Building (stitching) a house

Why is it that the gold houses I stitch seem to take forever to fill in?

Winter at Rose Manor

Winter Rose Manor ’22

You might remember this one.  That was a very huge house so it should take a good long time to fill in all those stitches – and it did.

Turkey Trot is probably a bit less than half that size but has more gold because of the lack of large windows and doors.  And my problem as I was stitching last night working on the left side of the building was I kept stitching straight rows and then realized I should have left the window openings so had to rip back several times due to doing that (I was watching a very suspenseful movie and not paying enough attention) 🙂

turkey trot

I very nearly decided to switch from the house and start on a turkey last night but I haven’t pulled the colors I want to use for the turkeys yet and really wanted to get that house completed.   I think I want to make the turkeys a warmer brown than those sorts of taupe-like browns but will have to take a look thru the floss to see what I come up with.    And the star flowers will be different colors too.  I like my fall pieces a bit more vibrant.

So although I didn’t get it totally stitched last night, I did make some progress with all my ripping out and resttiching and ripping out again.


I do like this floss – it’s GA Toffee and it has some nice variegation in it to a sort of brownish color which actually goes well with the roof floss.