall those words likely just would not show up well (they do under my nice bright stitching light). Duh.  So, I’ve come up with an alternate plan, rather than ripping all the words out.   Here’s what it looks like right now.


Rather than doing the complete stitch with the tree and the snowflakes and the lacy bit along the bottom, I’m going to put the words “the Lord” under the word “Christ” and keep this a small rectangle so it can be made into an ornament, likely for me to keep.   I can’t really get a true color photo, but I do like the two shades of floss used in the letters on the dark fabric – but they are hand dyeds so don’t show up as well in a single thread as they change shades as if you toss the entire floss on top of the fabric.  If I were making it for someone else, I would like change that to make it stand out more but I’m okay with this for me and I should be able to finish those letters later today.   Goodness, then what do I want to do for my next Sunday Stitch project?  I’m going to have to dig thru the charts and get a new one ready to go.


The two I’m considering next are these.  I think I would add a bit more color to the first one but will have to wait and see after I pull the chart.  I also have an idea for finishing this in a tree shape when it’s done with an antique tall thin bobbin spindle for a trunk.  I think this one will end up being a future stitch because I’d like to get some Treasure Braid to maybe add a few sparkly accented words and just ordered a few colors of that so this one will likely be a sometime in January Sunday Stitch.

That means I think this will be the one I pull the fabric and flosses for this afternoon.

I think there are only about four or five colors in Deck the Halls, and it is so pretty.  I love the font of the lettering and of course those cardinals.


This one actually contains two versions of the chart.  One that has over one – that is the one show in this photo.  The over one is the branches/vines.  The non-over one version has those branches/vines as backstitching.   The berries are also a specialty stitch that won’t work well on aida, but I have a plan to substitute for that stich.  And this one is actually a very small stitch so I plan to stitch it on 14 ct with two strands and it should fit in a standard 6 x 6 frame.

And here’s how far I got last night on Turkey Trot.  I’m closing in on a finish on this one.   I did change some more colors – those three large stars on the bottom were supposed to be all in a straight line with stems and then some quirky tiny urns that they were growing out of but I didn’t like the look of the urns so I left those out and lowered the middle one so that there wasn’t a lot of space at the bottom.  I have the last star to finish, another turkey to add and I’m going to take out and replace the star-like/snowflake sort of motif by the letter D.  It was supposed to be a star like above the turkey but I didn’t think I had enough room to put it there because my initial D took up more space in that area than the charted letter L.   But I think I actually can get it in there and want to change the color to one of the burgundy colors used in the larger star so it shows up better.  This one should be finished up later this week.


And lastly for today, the ribbon I had ordered to add to the top of the wooden snowflake finishes arrived and I got one of them fully finished.   (Note to self – stand outside on the patio when actually making the bow from the ribbon so I don’t have to deglitter the carpet again.)

So here it is fully finished.withbow

And of course, another close up of the stitch because it’s just so adorable and I love the fabric it is on.    I still have one more of these that I need to get fully finished soon.  And looking at the photo above – I just decided that I may switch the bow on this one to a red one – I got the same ribbon in both red and green – and use this green on the second one.


A Wonderful “Barn Dance” Quilt

I got an email yesterday from Pam who had made her version of my Barn Dance quilt pattern.  That was the one we did on this blog as a Quilt-a-long in 2016.  You can still find the link for the pattern down the right sidebar.   Pam said I could share her photos here and sent me some more close ups.  I have a love of all things Charley Harper and when she sent me the original photo, I thought I spied some Charley Harper fabrics and she confirmed that when she sent me the close ups.  Her use of those fabrics is clever and I love the Grunge fabric she used as her background.  Enjoy the photos of her quilt below.  Thanks, Pam, for sharing!

Pam barn dance




Just Beautiful!