Finished House -On to the Turkeys

Finally, I have finished filling in that house and got to move on to other motifs. I decided to leave the turnkey colors similar to the chart expect I added two shades of sort of a reddish color to the ends of his tail feathers, but I changed the colors for most of the other motifs.


I love it when the original chart, if it doesn’t contain a full alphabet, uses letters that I can easily figure out how to convert to my first and last initials.  This chart had the letter B in it so it was easy to keep the same style letter but change them to mine.   I also really like the border, the way it has a straight line and then varying sizes of  “chain links” for lack of a better description.   So the top half of this is done and once I get all the border in place, I’ll get to work on the bottom half.

I may get around to some fully finishing/framing today if all goes according to plan.