Happy Thanksgiving


Hope you are having a lovely day no matter what you may be doing.  I have not been very ambitious this morning.  Watched part of the Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv, got dressed, called my parents and then have been puttering around ever since then.  It’s a sunny day here and when I glanced out the door thought it was raining but it’s just the snow melting off the deck above my door.  All the snow will be gone before the day is ended.  I’ve decided to save the making of my “Thanksgiving meal” until tomorrow as I have other good leftovers I need to finish up.  But I did break into the pumpkin pie last night and its quite tasty.

So here’s the great progress I made on restarting Holy Night by Barbara Ana Designs last night and it is a miracle – a true to color photo for a change.


That snow pops on this fabric and I really like the change I made to making the houses blue.  I am going to set this one aside for today because I had planned to stitch on my Turkey Trot I showed a few days ago since it seems Thanksgiving is a good day to stitch on that.   I’m hoping to at least get all the gold house done today.